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FNAF Killer In Purple 2
FNAF Killer In Purple 2

FNAF Killer In Purple 2 APK Mod 1.1 (Android Game, Unlocked)

Apr 03, 2023

FNAF Killer in Purple 2 APK Mod has continued the success of the American horror series. However, Killer in Purple 2 has extremely interesting features that you should explore.

Name FNAF Killer n Purple 2
Updated 2023-04-03
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.1
Size 1 GB
MOD Android Game, Unlocked
Category Role Playing
Developer FNAF Killer n Purple
Price Free
Google Play Link

Important information about FNAF Killer in Purple 2 APK Mod that you should know

FNAF Killer in Purple 2 APK Mod is one of the horror games based on Five Nights at Freddy's video games. As far as you know, the Five Nights at Freddy's video game series is the most outstanding Scott Cawthon game. Killer in Purple 2 received positive reviews from players, much like the earlier games in the series. The significant changes introduced to the Killer in Purple 2 edition should please you, in our opinion. To learn more about it, see our article below.

FNAF Killer in Purple 2 APK Mod

Introduction of FNAF Killer in Purple 2 APK Mod

However, Scott Cawthon did not create the survival game FNAF Killer in Purple 2. The Five Nights at Freddy's fan club created a version of the game based on its classic Animatronics. So, it is expected that FNAF Killer in Purple 2 APK Mod will have more intriguing features. You'll shift into co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment William Afton. Please assist him in reaching his goal of luring kids to his pizza shop.

Although the setting of the fan game FNAF Killer in Purple 2 matches that of any other recent FNAF game, its gameplay is distinct. The role of someone who is constantly afraid and runs from monsters like Roxy, Yellow, or Freddy is no longer adopted by players. At this point, he has attracted 500,000 children to his pizzeria. Every day, several city kids come into your pizza restaurant to buy pizza and have fun. You must think of a means to draw as many children as you can to this spot to increase the number of your clients and achieve your intriguing goal

What are the main features of FNAF Killer in Purple 2 Android APK?

The differences between FNAF Killer in Purple 2 are the core factors that make players choose this game to satisfy their curiosity.

Build your pizza business

Decorating or rationally arranging the merchandise in the pizzeria is the first stage. Invite your young clients to a suitable setting to fascinate them. If you can, take them somewhere remote and "play" with them right away. There are numerous warning indicators, including sirens and hidden cameras in the store, in The FNAF Killer in Purple 2 Mobile APK, making it impossible for you to act naturally. As no one can see your crime, everything must be flawless. Due to your crime, you will be immediately sought after by the police. If you are found, you will be sent to prison.

Interesting variation

FNAF Killer in Purple 2 Android APK

FNAF Killer in Purple 2, one of the unusual Five Nights at Freddy's game adaptations, lets you take on the role of William Afton rather than the protagonist. He had a crucial role in bringing back the FNAF's lethal and evil animatronics. Target the ketchup and pizza-loving kids in your life by dressing up like a villain. As was already mentioned, children are the main target that you need to watch out for. Avoid leaving behind any witnesses or evidence that can help the police discover you. Download FNAF Killer in Purple 2 for Android to find out more about it!

Many opportunities to become a villain

Killer in Purple 2 builds on the positive aspects of the first game while giving the protagonist a ton more opportunities, such as the chance to open a pizzeria in addition to winning over young people. You must create interesting entertainment venues and devise innovative promotions that include animation.They'll see to it that there is consistently a continuous stream of guests. By spending money on media outlets for communication like newspapers and television, you may be able to attract more children and achieve your goals. FNAF Killer in Purple 2 Android Download Free is waiting for you to be a real villain.

FNAF Killer in Purple 2 Mobile APK

Unlimited range of activities

The unconstrained range of motion in the second portion is the main distinction between it and the first. In Killer in Purple 2, players have the choice to leave the pizza, drive through the neighborhood, and arrive at their homes. Afton's house has a variety of rooms, including a bedroom where you can hide and relax in between shifts. Also, by collecting more locations, you can broaden the scope of your intended search and activity area.

Download Killer in Purple 2 Android Latest Version

If you don't want to be chased by the police after being discovered, use everyday items like flashlights, automated doors, saws, cameras, and 24-hour surveillance monitors to your advantage. The adoption standards, which include addressing power consumption and screen charging, have not changed. In Killer in Purple 2 for Android, you can get used to the new gameplay and leave the "peaceful" section of the original Five Nights At Freddy's.

Download FNAF Killer in Purple 2 for Android


With the aid of the FNAF Killer in Purple 2 APK Mod, you can try to turn into a well-known American criminal. Are you prepared to use Purple 2's FNAF Killer to complete your own Malhare project? Your decisions will determine it!

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