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GPU Refresh Rate
GPU Refresh Rate

GPU Refresh Rate APK 3.3.0 (For Android)

Feb 11, 2023

Graphics Processing Unit plays an important role in maintaining stable operation of your smartphone when you play games. However, sometimes it doesn't work well. GPU Refresh Rate APK is the best solution for you to improve this situation.

Name Refresh Rate
Updated 2019-11-10
Compatible with 9 and up
Last version 3.3.0
Size 4 MB
MOD For Android
Category Tools
Price Free
Google Play Link

Enhance smartphone processing performance with GPU Refresh Rate APK

The structure of the GPU is not too different from the CPU. However, its structure is much more optimized towards efficient computation of graphical information. If you ask your GPU to do anything other than graphics tasks, it will suddenly become an inefficient component. GPU Refresh Rate APK will help you to increase the performance of your Android device's GPU.

GPU Refresh Rate APK

What is GPU Refresh Rate APK?

On different operating systems, GPUs are used to process 3D games and applications. It also processes 2D images in a number of functions, such as zooming in and out, and processing computer graphics (animation). The GPU simply adjusts the resolution and sound for higher definition video games.

However, your gameplay may be affected because the GPU can't handle graphics-heavy games. Some games make you feel slow and laggy.
At this point, GPU Refresh Rate APK can weather the storm. You can control your game with stable graphics quality. It is a tool that refreshes images every second to improve your device performance.

What are the unique features of GPU Refresh Rate APK?

Refresh Rate Changer by RC Modz has useful features for GPU and CPU in your Android device.

Multiple screen refresh rate options

High-definition object models and original sounds go hand-in-hand in any game. If they are not converted to a lighter format, you will hardly be able to keep the best frame quality while playing games. Refresh Rate Changer APK will definitely have many options to make you satisfied.

Refresh Rate Changer APK

It is important that you choose the right frame rate for the best movie or gaming experience. The screen degrees you can choose from are 24Hz, 23.976Hz, 50Hz and 60Hz. The screen resolution modes will also come with audio frequencies. Users can choose from 480p, 720 to 1080p.

This tool is especially suitable for devices with low configuration and a less stable Android operating system. Increase the stability and smooth operation of your phone with this application. It is a perfect choice for you.

144hz Refresh Rate APK

If you want to optimize your gaming experience with your Android smartphone, this app is a must have for you. High screen refresh rate, at least 90 Hz becomes common in the current Android world. It gives users ultra smooth. This app features Android screen refresh rate up to 144 Hz. 144 Hz allows your monitor to achieve the best aspect ratio. It increases your gaming experience to an outstanding level compared to other ratios but it does not consume too much memory and your PIN.

GPU Performance Mode APK

This application was created to handle graphics-related tasks, reducing the burden on the central processing unit (CPU) on smartphones. GPU on smartphones is considered as a second chip of the device. This application helps to solve tasks such as image processing in videos, 3D games. Besides, it also corrects the recently famous technology of VR effect.

If your phone is not equipped with a GPU, you will lose the ability to play 3D games or videos because the CPU cannot handle it. Your gaming system will hang and lag. GPU Performance Mode increases image processing speed per second to improve the performance of your entire central processing system.

144hz Refresh Rate APK

How to download Max Refresh Rate APK?

This application is considered the golden key to providing a smooth user experience when participating in complex 3D games. You can download GPU Refresh Rate to help you watch full 4K HD movies, play 3D games and watch Youtube smoothly. We guarantee your safety when downloading any third party apps. Rest assured to upgrade your GPU system with this app now.


GPU Refresh Rate APK does the trick when it improves the maximum performance of the monitor. You can play any game with great graphics smoothly with this application. The more vivid the games with excellent sound, the better the GPU needs to do its job. This app is really essential for you!

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