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FR Legends
FR Legends

FR Legends APK 0.3.4 (Unlimited Money and Diamond)

Nov 22, 2023

FR Legends APK for Android is a drifting mobile game by Twin Turbo Tech Co. It emphasizes sliding cars for points and offers real physics and customization.

Name FR Legends
Updated 2023-11-06
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 0.3.4
Size 103 MB
MOD Unlimited Money and Diamond
Category Racing
Price Free
Google Play Link

FR Legends is a mobile game where players drift with cars. You slide cars on a track, trying to get points. It’s not about fast laps, but about good slides. Twin Turbo Tech Co., Ltd. made the game.

Five Key Features

Drift Focused Gameplay: FR Legends is all about car slides, not racing fast. You play by making the car slide around turns on a track. You earn points for how well you slide.

Real Drift Physics: The game feels real with how cars move. When you slide, it's like a real car on a road. This makes the game fun and a bit hard too.

Circle Your Car Your Way: You can change many things on your car. Add special body parts or put in a new engine. How you make your car look and run is up to you.

Battle Against Computers: You can drift side by side with computer drivers. This is fun and dents your car less. It's like a real drift fight but with points.

Cool Tracks and Cars: The game has famous drift cars and tracks. You feel like you're at places where big car slide events are held. There are many cars you can drive and make yours.

Best Tips for FR Legends

Practice Makes Perfect

Use the game’s practice area. Try different ways to slide. The more you do it, the better you become at controlling the slides.

Start with Easy

If you're new, start slow. Go for the less hard slides first. When you're good with them, try the harder ones.

Study the Points System

To get high scores, understand how slides get points. Better slides can earn you more points. Knowing this helps you do better.

Upgrade Your Car Smartly

Use in-game money to make your car better. Think what will make the most difference. Is it new parts for the car’s body? Or better things for the engine?

Save Your Game Progress

Always save your game after playing. If you change something big on your car, save the game too. You don’t want to lose your hard work.

Pro and Cons


  • Cool Sliding Action: Sliding your car in the game is fun. It's exciting to make the car spin its tires and move sideways well.

  • Custom Cars: Players can change almost everything on their cars. You can make the car look cool and go faster.

  • Real Tracks and Cars: The game has machines and circuits that people know. They are famous in the real world of sliding on tracks.

  • Easy to Learn: FR Legends is simple at the start. So, newcomers to such games can quickly start playing.

  • Play Against AI: You can slide against computer drivers. It's a nice way to play without stress from real players.


  • Hard Controls: Some might find the car hard to control during slides. It can be tough to get used to.

  • No Online Challenges: Right now, you can't slide against other people using the internet. You only slide against computers.

  • Graphics Simple: The drawing of the cars and tracks are simple. People who want fancier looks might be let down.

  • Limited Cars and Tracks: Some players might wish for more cars and places to slide.

  • In-App Buys: There are some things in the game you might want to buy with real money. Not everyone likes this.

Alternatives for FR Legends

Other sliding car games like "Drift Max Pro" and "CarX Drift Racing" offer more sliding fun. Each game has its special things. Some might like them just as much, or even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is FR Legends free?

A: Yes. Everyone can get and play FR Legends without paying, but there are things you can buy in the game.

Q: Can I play with friends?

A: Not right now. The game is against computer drivers, not people over the internet.

Q: Is it easy for new people?

A: Yes. The game helps new players learn how to play. It gives easy ways to get into the game.

Q: Can I play on my computer?

A: FR Legends is mainly a game for phones, but there are ways to play some phone games on computers.

Q: Will the game get more cars and tracks?

A: Game makers often add new content. We can hope for more cars and places to come.


FR Legends is a game of sliding cars that's full of fun. You change cars and tracks, play against computer cars, and spend hours perfecting your slides. If you love the challenge and fun of sliding cars, this could be your game.

Free Download FR Legends APK (Unlimited Money, 100% Working) Latest Version for Android

Slide into fun with FR Legends now! Easy to play on phones, and full of thrills. Go to, a place we trust, to get your game. It's free and ready for you to play. Try out your sliding skills today!

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