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FNAF Anime
FNAF Anime

FNAF Anime APK 16.1.0 (Full Game, Latest Version)

Feb 07, 2023

FNAF Anime APK is a simulator and indie game with many horror elements. You will have to complete 5 main missions for five nights in this anime world. Let’s check the article out to understand more about this game.

Name Five Nights at Freddy's AR
Updated 2022-02-02
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 16.1.0
Size 78 MB
MOD Full Game, Latest Version
Category Simulation
Developer Illumix Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview of FNAF Anime APK

If you are really into Japanese anime and games, you should pick up FNAF Anime APK. It is a top choice for those who love cute girls, lolita, and delicious foods. Five Night At Freddy’s Anime contains more interesting features than you expect. Explore our information below to better understand this game. It will make you fly high and be pumped up.


What is FNAF Anime APK?

Five Nights at Freddy's Anime, sometimes known as FNAF Anime APK, is a horror simulator game made by "vyprae" and her collaborators. In desolate parks and abandoned shelters, you should role-play as security. To survive, you'll start hunting for other female characters and navigating the five horrible instances. You may find it to be a difficult challenge. However, players find FNAF Anime to be more compelling the more difficult it is.

This gameplay can remind you of Five Nights at Freddie because it is based on the best-selling video game for Android devices. FNAF is also a survival, indie, and simulator game, where you have to overcome the challenge for five nights at a Freddie Pizza shop. However, the Five Nights at Anime version also made its way. FNAF Anime 1 Download Android will be a good game for millions of anime lovers.

FNAF Anime 1 APK

What are the outstanding features of FNAF Anime 1 APK?

This game has many salient features that everyone should play once in their lifetime. Continue to discover it right away!

Five Nights in Anime Remastered APK

As far as you know, Five Nights in Anime has been a "remastered" game of the "Freddy's Anime Convention". The setting of the game has moved to the anime world with more animated girls. Each female character has a unique trait. For example, Madoka is a cheerful and lovely girl. Yumi is very smug but she has a subtle beauty. 

They will show their charm and kindness to grab more attention to their nightclub. Therefore, we think that many male players have chosen this game to experience when they have not had any girlfriends.
On the other hand, the FNAF Anime’s food and drinks are also quite amazing. Do you want to try passionate cocktails? Desserts such as chocolate rolls cake, red velvet, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and tiramisu also make concerts more lively and relaxing.

FNAF Anime 1 Download Android

Unique gameplay

Players will become security guards in a nightclub. The female characters in anime like Yuri, Miaa, and Touru are beautiful bunny girls, and all of them will welcome customers into their shops. You need to patrol around the club and ensure their safety. You will need to repair some broken appliances in clubs such as light bulbs, and water pipes to have their sympathy. 

There are exactly 12 cameras in your security room. You can check out every suspect at the club thanks to the advanced cameras operating. Three weird cases and incidents take place at night. Can you evaluate them to survive in this dangerous world? Look into and find out the answers to the mystery that is currently occurring at the nightclub.

Five Nights in Anime 3D APK

The Five Nights in Anime has realistic 3D graphics and a catchy sound. More than 50 female characters have the hottest bodies, which amazes and attracts any player. The girls in FNAF Anime are also beautiful with their lovely outfits. All of them have a bit of charm and innocence. The fact that they are very embarrassed and shy when you help them.

Besides, the sound of this game and the background music is exciting and catchy. It will make you feel more stimulated while playing this game. Live concerts in this club are very fascinating for everyone.

Five Nights in Anime 1 Download Android APK

Five Nights in Anime 1 Download Android APK

Many websites provide links for Five Nights in Anime 1. You need to be wary of dangerous links to loss of security and data leakage on your devices. We recommend that you download Five Nights in Anime 1 from our website. It is safe and has much higher security than other websites. The download process also is not time-consuming. Make smart choices when deciding to play this game.


You can communicate with more than fifty stunning anime female characters using the FNAF Anime APK. This game offers 5 fantastic evenings filled with fresh encounters. As soon as you can, please download this game. We are confident that it won't let you down.

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