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Heavenly Bodies
Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly Bodies APK 1.1 (Android Game, Mobile Version)

Jun 16, 2023

Heavenly Bodies APK is a game that explores the nuanced changes of objects in space and experiences becoming a real astronaut. Download now to play.

Name Heavenly Bodies
Updated 2023-06-16
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.1
Size 12 MB
MOD Android Game, Mobile Version
Category Casual
Developer HSN Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Heavenly Bodies APK - Explore outer space and learn transform shades of objects

About The Heavenly Bodies Game APK

Heavenly Bodies APK is a space adventure game with the role of an astronaut. You will know what daily activities and jobs an astronaut has to do. And the main task is to explore heavenly objects in all respects in motion and transform its shades. The game will open up a large space for players to experience things that they have never seen, many people just read through or watch the videos of astronauts and objects appearing in space.

Heavenly Bodies APK

Earth and space are two different habitats, the astronauts must live in zero gravity and ultra-low air pressure. And have to live in a spacecraft to always be assured of life safety for myself and many other comrades. Players in Heavenly Bodies Android APK will experience life here and perform the task of observing the shades of objects and satellites in large space.

Before experiencing this game, Heavenly Bodies Mobile APK Mod will open up a pre-engagement training feature. You will be trained to become an astronaut and take on various missions. Players will receive highly technical training and hands-on experience in the aerospace specialization. You have to be smart and know the most necessary things to quickly complete the training. To be an astronaut, you must also be a person in good health, working in a weightless environment, pressure on survival. Astronauts often undergo rigorous training and inspections to ensure the safety of themselves and others in space flights. After training, you will be able to join the team to fight on the spaceship. You will have to do everything from controlling the spacecraft, performing observations and practicing experiments, building and maintaining equipment in space.

Players will learn about the shade transformations of heavenly objects. It can be explained by various causes. And one of them has a main cause is the interaction between the light of stars and other objects in space, such as planets, comets and other objects. The reflection, absorption and light emission of these objects can produce phenomena ranging from flashes to complete disappearance. In addition, atmospheric and ambient factors can also affect the shades of heavenly objects. May you discover a lot about space.

The Heavenly Bodies Game APK

If you've ever dreamed of being an astronaut exploring space beyond the galaxy, Heavenly Bodies APK will be your choice. You will take on the role of an astronaut to study your scientific topics in order to inform you about the earth. Make discoveries about movements and changes in this weightless game. You will freely control the controller of the astronaut's arm that helps you adapt to the environment in space. Bring you a game full of fun and satisfy your dreams through this game. So you can download and enjoy it on platforms running Android completely free. Below is the information that makes it possible to discover this game in the smoothest way so do not rush to miss!

Highlights of Heavenly Bodies Download for Android Latest Version

When you come to this game you will take on the role of an astronaut exploring the vast universe and observing its changes through each day. The discovery is interesting because you can control and show your ability to study unknown objects. And keep the tension in space in the best way because that environment is a zero gravity environment so it is difficult for you to move. So familiarize yourself with it to perform the tasks that you are given the best way. Join us to discover the highlights of this exciting game now!

Simple controller

Objects in the universe will have their own way of moving and operating, so the controller is designed to make it easy for players to control astronauts. Helping to keep things running in the most flexible way provides the best experience of exploring vast outer space in a zero gravity environment. Aiming to bring the best entertainment space only with many different situations. So in this game you need to show your ability to meet life in space.

Heavenly Bodies Android APK

Celestial mission

When you come to this Heavenly Bodies APK you will receive the task of technological background technological development that is being a lot of people proud. So you need to stay in touch at the center of the universe on Earth for assistance when you're in trouble. So you need to plan the arrangement of the tasks of the board to perform in the fastest way. Here you need to use your intelligence wisely and meticulously to be able to install telescopes in space. Ensure the survival of tiny pieces of energy batteries and study the movements in space. But you have to beware of incidents that happen and handle them best in any situation.


Heavenly Bodies APK helps players to satisfy their dream of becoming an astronaut then the developer has equipped you with stunning 3D graphics. Very meticulously designed to make it possible to immerse yourself and discover new things that are and the movement of the celestial body in the space full of truth. Bring players the most amazing entertainment space only at this app. Free Download game Heavenly Bodies APK for Android now to get the exciting crop discovery that makes you immerse yourself in that adventure right now!

Free Download game Heavenly Bodies APK for Android


Heavenly Bodies APK is an extremely interesting game that gives players new and unique experiences. The feature development in this game is very special, the graphic feature is very creative when creating a multi-dimensional space and high quality images to express the most realistic images of astronauts and other objects in outer space. Heavenly Bodies Free Download APK OBB to become an astronaut exploring the universe around us and decipher the questions in the heart. Good experience.

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