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Game Latto Latto
Game Latto Latto

Game Latto Latto APK (For Android)

Dec 31, 2022

What is the Game Latto Latto APK? Why did this game go viral? Explore the article below for all the details about this exciting game. It will not disappoint you.

Name Latto-latto - Tek Tek Game
Updated 2023-06-18
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version
Size 37 MB
MOD For Android
Category Arcade
Developer PIYETO
Price Free
Google Play Link

Game Latto Latto APK: popular game for Indonesian children

Childhood games are always interesting because they are not complicated and do not use technology to make them famous. Compared to today, children often use modern electronic devices to play games and they are sedentary. Many people suddenly remember traditional games, including Game Latto Latto APK. Find out interesting information about this game!

Game Latto Latto APK

What is the Lato Lato Game APK?

Latto Latto is a very popular traditional game in Indonesian schools. It seems to have been forgotten by everyone. Not a few people are interested in playing this game because of the large amount of Latto Lotto game content spread on various social networks, especially TikTok. This game is loved by many people, from children to adults.

The game Latto Latto is the digital version of the traditional Indonesian game, which was released in the mobile version. So you can play this viral game easily with your smartphone. Although this game was just released at the end of 2022, more than 100 thousand people have downloaded and experienced this unique game. Publisher PIYETO created this game because it wanted to preserve the most meaningful memories of childhood. APK Latto Android Download is currently available on Google Play Store for you to experience.

Game Lato Lato APK

What are the outstanding features of the Latto Latto Tek Tek Game APK?

This game is fun and exciting with many great features that are worth your while.

Simple gameplay

This game consists of only a plastic ball linked together by a ring and rope. The circle is the most important thing you need to focus on. The role of this hoop is to determine how high or low the ball is. Once you have selected a hoop, you must shake the ball correctly. You will be able to get a high score if you rotate the ball properly.

The rope is the second most important thing after the hoop. The ropes will determine the height or low of the ball. You must rotate the ball after placing the rope. Rotate the ball and see how it falls. Try to toss the ball so that it hits the hoop most accurately. The number of points you get will be decided by it. Any player can play this game and be entertained by its very simple error.

Latto Latto Tek Tek Game APK

Play in offline mode

If you do not have an Internet connection or have an unstable connection, you can play this game in offline mode. Everything in this game works normally and smoothly without the internet.
However, this game is free to download and it has quite a few ads. Advertising provides funding for the developer to keep this game running. If you don't want ads and banners popping up in your game, turn off your internet connection. This is a very useful tip from us, which applies to games that can be used in offline mode.

Share your achievements with friends and other players

You can feel proud of the amazing scores you achieve in this game. Share and brag about them with your friends. Challenge them and engage them in this exciting game.
Own all the Latto Latto balls

If you want to buy latto latto you can unlock all latto in the ditto store. Choose one type, you can also buy a variety of latto latto and make your game more attractive. You can also choose the ring style you like to get a higher score. They all need your bonus accumulation process.

APK Latto Latto Android Download

Download the game Latto Latto APK

Latto Latto Android Download APK is the Indonesian version of the traditional game for Android devices. It's free and safe for you to download from Google Play. You can also download it from our website to save time searching and installing.


The Game Latto Lotto APK has actually been around for a long time, but has returned to spread on many social networks such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Although this game is often played by children, many adults try Game Latto Lato APK Free Download because they want to feel nostalgic.

Thus, we have just provided you with the most complete and interesting information about the game Latto Latto which is currently spreading and being discussed by many people. Hopefully, this article can help you better understand this Indonesian game. Have a nice day.

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