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Hills Of Steel
Hills Of Steel

Hills Of Steel Mod APK 6.1.1 (Unlimited Money And Gems, Mod Menu)

Nov 29, 2023

Hills Of Steel Mod APK is a fun tank game. It's on your phone. You fight on hills and beat others. It's free.

Name Hills of Steel
Updated 2023-11-23
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 6.1.1
Size 133 MB
MOD Unlimited Money And Gems, Mod Menu
Category Action
Developer Superplus Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Hills Of Steel is a game. You play in a tank. You move over hills. You fight enemies. You get loot. It's on phones. You do not pay to get the game.

Five Key Features

Hills Of Steel has cool features. First, let's talk about destroying. You have guns. They shoot. Shots follow fake physics. It makes things fall nice and is fun. Second, tanks! Many tanks to choose from. You get new ones as you play. Tanks can do special things.

Next are the upgrades. You make your tank better. Go fast. Hit hard. Take more hits. Upgrades are picked up from fights. Or you can buy some. This lets you keep up as you play more.

Also, the adventure is good. You have a tank. You roll out. Get into battles. Collect loot from these fights. Loot helps you get stronger. You go from place to place. Even to the Moon!

Then there is Arcade. Fight lots and lots of tanks. No end. Just you fighting. See how many you can beat. It's just one tank after another one. Bosses sometimes come. They are bigger fights.

There are also other ways to play. Fight with other people over the internet. Battle them one on one. Or with a friend in a team. Win and feel good. Lose and try again.

Events are special. They happen once each week. You try them for fun. If you play them well, you get prizes.

Climbing ranks, this is like being a leader. You start small. But win fights, and you go up. Go high enough, and you become a big boss.

Leaderboards are next. They tell who is the best. Want to show you are good? Climb up the board. Show everyone you are at the top.

Last, we have clans. This is a group. You get in with friends. Join one or make one yourself. Play for fun or play to win. It's good to have a team.

Best Tips for Hills Of Steel

Here are the best tips. Use them and play better.

You must learn to drive well. When you go over hills, it changes how your tank moves and aims. Practice driving backward and forward to find the best spot. Watch how your shots move. Make sure they hit where you want.

Watch your gas. Your tank runs on gas. If you run out, you stop. Do not get stuck without gas. Always keep an eye on it.

Know your tank. Each tank has strong points and weak points. Learn them well. Use the strong parts to win. Try not to show the weak parts. 

Upgrade smart. You get better stuff as you play. Think about what to use. Some make you go fast. Some make you stronger. Pick what fits you.

And loot is important. After every fight, get loot. It makes you stronger for the next. Sometimes, it gives you new things to use. Always get the loot.

Pros and Cons

Hills Of Steel has good and bad things.

Good things first. It is fun. You can play it many times and still like it. It costs nothing. This is great for many players. Tanks - they are good to use and have different types. They give you ways to play. You can also play with others or just the game system. The tank spots are neat. You move on hills, and it changes how you play. Every match will not feel the same. Clans are another plus. It's nice to play with friends.

But there are some bad too. There are things you can buy in the game. Some people might not like this. They will feel like others can pay to win. Sometimes you want to play with no internet. But then you can’t play all the game modes.

Alternatives for Hills Of Steel

There are other games like Hills Of Steel. Games where you can shoot and drive. Some of these other games will make you think. Some will just be for fun. You might find games with bigger teams or more things to control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let's answer some common questions.

Can I play on my computer?

No, it is for phones. You play on Android or iOS.

Is it really free?

Yes, you do not pay to download. But some things inside, you can buy.

Can kids play this game?

Yes, but it is a fighting game. Parents should check first.

Do I need the internet to play?

You need it to play with others or during events. But in some parts you can play alone, with no internet.

How do I get better?

Practice. Learn your tank. Upgrade what you can. Also, playing in a team helps.


Hills Of Steel is good for playing tanks. It’s a simple game. You have fun. You play it many times. You might not want to stop. Good for a short break or a long night.

Free Download Hills Of Steel Mod APK (Mod Menu, Unlimited Money And Gems) Latest Version for Android

Do you want Hills Of Steel? Go to This place is safe. You get the game free. They help if you have questions. They make sure you get just what you want. Try the game. It is fun, and you might like it a lot!

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