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Goodbye Eternity
Goodbye Eternity

Goodbye Eternity APK 0.6.1 (Android Game)

May 26, 2023

Goodbye Eternity APK is a dating simulation game that is loved by many audiences and downloaded to play. Game with simple gameplay and vivid graphics.

Name Goodbye Eternity
Updated 2023-05-26
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 0.6.1
Size 883 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Simulation
Developer RNGeusEX
Price Free
Google Play Link

Goodbye Eternity APK - Story simulator dating your way of telling

Goodbye Eternity APK is a dating simulation game that gives players the ability to chat with many others to create a romantic date. Users can enjoy that dating space with a variety of suggestions from AI giving users a most authentic feel. This app is compatible with devices running Android so you can download it for free. The article below will update the latest information for you.

Goodbye Eternity 0.7 APK Latest Version

About Goodbye Eternity Game APK

Goodbye Eternity APK was built by the manufacturer very enthusiastically and it belongs to the category of dating emulator. You will take on the role of the male character and help him complete all the tasks assigned to the game. The plot of the game is likened to the story of the boy. Suddenly waking up from a man in his 50 turned into a boy in his 20. The character wakes up in bewilderment and does not understand why he returns to the past. Here, the character decides to change his current life from the past.

In the Goodbye Eternity Itch game APK, you'll help players puzzle, chat and date someone he likes in the past. When entering this illusory world, you will have to use your brain and imagine the emulated images in a unique way. Goodbye Eternity 0.6.9 APK allows players to be creative in the game story as if they were re-presenting their own life. Think, think and lead the character in your narrative direction to finally get a good ending.

True to its name, this will be a game about the life and love of the male character. The romantic style is erected from the image of famous anime characters. For the gameplay, you need to solve drama problems around the character's life with the desire to get him out of this fantasy place. And he will experience youth love in time.

And to accomplish the above elements, the character must complete the way to find out why he is young again. This is miraculous and you have to discover the truth behind it. You will have to chat with a girl and can help you in the front line battle. She will accompany you to the puzzle and experience the happiest moments of love. No matter how narrative you are, the end result you choose must be a beautiful ending and stay in your memory. Hopefully the game will bring more feeling to you when you are afraid to continue and date in real life.

Free Download game Goodbye Eternity APK for Android

Highlights of Goodbye Eternity 0.7 APK Latest Version

Goodbye Eternity APK brings this immersive adventure genre where players will have romantic moments with his girl. Give the player a ticket back in time about his youth and have interesting dating stories. Now this game will give you the feeling of restoration as in your youth. Below there will be a few features that will make it possible to enjoy a private chat space with the girl you choose on the system.

Romantic space

F95 Goodbye Eternity Việt Hoá will give users a private space when chatting and make you vibrate before a virtual girl in this dating simulation game. Lets you choose characters from likes to have an exciting date.


In addition, the user performs tasks in his adventure and interacts with the characters to be able to decipher those puzzles. The puzzle will be difficult gradually to each of your levels.

Character selection

To give a completely new feel that the publisher has allowed you to choose any character for a romantic date. In addition, you can customize the outfit, accessories, hairstyle, appearance and size of the character based on your preferences.

Open event

This will be a very popular feature when it is possible to open new events for players who can enjoy this dating space. To enhance the experience of playing and bring the feeling of dating at this game for the first time.

Goodbye Eternity 0.6.9 APK

3D graphics

Goodbye Eternity APK gives players an extremely crisp and vivid simulation space. Then the developer has designed 3D graphics to help show every detail and beautiful character. Bring a realistic feeling that makes the player immerse himself in this simulation date without taking his eyes off. This will be a fun filled game that you need to explore to have the best relaxing moments with your chosen character.

Simple controller

With this game players will be able to play with very simple controllers due to being designed to suit many people when downloading this game. That can fully enjoy the space full of authenticity that the developer wants to bring to the player.

In addition the interface is designed very friendly due to the aim to reach players when experiencing this game without spending too much time to get acquainted. So the interface is so simple that players can download and use it right away without having to log in. Since there is no need to log in the user will be absolutely confident in terms of information and peace of mind to use this game because it is very reliable when the privacy policy is very high. Let your life have more fun then don't miss this exciting game!

So if players love this dating simulation game and want to go back in time to their youth, this game will be the right choice for you. Enjoy the romantic dating space and solve puzzles to complete the challenge. Free Download game Goodbye Eternity APK for Android to have a romantic date at this game offline!

F95 Goodbye Eternity Việt Hoá


Goodbye Eternity APK with many outstanding features is very meticulously designed and detailed character images, costumes and accessories included. The plus of this game when creating a world like ordinary life. Through it, players can chat live and date together with the girl. If you're looking for a game to share things you can't say about the topic of love. You can download and play this game now.

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