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Forza Customs
Forza Customs

Forza Customs APK 1.0.7049 (Unlimited Money/Resources)

Nov 27, 2023

Forza Customs APK is an engaging mobile game where you restore and customize old cars through match-3 puzzles, offering creativity and challenges.

Name Forza Customs - Restore Cars
Updated 2023-11-15
Compatible with 9 and up
Last version 1.0.7049
Size 531 MB
MOD Unlimited Money/Resources
Category Racing
Developer Hutch Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Forza Customs?

Forza Customs is a game. In this game, players can make old cars look new. Players fix and change cars to make them great again. These are cars that nobody cared for. They fix them using a special game, matching three things that are the same. Players get new things to make their cars better. Players can choose how to make their cars special. Players also think a lot and try to win more games as they play. This game has both a puzzle part and a part where you can be creative.

The five most outstanding characteristics

Make Old Cars New: Players work on cars that were once not loved. They make these cars look good again like they used to in the past.

Play Puzzle Games: There is a puzzle part where players must match three things that are the same. This part tests how smart you are and needs you to think carefully. It can be hard, but it's also fun. You get rewards for doing well in this part.

Choose Your Style: Players can make their cars look different ways. They can make their cars stand out by choosing colors, shapes, and other things. Each player can show who they are through their car.

Get Better By Winning: When players do good in puzzle games, they get things that will help them make their cars better. This keeps players wanting to keep playing.

Play More, Get Harder Challenges: As players pass levels in the game, new, harder levels come. This keeps the game exciting and doesn't let it get boring.

Best advice for users of Forza Customs

  • Take Your Time: Be patient when playing the puzzle part. You need to think before you move.

  • Get Creative: Have fun making your car. Choose things that show who you are.

  • Plan Your Moves: In the game, think about your moves to win more puzzles.

  • Play Often: You get better as you play more, so keep playing to get good.

  • Save Special Items: Some things you win can be very helpful. Save them for hard levels.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Fun to Play: The game is enjoyable with a mix of puzzles and customization which keeps players engaged.

  • Creative Freedom: Players get to make the cars look how they want, which can be very satisfying.

  • Rewards Progress: As you do well, you get items that help you in the game.

  • Challenging Levels: Harder levels make sure you won't get bored.

  • Helpful for Thinking: The game is good for practicing how to solve problems.


  • Repetition: Some players might find the match-3 puzzle part repetitive over time.

  • Waiting for Updates: Sometimes, players have to wait for new content or fixes to the game.

  • May Need Patience: Some levels can be very difficult and may need many tries.

  • Potential Costs: If the game has in-app shopping, players might spend money to get ahead.

  • Limited to Cars: If you don't like cars, this might not be the game for you.

Alternatives to Forza Customs

Other similar games are Candy Crush for puzzles and Need for Speed for car fans.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Can anyone play this game?

Answer: Yes, the game is for everyone who likes puzzles and cars.

Question: How do you get items in the game?

Answer: Play the match-3 puzzles and win them to get items to make the cars better.

Question: Is Forza Customs free?

Answer: Most games like this are free, but might have things to buy inside the game.

Question: Can I play it on my phone?

Answer: Yes, you can typically download these games from a play store onto your phone.

Question: Does the game need internet?

Answer: Some parts might need internet, but you can often play the puzzle part without it.


Forza Customs is not your typical gaming experience. It's a captivating fusion of brain-teasing puzzle-solving and the joy of restoring classic cars to their former glory. With its ingenious blend of match-3 puzzles and car customization, it transcends the boundaries of ordinary gaming and becomes a canvas for self-expression and a test of your strategic prowess.

Whether you're a devoted automotive enthusiast itching to revive forgotten car models or a gamer who relishes the art of strategy and patience, Forza Customs has something special to offer. It's a game that celebrates the thrill of intellectual triumph in gameplay and the freedom to showcase your unique style in vehicle design.

If you're the type of player who thrives on creative thinking and meticulous problem-solving, then Forza Customs was tailor-made for you. Take a chance on it, dive into its intricate challenges, and you might discover that it's precisely the game you never knew you were searching for.

Free Download Forza Customs APK (Unlimited Money/Resources) Latest Version for Android

Visit to download Forza Customs. Enjoy making old cars look amazing, solve interesting puzzles, and make your own style. Download is easy and safe. Get your game today and start your exciting car journey!

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