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Goodbye Eternity 0.8
Goodbye Eternity 0.8

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK 0.6.1 (Free Purchase, Android Game)

Dec 16, 2023

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK is a game Novel, shape your destiny, seduce, and seek revenge, mysteries await.

Name Goodbye Eternity 0.8
Updated 2023-12-16
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 0.6.1
Size 883 MB
MOD Free Purchase, Android Game
Category Simulation
Developer RNGeusEX
Price Free
Google Play Link

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK | A captivating Visual Novel with mysteries, choices, and seduction

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK is a captivating Visual Novel set in a contemporary setting, offering you a unique opportunity to reshape your destiny. As the protagonist, you'll navigate a complex web of choices, confront past demons, and interact with intriguing female characters. But as your eyes turn yellow and events take an unexpected turn, can you unravel the mysteries behind your reincarnation? In this text, we're going to dive deep into the immersive international of Goodbye Eternity 0.8 Download and explore the captivating functions that make it a should-attempt Android app.

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK

Overview of the Game

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 immerses you in a world much like ours, set in the present day. You assume the role of a man who, after enduring a miserable existence, finds himself trangameed back in time to his own body from years ago. This unexpected turn of events presents a golden opportunity to rewrite your life's story. You can rectify past mistakes, pursue relationships with women you once hesitated to approach, seek revenge against those who wronged you, and even alter your fate.

But there's a catch—your eyes have turned yellow, and certain events from the past no longer unfold as expected. You'll face your old tormentors, reencounter women who broke your heart, and confront numerous challenges. The crux of the game lies in making the right choices amidst these complex scenarios. Can you uncover the secret behind your reincarnation?

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 empowers you to carve your path toward your goals. The stories and relationships you form with the female characters you aim to seduce will evolve based on your choices during interactions. Whether you choose blackmail, domination, or love, the decisions are in your hands.

Attractive Point of The Game

What sets Goodbye Eternity 0.8 apart is its ability to deliver an immersive storytelling experience. It lets you step into the footwear of the protagonist and make choices that impact the narrative. This level of interactivity creates a deeply engaging and personalized adventure.

The game's premise of revisiting your past with the opportunity for redemption and transformation is inherently appealing. It faucets into the time-honored preference for second chances and self-improvement. The mystery surrounding the protagonist's yellow eyes and the altered course of events adds an element of intrigue that keeps players hooked.

Furthermore, the freedom to form your character's relationships with diverse girl characters adds intensity to the revel in. Whether you choose the path of love or manipulation, each decision you make leads to different outcomes, making the game highly replayable.

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 is more than just a Visual Novel; it's a journey of self-discovery, redemption, and the pursuit of one's desires. Download Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK By RNGeusEX and embark on this captivating adventure that challenges you to make choices that truly matter. Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration of its attractive features and user experiences in the upcoming sections.

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 Download

The Attractive Features of the Game

Stunning Animations

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 boasts incredible 60FPS high-quality animations that enhance the overall visual experience. The fluid animations convey the characters and scenes to life, immersing you even further into the game's global.

Dynamic Backgrounds

The game gives stunning backgrounds that exchange in keeping with the time of day, including a layer of realism to the storytelling. Whether it's the golden hues of dawn or the mysterious darkness of night, the backgrounds enhance the game's atmosphere.

Compelling Characters

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 introduces a cast of endearing characters, each with their own distinct personalities and stories. These characters will draw you into their narratives and create emotional connections that deepen the overall experience.

Expansive City to Explore

As you navigate the game, you'll have the opportunity to explore a vast city. This city serves as the backdrop to your interactions, including intensity to the arena and supplying numerous possibilities for exploration and discovery.

Captivating Soundtrack

The game features an outstanding soundtrack produced by .Quotam, which enhances the immersive experience. This city serves as the backdrop to your interactions, including intensity to the arena and supplying numerous possibilities for exploration.

Intriguing Storyline

At its core, Goodbye Eternity 0.8 offers a mysterious and captivating storyline. The blend of reincarnation, second chances, and unforeseen consequences keeps players engaged and eager to uncover the secrets hidden within the narrative.

Polished User Interface

This city serves as the backdrop in your interactions, adding intensity to the world and supplying severa opportunities for exploration and discovery. The intuitive design allows you to focus on making critical decisions without distraction.

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 offers a comprehensive package of features that elevate the Visual Novel experience to new heights. With stunning visuals, compelling characters, and a gripping narrative, it promises hours of immersive gameplay.

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK By RNGeusEX

Actual Experience of the Author of the Article and Advantages/Disadvantages of the Game

User Review about the Game on

  • The animations in 'Goodbye Eternity 0.8' are simply breathtaking. They add a cinematic quality to the game that's hard to find in other Visual Novels.
  • The character development is outstanding. You'll find yourself genuinely caring about the characters and their fates.
  • The dynamic backgrounds add an extra layer of immersion. It's like stepping into a living, breathing world.


  • Stunning 60FPS animations.
  • Dynamic and immersive backgrounds.
  • Well-developed and endearing characters.
  • A rich and expansive city to explore.
  • An exceptional soundtrack that enhances the atmosphere.


  • The game's mature themes may not be suitable for all players.
  • Some players may find the narrative branching overwhelming.
  • Limited replayability due to the linear nature of the storyline.

Compare with Other Games

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK Obb stands out as a unique Visual Novel that prioritizes player choice and character development. While many Visual Novels offer linear narratives, this game's branching paths and consequences set it apart. Its stunning animations and dynamic backgrounds add an extra layer of immersion that few can match.

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK For Android


Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK is a must-play Visual Novel for those seeking an immersive storytelling experience. With its fascinating storyline, dynamic characters, and stunning animations, it offers a stage of interactivity and emotional engagement that few video games can suit. Download Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK For Android and embark on a journey of self-discovery, romance, and intrigue. Whether you choose love, manipulation, or redemption, your choices will shape the narrative, making each playthrough a unique and memorable experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to rewrite your own story in the world of Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK Latest Version

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