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Geometry Dash Breeze
Geometry Dash Breeze

Geometry Dash Breeze APK 2.2 (Full Version)

Aug 01, 2023

Geometry Dash Breeze APK is a game with a gentle square control genre.

Name Geometry Dash
Updated 2017-11-15
Compatible with 4.0 and up
Last version 2.2
Size 47 MB
MOD Full Version
Category Action
Developer RobTop Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Geometry Dash Breeze APK - Control cubes to overcome everything that hinders the front

As can be seen, games with a gentle entertainment genre are also of interest to many people so that they can play in their free time. Understand that crush, today we will share to you the game Geometry Dash Breeze APK. This is a game with simple gameplay when you control a moving block that constantly overcomes the obstacles ahead. This game is strongly developed on the mobile platform so that many players can download and experience it easily.

Geometry Dash Breeze APK

About game Geometry Dash Breeze APK

Geometry Dash Breeze APK Android is a mobile game for those who love lightness and dexterity. The game will allow you to control a square cylinder with an emotional expression on it. You will use the operation arranged on the screen and move it overcoming obstacles meticulously. You need to concentrate on each pass of the challenge so as not to get caught up in dangerous points, but to start from scratch.

This game is gentle but requires players to make each move very skillful and smart to go to the final point. The faster you reach your destination and avoid collisions, the higher the score will be. Try to get more bonus points to top the leaderboard and get more worthy gifts in this game. It's great when you can play it to relieve stress after hours of fatigue.

Attractions of game Geometry Dash Breeze APK

Descargar Geometry Dash Breeze APK will bring you the game world with colorful and intellectual trends. Players will be exploring the orbs and moving the blocks slowly. In the meantime there will be a wave to move and allow them to pass through narrow areas. This application will allow you to see their direction and gravity. Coming to this game play will begin to explore the short Cube and you will immerse yourself in the ship with many spikes flying through stages with narrow terrain. Unique gameplay when the balls will start to have normal speed. The shapes will start to change with each short Cube and finally a UFO here you will be able to see the time.

Geometry Dash Breeze APK Download

The possibility is that they can show you the level and know the time to be able to reduce the speed of movement. There will not always be a slow movement time, but it will gradually increase with the level. Each stage will have different developments and you will meet the small ship, which will help you to fly around the gate of gravity when open. Players need to be sensitive and click quickly on the balls at the right time. In addition, the robot has the ability to timer, so you have to quickly complete and overcome obstacles in the given time. If you pass the UFO, then you are ready to take part in the hardest of the two parts in which you participate. Therefore, you must be very agile and skillfully overcome tight places.

Features of the game Geometry Dash Breeze APK Full Version

Overcome the tricky challenge

Geometry Dash Breeze APK Latest Version is a game where the board needs to use its ingenious talent to overcome obstacles. So your character must jump and fly professionally so as not to get hit by obstacles. If you miss the touch during the game, the game will immediately start again. So you complete your challenges quickly in the given time. In addition, you also experience many action-packed mini-games for you to make jumps and fly over obstacles.

Many exciting levels of play

Geometry Dash Breeze v2.2 APK For Android 2023 will bring you many levels of play and challenges for you to pass. For you to experience a world of entertainment full of fun and originality. So players will show their ability to overcome narrow areas. In each game you will have to sweep up the different playing styles and overcome many unexpected situations that take place.

Geometry Dash Breeze APK Android

3D graphics

In this game world players will discover stunning 3D graphics. Make it possible to capture any situation that takes place in the game full of fun. With vivid designs and smooth effects will give you the best experience. In addition, there is also a simple controller bi page so that you can explore the game and overcome technical obstacles with the skills you bring. It will be possible to overcome narrow terrain without any problems with an attractive fast rhythm.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game Geometry Dash Breeze APK Download

Realistic experience of this game

This is a pretty interesting game for me. I played it with great pleasure while I relaxed to relieve myself of the work I did. This game possesses a pretty nice graphics, simple, very detailed allocated layout that clearly demonstrates each image of the obstacles and blocks that I control. Hopefully it will have more breakthroughs in newer versions.


  • Control the square block overcoming many obstacles
  • Unlimited bonus points system
  • Unlock features and items to assist players

Geometry Dash Breeze APK Full Version


  • Support only for Android OS
  • The device needs compatibility to download and run smoothly

FAQs about game Geometry Dash Breeze APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Yes. Downloading this game right at the page will be safe. Since they have been updated to the latest version as well as equipped with layers of security for users to comfortably experience not being afraid of problems with the device.

How to download the game?

To download this application, the user only clicks on the path provided in this article.

Configuration required to run the game

The game requires users to have an Android 5.0 device to run.

Do you need the internet to make this game work?

You can open or turn off the internet and play this game.

Free Download Geometry Dash Breeze APK v2.2 (Full Version) Latest for Android

Geometry Dash Breeze APK is the game that brings great entertainment to players. In short, this game is simple to control when playing and the player only needs a relaxed spirit, gently moving the object block to achieve the highest score. Visit the website immediately to Geometry Dash Breeze APK Download v2.2. Hope you will experience this game with great fun.

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