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Garden Of Banban 2 Mobile
Garden Of Banban 2 Mobile

Garden Of Banban 2 Mobile APK 4 (Android Game)

Mar 14, 2023

Garden Of Banban 2 Mobile APK is one of those horror adventure games that can give you goosebumps with fear. Garden Of Banban 2 is so fascinating and exciting that you can play it for hours.

Name Garden of Banbaleena 2
Updated 2023-03-12
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 4
Size 64 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer Garten_devlopper
Price Free
Google Play Link

Garden Of Banban 2 Mobile APK - Dramatic horror and adventure game

Are you looking for horror games similar to Five Nights at Freddie's? We guess you might be curious about Garden Of Banban 2 Mobile APK. This game has the same gameplay and graphics as the above game. Therefore, it promises to bring terror, tension, and fear to you in every game. Get ready to step into a labyrinthine garden with no way out and filled with monsters.

Garden Of Banban 2 Mobile APK

What is the Garden Of Banban 2 Mobile APK?

Garden Of Banban 2 Mobile APK is an action, adventure, and horror game inspired by Five Nights at Freddie's game. Garden of Banban 2 is the second generation of games for lovers of horror and puzzles! With context and art quite similar to FNAF, it will make you feel trapped in a maze of horror with no way out. Players will face threats from the very stuffed animals on the side of the road that you can only glance at. Get ready to fight in a world full of dangers and mysteries to escape their sharp claws.

If you played the first part of Garden of Banban, you will be hard-pressed to miss this newly updated second part. The creators of this game have improved the graphics, added new stuffed monsters, and increased the overall gaming experience for the players. In addition, there are many more surprises that will keep you hooked until the end.

The Garden of Banban 2 takes place in an abandoned school and labyrinthine garden. It seems to contain many horrors and curses that can threaten your life. Clues, mysteries, and wall scribbles force you to investigate and explore every nook and cranny of this Banban garden. Prepare to uncover terrifying secrets and face unimaginable nightmares.

Garden Of Ban Ban 2 Mobile APK

What makes Garden Of Ban Ban 2 Mobile APK so attractive?

Garden Of Ban Ban contains many unique features that players are easily attracted to.

Gameplay is simple but horror

Banban's garden focus on an abandoned preschool with unidentified creatures. Their common features are huge eyes, white teeth, and stares at you. Although stuffed animals are familiar children's toys, they seem to have evolved into another species that is smarter and more cunning. The player's task is to find the missing child in this abandoned school after the girl is curious and plays there. Fight the Banban gang, solve tricky puzzles, and rescue your kid. There have been many cases of missing children and mass abductions in Banban's garden. Be wary of dangers in this school.

Get rid of more than 10 types of monsters

If you choose Garden Of Banban 2 APK Download, you need to have a strategy to escape the 11 challenges associated with 11 monsters. They are NabNab, Mini Josh, Banban, Banbaleena, Jumbo Josh siblings, Slow Seline, Opila Bird, Opila Chicks, Sheriff, Captain Fiddles, and Stinger Flynn. Banban is a male, female monster that is the main mascot of this game. Banban does not actively attack the player and it mainly keeps the children quiet in the warehouse. Get ready for an intense experience with Garden Of Banban 2 Android Download. They will chase you right up to your heels! 

Garden Of Banban 2 APK Download

Vivid 3D graphics

The graphics of Garden of Banban 2 are very vivid and impressive. The vibrant colors represent a preschool that was once very developed. However, behind it are dark monsters that the player must startle and panic about. The 3D picture quality is outstanding and detailed, you will feel immersed in this terrifying world. Extremely realistic sound effects. The sound of chasing footsteps, and the whisper of Mummy Long Leg will give you a heart attack. If you are looking for a horror game that will make you unable to keep calm, Garden of Banban 2 will give you stress and heartache. Prepare to experience fears that will choke you and make you run away.

Garden Of Banban 2 Download Mobile APK

With Garden of Banban 2, you can enjoy a fully immersive first-person perspective. Will you be able to get rid of all the threats hidden in the second part of this game?

Use the numerous puzzle pieces, tools, and tips to find solutions and survive. Each player will get a tiny Banban garden to work with. It will serve as your shelter, and you will need a flashlight to solve puzzles and stay alive in this perilous environment. Visit this garden in the Garden of Banban 2 to meet new people. To have a one-of-a-kind experience, enter the maze of Banban's Garden. Are you able to solve the puzzle and learn what happened to everyone?

Garden Of Banban 2 Download Mobile APK


Garden Of Banban 2 Mobile APK is a horror role-playing game with monsters disguised as stuffed animals. They are in an abandoned school and the player's starting point is the Banban garden. Fight, come up with clever strategies, and survive in this deadly world.

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