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Gas Station Simulator
Gas Station Simulator

Gas Station Simulator APK 1.7 (For Android)

Dec 16, 2022

If simulation games are your favorite genre, Gas Station Simulator Mobile Download is the perfect choice for you. Discover the article below with its interesting main features.

Name Gas Station Simulator
Updated 2021-12-13
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.7
Size 102 MB
MOD For Android
Category Simulation
Developer DarkPlay Game
Price Free
Google Play Link

Why should you choose Gas Station Simulator Mobile Download?

Car and bus simulator games are so familiar and popular with players around the world. If you are looking for a simulation game that runs a gas station, becomes a self-made millionaire, and builds a career, you certainly cannot ignore Gas Station Simulator. Discover the reasons why you should choose Gas Station Simulator Mobile Download.

Gas Station Simulator Mobile Download

What is the Gas Station Simulator for Android?

Gas Station Simulator Mod APK Download For Android is an exciting simulation and role-playing game with impressive graphics. Publisher DRAGO entertainment has created an interesting game for Android devices. Players can enjoy it anywhere in the world with just their smartphones and tablets.

Players will catch an ordinary employee of a gas station. Your job is to collect the gas money from the vehicles and operate the gas station so that it grows and prospers. Everything is extremely authentic and gives users a lot of special experiences. The price of this app is 2.99 dollars so you can use all the items and special features of this game. Currently, there is no Gas Station Simulator Mod APK so you cannot experience these features for free with unlimited money, unlimited gold, and no ads. However, Gas Station Simulator download APK Android is always free and ready for you to install on your Android device.

Gas Station Simulator APK download for Android

What are the outstanding features of Gas Station Simulator for Android?

The main features of the simulator game below will help you decide whether to choose Gas Station Simulator Mobile Download or not.

New gameplay

Players will take on the role of a character who has just sold a car in exchange for an old gas station on a road. This road is quite deserted and is located in the middle of the desert.
Initially, you will have to do everything from cleaning, refueling, fixing cars for customers, and becoming a grocer. After earning more money, you can hire staff to assist you. Besides, you also need to upgrade the infrastructure, expand the business for your gas station.

Simple main tasks

Your main task is to do everything to make a profit for the store. The publisher has created a lot of side tasks such as: driving excavators to expand the land, repairing cars for guests, refueling a certain number of vehicles so that players have an orientation of what they will do when playing. Depending on the difficulty of the task, the rewards you receive will have different values.

Gas Station Simulator for Android

Interesting main characters

The main character is a character controlled by the player. You can be a young gas station guy or a gentle middle-aged uncle.
Employees are the people who will help you get things done like filling up gas, repairing cars, selling goods so you have more free time.
Your customers are very diverse with all different types of people and vehicles, even aliens.

Customize and upgrade your gas station

Your shop when you start out in the game will be in extremely bad condition, a lot of dilapidated items, with garbage everywhere. You have to fix everything (to your liking) so that the gas station can work again. Once you have more money, you can upgrade it to a high-end gas station.

Various events and challenges

The publisher has created many different events such as: road racing, quizzes with many different gifts. They have become the motivation for players to strive and try to perform more tasks.

Realistic 3D graphics and good sound

The graphics of Gas Station Simulator APK Obb Download are extremely realistic. It clearly depicts the life of a gas station owner in the middle of the desert. The day and night mechanism has light that changes by the hour. Employees and customers have different faces with each person's personality characteristics. The publisher guarantees to enhance your immersive experience. Gas Station Simulator APK Techno Gamerz download for Android is really the ideal choice for you.

The sound in the game focuses on effects rather than the characters' voices to increase realism. For example, when you fill up gas, you will hear the sound of gasoline flowing through the pipe into the car. When you control the excavator, you will hear the distinctive engine sound that only excavators have.

Gas Station Simulator download APK Android

Download game Gas Station Simulator APK unlocked

Many players want to have the Gas Station Simulator APK unlocked game, the mod version that unlocks everything will be announced in the shortest time. This game is still extremely excellent and novel among simulation games. Please choose our website to download this application now.


We hope the above article has helped you gain more information about the interesting features of Gas Station Simulator Mobile Download. Grow your tiny gas station into a huge brand. Wish you happy gaming!

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