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Granblue Fantasy
Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy APK 1.17.0 (Mobile Game, English Version)

Getmodnow Feb 01, 2024

Granblue Fantasy APK is a JRPG with strategic turn-based combat, rich storytelling, diverse characters, and a vast, explorable sky world.

Name グランブルーファンタジー
Updated 2023-12-05
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.17.0
Size 50.9 MB
MOD Mobile Game, English Version
Category Role Playing
Developer mobage
Price Free
Google Play Link

Introduction of the Granblue Fantasy APK

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the spellbinding universe of Granblue Fantasy APK. Imagine soaring through skies adorned with vibrant islands, experiencing a JRPG fairytale at your fingertips. Step right into an Android world where engrossing tales and tactical challenges are the name of the game.

Granblue Fantasy APK

Overview of the Granblue Fantasy APK For Android

In Granblue Fantasy, you assume the role of a young skyfarer thrust into a whirlwind of events. A mysterious letter from your father sends you on a journey to discover mysteries while the despotic Erste Empire threatens your island home. Ancient Astrals also awaken with power that has been forgotten. Wide-open islands, titanic battles, and introspective missions will all be part of your adventure. 

The Attractive Features of the Granblue Fantasy APK Latest Version

Immerse Yourself in a Breathtaking Sky World

Granblue Fantasy Relink transports players into a visually stunning world crafted by the renowned Hideo Minaba. The artistry displayed in every visual component is nothing short of a visual feast. Every brushstroke in the sky islands bursts with color, and every character detail adds a layer of magic to our gaming adventure. Cities teem with charm, woods exude lushness, and historic sites hold mysteries waiting to be unearthed. The sky becomes a canvas, and players, the artists of their aerial adventure.

Accompanying this visual spectacle is the legendary soundtrack composed by none other than Nobuo Uematsu. Nobuo Uematsu's tunes lift the game to another level, hitting just the right note for every twist and turn. As you dive into battle, grand orchestrations amplify the excitement; moments of calm are painted with soothing melodies, and your exploratory strides are energized by vibrant beats.

Forge Bonds with Memorable Companions

The heart of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising lies in its diverse cast of characters, each with a unique story, motivation, and personality. Whether you're drawn to the antics of clever djinns, yearn for the company of valiant knights, fancy sailing with eccentric pirates, or crave the might of formidable dragons, Granblue Fantasy offers a myriad of allies tailored to every gamer's preference. Granblue Fantasy beckons players to not only follow the primary tale but also get wrapped up in riveting side adventures and tailored happenings that forge stronger ties with their virtual comrades.

Diving into Granblue Fantasy, players do more than just play; they create enduring friendships with their virtual squad, making every moment of the quest that much richer.

Granblue Fantasy English APK

Master the Art of Strategic Turn-Based Combat

Granblue Fantasy doesn't just offer battles; it provides a dynamic and strategic combat system that challenges players at every turn. Building a team that works well together, where each member's strengths play off the others', can turn the tide in Granblue Fantasy's tactical clashes. Gamers mix and match characters, skills, and elements to outsmart tough rivals and trigger impressive chain attacks.

The strategic depth goes beyond mere button pressing. To dominate the game, players need to spot their enemies' weak spots, smartly play their elemental cards right, and strategically stack up power-ups and downs. Getting a grip on the fight mechanics does more than just feel good—it cracks open a treasure chest of tactics and creative play. Diving into Granblue Fantasy, you're not just duking it out in battles; you're engaging your brain, navigating through a rich tapestry of strategy that's as electrifying as it is intricate.

Embrace the Thrill of the Gacha

The Gacha system in Granblue Fantasy English APK introduces an element of excitement and unpredictability. Stepping into their destiny, gamers call on an eclectic mix of heroes and mighty gear. Every Gacha draw is a rush, brimming with the chance to land that pivotal character that can turn your game around.

Crafting your ultimate squad in Granblue Fantasy hinges on savvy management of resources, a task that's as challenging as it is critical. Before you take a chance on the Gacha, think hard about what your team needs—this turns building your ideal crew into a thoughtful and satisfying challenge.

A World that Constantly Expands

Granblue Fantasy remains a dynamic and ever-evolving world. Constantly rejuvenating its realm, Granblue Fantasy captivates gamers with regular enhancements, novel side quests, exclusive gatherings, fresh narrative arcs, and riveting collaborations. With Granblue Fantasy, the adventure never grows old; there's always a new challenge to tackle and loot to snag.

Granblue Fantasy Relink

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Granblue Fantasy Mobile Game


  • Rich Storytelling: Engaging narrative that keeps gamers captivated.
  • Strategic Combat Options: Turn-based system allows for diverse and strategic gameplay.
  • Exciting Gacha System: Unpredictable and thrilling, adding an element of surprise.
  • Stunning Graphics and Soundtrack: Engaging visuals and a compelling soundtrack can take a video game from good to unforgettable, much like how Granblue Fantasy captivates players across the globe.
  • Global Accessibility: Granblue Fantasy guarantees gamers globally can seamlessly enjoy the game.


  • Potential for Gacha Randomness: Some players may find the Gacha system too reliant on luck.
  • Learning Curve: The depth of the game may be daunting for players unfamiliar with role-playing games.
  • Dependency on Community: Optimal enjoyment may require active participation in the online community.

How to Download Granblue Fantasy APK?

For a secure download of Granblue Fantasy, head to Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit and search for the game.
  2. Click the download link and wait for the file to download.
  3. Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.
  4. Enjoy Granblue Fantasy on your Android device hassle-free.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising


Granblue Fantasy APK opens up a realm where you'll find yourself drawn to vivid characters, entangled in captivating adventures, and strategizing with depth. Whether you crave an immersive storyline, the thrill of the Gacha, or the joy of building the perfect team, Granblue Fantasy has something for you. Take a leap of faith, skyfarer. Download today and let your mobile odyssey begin.


  • Immersive Storytelling: Plunge into a grand tale that intricately binds the destinies of its characters within a realm rich in fantasy and lore.
  • Rich Character Development: Meet and recruit various forged characters, each with their unique backstory and abilities.
  • Stunning Artwork: Let yourself be swept away by the stunning landscapes and vibrant characters, all sprung from the imagination of acclaimed artist Hideo Minaba.
  • Expansive World Exploration: Traverse a vast world filled with hidden secrets, mystical islands, and dangerous foes.
  • Dynamic Events and Updates: Participate in regular events and updates that introduce new storylines, characters, and challenges.
  • Community and Multiplayer: Join forces with other players in cooperative missions, or compete in events for exclusive rewards.
  • Delving into the Gacha system, players gamble on the chance to snag exclusive characters and top-tier gear, echoing the thrill of cracking open a book's spine and discovering an entirely new world within its pages.
  • Cross-Platform Play: Enjoy seamless gameplay across cellular and web systems, bearing in mind a non-stop journey anyplace you pass.
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