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Game Only Up
Game Only Up

Game Only Up APK 8.2 (3D Android Game)

Jun 22, 2023

Game Only Up APK is a game that simulates challenges to overcome endless ladders to get the highest score and you have to stand on the top. Download now.

Name Only Up!
Updated 2021-11-25
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 8.2
Size 59 MB
MOD 3D Android Game
Category Action
Developer 4elowww
Price Free
Google Play Link

Game Only Up APK - Overcome challenges and reach the top

Have you ever dreamed of touching the clouds? Game Only Up APK will fulfill your dream that will help you to discover an exciting simulation world. This game is loved by many players when embodied in the boy and wants to break himself. Then our character has to jump on each difficult body to be able to make the jump to the highest clouds and discover the mystery behind that place. You need to use your abilities to overcome small obstacles to block your footsteps. If you neglect to be in a beat immediately you will start from scratch. Will slow down your game progress and will extend your playtime more as you explore. Download this game for free on Android OS. Follow the article below to be able to make the most skillful jumps!

Game Only Up APK

About Game Only Up APK

Only Up Game APK is a very entertaining game for players to the open world under the bottom view of an endless sky. In this game, players will play the role of a young youth character with flexible health who can perform continuous challenges for hours to conquer the endless ladder, becoming the first peak in this game. The main goal of this game is to climb as high as possible to get on the highest score in the daily ranking. Each day the rankings will have more players involved and there is a significant change in the scores. Therefore, if you want to keep the highest position, you need to try your best to reach the highest threshold. Players need to keep their will steadfast and always moving forward.

Gameplay in Only Up APK Android is also very interesting and simple. The player will control his character to overcome countless obstacles ahead, it can be ladders, planks, plumbing and many pretty things. Everything in front of your eyes is almost endless, players need to observe the surrounding terrain to choose the right path, the higher you will be stressed and more accurate decisions will be needed. Because, if you choose to jump in the wrong place unfortunately falls below then you have to play again from the beginning. In the process of jumping up, climbing up, your step will have the appearance of small challenges such as crossing high brick blocks, sharp nails, and iron fences. You have to be careful and meticulous when overcoming these difficult points.

Only Up Game Android APK layout steps of completely different size, there are small steps just fit one foot. Requires players to have good skills and reflexes to jump at the right time and position. In Only Up Juego APK, players must collect items you deem useful to yourself to assist you throughout the process of conquering the highest place with the highest ranking score. In addition, items help you increase the speed of movement and choose the exact path to go. The higher the levels, the more difficulty will be increased, the higher it will become more difficult to move.

Only Up Game APK

Features of Only Up Mobile APK

Game Only Up APK will be the game that makes you immerse yourself in each action of the character because you have to be very focused in order to overcome obstacles. To take steps to jump on the steps and get to the highest place in the clouds to discover the fascinating mysteries that await you. Players will, having to go through the pipeline from a house built into a high maze connected up above the clouds. Your task is to find your way to the most accurate way according to your judgments. If you leave, your mission will start from scratch. So it will take a lot of your time to get to the top again. The features below will assist you to complete the most mastered jumps right below!

Increasing difficulty

Start Only Up Android APK This player will have to role play a boy who comes from a poor town who wants to forcibly conquer the maze with many floors in the clouds. But still longing to one day be able to reach there with your feet. The first jump is very simple when the higher the narrowed tube or very small jumping objects will make it difficult for you. So you need to be very skillful in each of your decisions because if you negligence you will play again whenever.

Then your journey back to zero. The difficulty will increase in your every move in each position, you need to use your intelligence to overcome it. Players must quickly complete the challenge so as not to slow down their progress. Game Only Up APK will help you add perseverance in your things it does not have the ability to store automatically and manually. Make it possible to make all your decisions yourself most accurately in each situation.

Only Up APK Android

A special game

Due to the inability to save your progress when playing, this game requires you to really maintain the determination to conquer the highest peak. Without giving up even a second to be able to help the character escape from poverty in society. It's clever in every rescue jump so as not to fall down. Because when the protagonist falls everything will end and will start at the end of society. All activities in that location will be a hindrance for you, and then it will be difficult for you to find a high position to conquer the challenge.

Vivid 3D graphics

The game gives the player stunning graphics that simulates the ultimate world of the Society of a boy who grew up from the slums. With the desire to destroy themselves and overcome poverty surrounded by conquering the maze of the entrance to the highest clouds. Should be designed with vivid 3D graphics that help players to be enthralled in each of their jumps in the most skillful way. Download Only Up APK for Android now to be able to conquer the challenge and uncover the mystery in the highest clouds that will change your life right now!

Download Only Up APK for Android


Game Only Up APK is a game with increasing difficulty levels and requires players to have good skills and reflexes to overcome. Players will challenge themselves to surpass their current score or others ' highest score to reach the highest position. The game has simple but colorful graphics, accompanied by vibrant music, which can entertain and relieve stress for players. Only Up Free Download APK to enjoy the playful and youthful feeling that the game brings to the player.

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