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Hitman Sniper
Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper APK 1.7.277072 (All Guns Unlocked)

Nov 16, 2023

Hitman Sniper APK is a strategic mobile sniper game where players take on the role of Agent 47, completing missions that require careful planning and precise shooting.

Name Hitman Sniper
Updated 2023-10-19
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.7.277072
Size 597 MB
MOD All Guns Unlocked
Category Action
Developer CDE Entertainment
Price Free
Google Play Link

Hitman Sniper is an interesting mobile sport wherein you play as Agent 47, a professional sniper. The sport challenges you to finish various sniper missions, each requiring method and precision. It's now not just about capturing; it's approximately making the appropriate shot at the right time.

Five Key Features of the Game

Tactical Sniper Missions

In this game, each mission is like a puzzle. You need to think before you shoot. It's not just about hitting your target; it's about finding the best way to do it. You might need to wait for the right moment or find the best spot to shoot from. This makes the game really exciting because you have to plan your moves.

Challenging Zombie Mode

Besides the regular missions, there's a special Zombie mode. In this mode, your skills are tested in a different way. You have to be quick and accurate to stop the zombies. This mode is super fun and adds something special to the game. It's not just about being sneaky; sometimes, you have to be fast!

Over 150 Missions and 10 Contracts

There are so many missions in this game, over 150! This means you won't get bored because there's always a new challenge. Each mission is different, so you have to keep thinking of new ways to complete them. Plus, there are 10 different contracts, which are like big missions with extra challenges.

Amazing Graphics and Guns

The recreation looks simply cool. The images are so top that it looks like you're virtually there. Plus, there are sixteen distinct weapons you could use. Each gun is particular, which means that you can attempt one-of-a-kind approaches to complete your missions. Finding and unlocking all the guns is a laugh part of the sport.

Compete with Friends

You can also play against your pals. Try to get the highest rating and be the excellent sniper among your pals. This is a fun manner to mission yourself and spot how good you are compared to others. It's not just about finishing the missions; it's about doing it higher than everybody else.

Best Tips for Playing

Master Patience and Timing

One key to success in this game is patience. Don't rush your shots. Watch and wait for the perfect moment. Timing is everything. If you shoot too soon, you might miss your chance or get noticed.

Learn the Levels

Each level has its own layout and secrets. Spend time learning these. The more you know about where targets appear and how they move, the better your chances of completing your mission successfully.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Don't forget to upgrade your guns and equipment. Better gear means easier missions. It can make a big difference, especially in tougher levels.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any game, practice is important. The more you play, the better you'll get at figuring out strategies and hitting your targets.

Stay Undetected

Being sneaky is a big part of this game. Always try to stay hidden and unnoticed. If you're seen, it can make the mission much harder.

Pros and Cons


  • Engaging Gameplay: The game's strategic nature keeps it interesting and challenging.

  • Great Graphics: The visuals are impressive, adding to the overall experience.

  • Variety of Missions: With over 150 missions, the game stays fresh and exciting.

  • Zombie Mode: Adds an extra layer of fast-paced action.


  • Long Loading Times: Some players might find the waiting time between levels a bit frustrating.

  • Limited Social Bonuses: Currently, bonuses are mainly for Facebook users, leaving out others.

Similar Games Recommendations

If you enjoy this game, you might also like:

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  • Contract Killer: Sniper: Another great choice for those who love sniper games with tactical gameplay.


Hitman Sniper is more than only a capturing game. It's a blend of strategy, skill, and motion that keeps you engaged for hours. Whether you're carefully planning your next shot or preventing zombies, there's something in this sport for everybody.

Download the Game

Ready to try it yourself? You can download Hitman Sniper from, a trusted source for game downloads. Dive into the world of Agent 47 and see if you have what it takes to be a top sniper!

Q1: What makes this mobile shooter different from others?

A1: Unlike many shooter games where action is constant, this game requires careful planning and patience. You need to choose the right moment and spot for your shot, making it more about strategy than just quick reflexes.

Q2: Is there a variety in gameplay, or is it just about sniping?

A2: Yes, there's variety! Besides the main sniper missions, there's a Zombie mode for faster-paced action. Plus, with over 150 missions and different contracts, the game keeps offering new challenges.

Q3: Are there any special modes for playing with friends?

A3: Definitely! You can compete against your friends to see who scores higher and climbs the ranks faster.

Q4: What should I focus on to improve in the game?

A4: Focus on upgrading your equipment, learning the levels, and practicing your timing and stealth. These aspects are crucial for mastering the game.

Q5: Is the game suitable for those who prefer quick gaming sessions?

A5: While the game does require patience, especially in sniper missions, the Zombie mode offers quicker, more action-packed sessions. However, be mindful of the longer loading times between levels.

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