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Frozen City
Frozen City

Frozen City Mod APK 1.9.10 (Unlimited Money)

Dec 27, 2022

Frozen City Mod APK is a mobile simulator city building game in ice and snow apocalypse. Gather resources, build shelters to get through this difficult time.

Name Frozen City
Updated 2024-02-06
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.9.10
Size 625 MB
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Developer Century Games PTE. LTD.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Frozen City Mod APK

Doomsday simulation games are being exploited by many publishers thanks to their attractive and impressive themes. If you are interested in the apocalypse from the big snow storms, then Frozen City Mod APK is a game you should not miss. In the context of apocalypse by powerful blizzards and the whole earth is covered by ice, you are the only commander who can help humanity survive.

Players need to search and collect resources everywhere to rebuild the lives of the survivors. That way you can show off your leadership talents. Setting up a system to help people get out of snow storms also needs to be completed. If you want to know more about this interesting game, then read more of our shares below.

Frozen city Mod APK

What is Frozen City Mod APK?

Frozen City Mod APK is one of the apocalypse simulation games because of the thick snow and ice. Many players quite like this kind of apocalyptic natural disaster. A vast area was covered with white snow, everything was buried. To be able to survive in this frozen world you need to be an excellent commander with effective strategies for gathering resources and fending off blizzards. Leading the strong survivors through the apocalypse to rebuild their lives is not easy. Things just didn't seem to work when the cold had frozen everything.

The main objective of the player in Frozen City Mobile Game Mod APK is to reset the necessary systems to help the survivors against the next dangerous blizzard. The publisher will provide you with a large number of tasks and challenges to complete. You will mainly have to gather resources, manage staff, expand the explored area, and take actions against blizzards. New regions will be opened if you meet the criteria given by the publisher. Exploring the wilderness with many dangers around will be an unforgettable stimulating experience.

Frozen city Mod APK Unlimited Money

Download Frozen city Mod APK Android will help everyone have a more authentic experience. The special thing is that game is free to download, so players do not have to pay any extra cost for the download. Players can rest assured to perform their actions to achieve the highest work efficiency. Support features added by the publisher will help you.

Featured versions of Frozen City Mod APK

Publisher Frozen city Mod has launched many different versions to increase the experience for players. Accordingly, you can rely on the characteristics of each version to choose the most suitable place for you. You can refer to the two most popular versions below.

  • Frozen city Mod APK Unlimited Money makes players feel secure with the ability to use unlimited money. Players can use a huge amount of money to equip more facilities, upgrade objects to help people fight the frost. You can also use money for many other purposes in the game.
  • Frozen city Mod APK Latest Version is regularly updated by the publisher with new features as well as testing changes to make the game better. Therefore, users of this version will have the opportunity to use the features and experience the changes first. It is very attractive and brings many new things.

Frozen city Mobile Game Mod APK

Features of Frozen city Mod APK

If you are curious to know more about the features available in this game, you can refer to the shares below. It will surely surprise you.

Create your city

With a doomsday setting, you as the commander will be able to create your own city. There's no fixed time or knowing in advance whether the ice will melt, so you need some strategy to reassure those who live. Instead of leading a life of adventure, you should establish a city of your own against the white sky. Thus, collecting resources becomes simpler.

Take part in many quests

Frozen city Mod APK provides many tasks for players. The missions are also really simple and have increasing difficulty. If you complete them excellently, you will receive a reward.

Frozen city Mod APK free download

Update frequently

In order for players to have the most enjoyable experience, versions of Frozen city are regularly updated. You will have more new features to use in the long run.


Frozen City Mod APK with many interesting experiences is definitely the top entertainment game. Download this mod now to own your own city.

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