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Hikikomori Sister
Hikikomori Sister

Hikikomori Sister APK 1.3 (Android Game, Latest Version)

May 20, 2023

Hikikomori Sister APK is a game that simulates the transformation between reality and a girl's dream, deciphering the mysteries. Download now!

Name Hikikomori Sister
Updated 2023-05-20
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.3
Size 17 MB
MOD Android Game, Latest Version
Category Simulation
Developer BC.LTD
Price Free
Google Play Link

Hikikomori Sister APK - Get lost in the dreamland and solve the puzzle to find the way out of the dream

Hikikomori Sister APK is the game that brings you an adventure journey into the mysterious dream of a girl. Your mission is to solve puzzles and overcome challenges to escape from that mysterious dream. The game offers you an exciting storyline with many mysterious elements taking place on your way. Join us to discover this mysterious game with the gentle sensations that the game brings. This game is designed for Android platforms so players can download and play for free. Here is the information we will update to you in the article below.

More about Hikikomori Sister Game APK

Hikikomori Sister APK is a game that simulates the process of putting a sleeping girl lost in the realm of dreams. The game will take you to colorful scenes, completely different from the reality of life. In this dream, you will know things that you have never seen before, and accomplish what you dream of.

Hikikomori Sister APK Full Game

Your main task in the game Hikikomori Sister APK Full Game is to help the character overcome the challenges that the game presents in the system. To be able to overcome those tasks, you need to know what the dream world has and the skills necessary to solve difficult problems inside it. We will give you a map and a few original hints so that you can easily start the game as soon as you read the instructions clearly.

You will assist the character to infiltrate her dream, observe the map to locate the tasks to be completed to help the character escape from this place and return to the real world. When entering the virtual world of dreams, she will completely lose consciousness and you will guide her in the right direction. Encounter puzzles on the road and successfully decode to pass the room door.

Each room the character enters will not contain a question depending on the level from easy to difficult. You must quickly solve the puzzle in the allotted time to help the character unlock more quickly. Perform repeatedly the road blocking according to the map directions to get to the last block and escape from this mysterious place.

Hikikomori Sister is a rare game that has a parallel design style both in real life and in dreams. The game allows players to comfortably creatively finish the story in their own style to bring unique, novel things only at this game application.

Download game Hikikomori Sister APK for Android

Features of Thaiapk Hikikomori Sister APK Latest Version

Hikikomori Sister APK has many different features that will help players to immerse themselves in the game with this latest version. Give players the best experience with a distinct design style and unique storytelling. The features below will support the user during the game, so do not rush to ignore.

Creative storyline

The protagonist of this story is a beautiful sleeping girl and then she begins to plunge into a dream and cannot escape. With the surroundings as if lost in the mysterious dream garden. The story is very creative and unique to bring curiosity and attraction to users. Players must answer puzzles and obstacles during the process of finding the way out of the dream.

Enjoy the music

To give players an attractive space, it is indispensable that is music. In this game the music is constantly updated to serve players throughout the process of exploring the dream realm fully. Music will be associated with the emotions of the player, giving a game full of appeal.

Game results

Thaiapk Hikikomori Sister APK Latest Version

Hikikomori Sister APK 2023 is designed to be extremely attractive, more amazing players can choose the ending for themselves. Since every decision you make is very diverse depending on the course of the story to make the decision.

Unique gameplay style gives players mysterious happenings, when starting on the journey and deciphering the puzzles inside the game. You have to compete to overcome the challenges and all your actions carefully avoid the girl who wakes up before sunrise.

It is advisable to answer the questions very skillfully and quickly to avoid errors. If you answer wrong, the risk of getting stuck in the girl's dream is very high, so be assertive. The game needs to use very high intelligence so this is the time to express your thinking to find the way out of that dream.

High quality painted images

The details in this Hikikomori Sister APK are drawn to be very meticulous with small details that give players the most amazing experience full of authenticity. So the image is displayed very beautifully by the talented hands of the designer. This will be the game that brings the best experience of a platform game with many mysteries that you need to discover.

Hikikomori Sister APK 2023

A fascinating game that you need to experience with many mysteries in that girl's dream that need you to decipher. Along with many unexpected situations that take place throughout the course of the game, each behavior is decided by you. So this game is very much loved by many people. So what are you waiting for? Download game Hikikomori Sister APK for Android to have fun discoveries here!


Hikikomori Sister APK brings completely different stories about the dream world. Players will direct themselves to extremely rich fantasies to draw on different character images, create a creative and dreamy adventure. Players will control the character through illusory paths and spectacular puzzles. To finally bring her back to real life. Please refer to the information about the game application and how to download it right in this article offline.

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