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Gorilla Tag Horror Game
Gorilla Tag Horror Game

Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK 1.0.0 (VR Mobile)

Aug 12, 2023

Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK is a horror adventure game with many elements of surprise and attraction.

Name Gorilla Tag Horror Game
Updated 2023-08-12
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 1.0.0
Size 170 MB
MOD VR Mobile
Category Casual
Developer manoiel swares
Price Free
Google Play Link

Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK - Adventure in horror space with many new things

Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK will bring you a horror and surprise genre with the most attractive details. The game is simulated through the virtual world but brings a lot of very realistic activities. Players will adventure into a dark space with many monster gorillas hiding thoroughly. This game with simple gameplay and clear missions has created a lot of interesting things for players. If you feel excited with this game then read the article below to write more about it.

Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK

Summary of Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK

Gorilla Tag Horror VR Game APK is a horror game in which players will play a character fleeing from the predatory Gorilla. Monsters in different places will have different colors. Players when participating in the game are equipped with only one flashlight and the necessary items, if you want to unlock more then try to win the attack of monsters. The game opens up endless adventures for players to experience all the activities in the game and earn a lot of bonus points topping the rankings. You just need to get the task and do it quickly to complete it is possible to immediately get the proportionate score.

Most attractions of the game Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK

You are a fan of virtual reality games and want an engaging realistic experience. Coming to Gorilla Tag Horror Game will take you to a virtual reality world, helping players to have realistic experiences, with many tasks and challenges that you need to overcome. For virtual reality gamers it takes a large space to unleash the experience that nothing can stop you. In this game world players will have to confront many different opponents.

Starting to participate in this game players will embody the gorilla character into gestures and navigate around using the arms to catch the sides and pull yourself. So this is the game for you to immerse yourself in the game with unique gameplay. In addition, players can play alongside multiple players, who you can also explore in one-player mode.

Give players a realistic entertainment space with the same style of playing art as VR games for players familiar feeling. Therefore, a Gorilla Tag game by fans should let you discover all the situations and tasks that the game brings. In order to capture the trend of virtual reality players as much, you can now explore this game.

Gorilla Tag Horror VR Game APK

So this is one of the most popular games, making the simple game of chase a fascinating game. Players will have to play the role of gorillas with feet in the vast environment with many challenges and other climbing tools. Create for players can start engaging with many other players and have to jump, climb with every activity. Help players get attractive moments of entertainment.

Features of Gorilla Tag Horror Game Download for Mobile

Unique control mode

How to get Gorilla Tag Horror Game for Mobile gives players an engaging game. In addition, you can also use a unique weapon set for you to experience the game in the best way. So, it gives players an extremely simple controller with two handles. Make it easy to jump and climb and mimic movements while stepping, running, and jumping over the track. Will give you the best training sessions for you to improve your skills in the game. So that you can conquer the challenges in the fastest time.

There are many players

So that players can immerse themselves in the simulation world with many other players. Help you get attractive matches with other players. In addition, for you to discover the best, it gives you extremely unique features. The game is even more attractive when there are other players who will support you and can find the pins for you, the cords and the players with you will help you pass.

Friendly game mechanics

Gorilla Tag Mods Horror Game gives players an intuitive world compared to other video games. Let you explore the scary vast world when you can use arms to be navigable. Make it possible to immerse yourself in the game in the 3D world with various modes that await you.

Gorilla Tag Horror Game Download for Mobile

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game Gorilla Tag How to Play on Android

Realistic experience of this game

I love horror and I don't know what's going to happen next. I played this game and met a lot of Gorilla monsters in an unexpected way to destroy them before they hurt you. Game with 3D graphics and free gameplay so I can explore to the end every corner of this game. I am very interested in this game and will continue to support the latest version of it.


  • A lot of Gorilla monsters appear for you to destroy them
  • Players will explore all locations for free and unlock many premium features
  • The game offers you free to play comfortably


  • Need a network connection to play this online game
  • Players need high concentration to avoid monster attacks
  • Meet compatible device configuration

How to get Gorilla Tag Horror Game for Mobile

FAQs about Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Yes, very safe. This game has been tested by a highly specialized team everything, especially security before updating for players to download.

How to download the game?

Download this game at the link provided in the Information section of this article, the user only needs to follow the steps in which it is possible to successfully download.

Configuration required to run the game

Users need to meet the configuration to run the game is Android 5.1 and above.

Does this game need a constant internet connection?

Yes, players need to stabilize the network source to experience this online game.


Gorilla Tag Horror Game APK is an extremely attractive virtual reality game for players who can immerse themselves in the vast virtual world. Players will have to mingle with the gorilla and overcome all challenges. Use the skills to start fighting fascinating games with many other players. Download Gorilla Tag Horror Fan Games directly on the website or click on the path below to download it now! Wishing you the moments of discovering the game fun!

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