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Hole House
Hole House

Hole House Mod APK 0.1.30 (Android Game)

Apr 05, 2023

The beautiful Japanese anime girls have great charisma with very cute expressions. Dogas Hole House Mod APK will allow you to comfortably participate in a world full of loli girls, Tsundere and Dandere.

Name Hole House
Updated 2023-04-05
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 0.1.30
Size 380 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Simulation
Developer Hole House
Price Free
Google Play Link

Dogas Hole House Mod APK and its latest updates you cannot ignore

When it comes to the best Anime games, players will think of Japanese-style mobile role-playing and fighting games. If you choose Hole House APK Mod, you will have to shed tears at the touching stories of anime girls with a miserable fate here. Like comic books and cartoons, Anime games like Dogas Hole House Mod APK are often designed with soft tones that are reminiscent of elegance and lightness.

Hole House APK Mod

Introduction of Dogas Info Hole House Mod APK

Dogas Hole House Mod APK is a business role-playing game that builds intimate relationships with the female characters in the game. Players will have the opportunity to rebuild an old hotel with anime girls and develop this hotel better together. The girls are quite old and they don't seem to want to work too hard. You have to do something to encourage the productivity of these girls such as an increase in salary, flowers, gifts, and some sweets.

If you think you possess the skills to convince others and please girls, welcome to Hole House. Try to recruit beautiful female staff to promote your hotel business. Moreover, you are free to do anything like make friends, chat, and flirt with any girl until they fall in love with you. However, they may not like you and stop you from doing nasty things to them. The reason behind that is that Hole House gives dominion to the girls. You must treat them fairly and with respect. Convince them to complete tasks such as cleaning, reception, gardening, and cooking.

What made Hole House Mod APK Full Game quickly go viral?

Interesting plot features and anime female characters have made Gioco Hole House APK more popular on TikTok and some other social networks.

Hole House Mod APK Full Game

Start your hotel management career

When entering Dogas Hole House Mod APK, you will be given the key to the door of an old hotel by the previous owner. That's Hole House. This hotel is quite old, and dilapidated with many household things in need of repair. Besides, currently, Hole House is short of staff and you need to attract more beautiful female employees and recruit them quickly. However, the girls you want to become full-time employees will have to pass aptitude tests.

Currently, there are only two girls, Hestia and Liliana, working full-time here. Hestia is the housekeeper and Liliana is the main chef of the hotel. You will have to convince more employees to come to the hotel. Strive to meet employee needs. Do everything you can to make your Hole House hotel business more smooth and more convenient.

Developing infrastructure systems for your hotel

Game HoleHouse Mod APK free download

You will make creative offers to girls so that they can enter the business in Download game Hole House Mod APK for Android. You have to raise the salary and fulfill the wishes of any personal promises or other benefits for them to be convinced. Up to 10 other female employees waiting for you to recruit are the purple-haired girl Akari, the glasses schoolgirl Naomi, Balalaika, Pachiara, and Rio. Each girl has a special personality and expressions that you can immediately recognize. Bringing in new girls and training them is essential to the survival of your Hole House hotel.

In addition to recruiting a high-quality human resource, the player's responsibility also includes rebuilding the hotel's buildings in an outdated state. You have to upgrade the bed, dining roman and d, and swimming pool and create a menu of attractive dishes. This will require a lot of money but don't worry because Hole House Mod APK Latest Version allows you to own unlimited money. Freely shop and upgrade any equipment you want in Hole House right now.

Support 10 languages

You can play the Dogas Hole House Mod APK game in many languages ​​like Japanese, Spanish, English, Russian, and Chinese. You can enjoy this game in the most common languages ​​and without any language barriers. Besides, you can also customize the function keys like Build, Shop, Recruit, and Interact to improve the quality of your game.

Download game Hole House Mod APK for Android

Download game Hole House Mod APK for Android

A clever technique to increase interaction in Hole House Mod APK with anime girls is to chat and flirt with them. Every girl is extremely beautiful and has their hidden beauty. You can also change their look by adding colorful dresses, sailor moon-style uniforms, and unique hair colors to make these girls more beautiful. This also makes you attract more customers to your Hole House hotel.

Final thoughts

Dogas Hole House Mod APK helps you enjoy the fun of playing and staying with beautiful and cool young anime women. Besides, you will have to get used to managing the hotel business and making it more prosperous. Are you ready to experience the Hole House universe?

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