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Garden Of Banban 3
Garden Of Banban 3

Garden Of Banban 3 APK 1.0 (Android Game, Mobile Version)

May 06, 2023

Garden Of Banban 3 APK gives users who love adventure mixed with horror when coming to Banban's mysterious garden, download now to explore!

Name Garten of Banban 3
Updated 2023-09-17
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 1.0
Size 161 MB
MOD Android Game, Mobile Version
Category Arcade
Developer Euphoric Brothers Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Garden Of Banban 3 APK - Explore the mysterious garden of Banban's kindergarten

Garden Of Banban 3 APK will bring to users who love the horror adventure genre, this game will be very suitable for you. Your goal is the garden in Banban's kindergarten and find your child being taken by a monster, and must destroy the monster that is hiding in a kindergarten. Unlike the previous version, this version has many attractive and attractive elements that you must overcome by answering questions in order to find your child and get your child safely out of kindergarten. of Banban because it is so vast. Start having horror adventures now.

Garden Of Banban 3 Android APK

About Garden Of Banban 3 APK

Garden Of Banban 3 Mobile APK mistakenly wants to restore his garden, so the player must embark on an upcoming horror adventure at a kindergarten. With a vast depth of space and you're stuck there. This will be a dangerous adventure where players have to face many different horror elements but it will be very attractive and attract you. Along with the construction of the kindergarten with a mysterious depth. With many floors built deep below the earthen cage, people will have many different emotions. Not only that, players have to face danger when faced with stuffed bears appearing along the two sides of the road, what you need to do is dodge and escape its sharp attacks.

If you have experienced the previous parts, this version will not disappoint you with this third part. Helping users have the most engaging experience, comes with extremely sharp 3D graphics and creates more stuffed monsters to help players have a new experience that has not appeared in the two parts before. Therefore, there will be many unexpected developments that will keep you hooked and unable to take your eyes off the game. 

Garden Of Banban 3 Android APK gives players a completely new storyline when it takes place in a kindergarten and is built with many mysterious floors. From the outside looking in, you will feel the horror and mystery that is contained and is threatening your child's life. With the information known here is very useful, so the search for the baby is very fragile because the clues are full of mysteries based on the unidentified marks on the wall. All you have to do is visit Banban's kindergarten garden. And start discovering the horrors that you have to face and at all costs you have to bring your child back to safety.

Download game Garden Of Banban 3 Mobile APK for Android

Garden Of Banban Chapter 3 APK gives players a friendly interface that helps players easily answer questions and win monsters. The special thing is that the player must have survival skills to be able to survive during the process of going into the garden at Banban's kindergarten to be able to rescue his children from escaping. This will be an interesting game for you and stay for a few seconds to understand more useful information to support you throughout the game.

Features Garden Of Banban 3 APK Android

With this game, it gives players adventures full of mystery when players role playing the game will experience horror elements. To provide an engaging experience of exploring the garden at Banban's kindergarten. You must overcome the dangers to be able to rescue your child from the beast. But to win you need to survive during the game by answering questions to be able to save your child to safety. Then it is indispensable for outstanding features to support you during the game.

The graphics are designed to be more complete

In order to bring users to enjoy the highest entertainment space with interesting characters. So the game has improved the quality of the display of graphics up to 3D increasing the user experience to a new level. With the current image, it is also more vivid than the old version. This is a great app you should try and use.

Garden Of Banban 3 APK Free Download

Many levels

In order to give users a fresh experience, the application has more than 200 different levels pre-installed. Players are free to choose the level that suits them. Because it is constantly updated, you will not be bored so you will feel an exciting adventure game.

During the adventure, players will receive many items to help you overcome different levels, so answering the question is very important in deciding whether you win or lose. So you have to answer the questions and survive to the end to be able to rescue your child from the monster that is the biggest challenge you have to overcome. This will be an extremely attractive adventure game for you who love the horror and mystery genre, then this game was born for you will bring you the most fascinating experience.

Simple interface

Garden Of Banban 3 Mod Menu APK wants users to be easy to use, so it has set up a simple and friendly interface that helps users to play the game fluently in just a few minutes. With many high-quality features that are completely free, why not download Garden Of Banban 3 APK Free Download to be able to enjoy an extremely attractive entertainment space.

Download the game day to have an exciting adventure powered by previous versions that promise not to disappoint you with many elements of horror and mystery waiting for you Download game Garden Of Banban 3 Mobile APK for Android.

Garden Of Banban 3 Mod Menu APK


Garden Of Banban 3 APK promises to bring users an exciting adventure game combining horror. When exploring the garden at Banban's kindergarten to be able to rescue your child from monsters to win you need to answer questions and survive throughout the game. This will be an attractive game for you, don't be afraid to download it to have the most exciting adventure moments.

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