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Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight APK 22.10.2022 (Android Game, Mobile Version)

Jul 04, 2023

Hollow Knight APK is a cool circulating side game. Download now!

Name Hollow Knight
Updated 2023-07-04
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 22.10.2022
Size 35 MB
MOD Android Game, Mobile Version
Category Adventure
Developer Hollow Knight INC
Price Free
Google Play Link

Hollow Knight APK - Exciting dungeon discovery adventure

Hollow Knight APK will be the classic action role playing game that will help you have moments of peak entertainment. The night comes for players to have epic action with many beautiful battles along with the top-notch effects. Allows you to download for free on Android platforms. The article below will give you important information about the game, so do not rush to skim.

Hollow Knight APK

The remarkable thing about the game Hollow Knight APK

Hollow Knight APK is the game that will give you an extremely attractive action adventure journey. Players will begin to come to the realm of the insect kingdom, where it is devastated by a very dangerous disease that threatens life. For the leaders also left the face here when the disease began to appear. It affects life here. so much so your mission is to fight the monsters that are infected and make themselves up to many other exotic bugs. You must solve the ancient mysteries in this kingdom. In addition, you can explore mysterious dungeons and many abandoned towns along with abandoned places and start showing your fighting abilities to win.

In this heroic world it will be very attractive when with many vibrant elements and very mysterious Maple. When there are caves there are exotic insects and are carrying pathogens. Due to being equipped with hand-painted graphics, the image is very beautiful. In each area you will be surprised by the beauty and mystery in that place. There are many different personalities in each of the creatures you discover. Landscapes are important for you to be inspired to fight for the beauty that lies in the darkness that needs you to explore. A very attractive game will make you fall in love with the beautiful images that the game brings.

Attractive gameplay of Hollow Knight APK

Hollow Knight Download APK will give you an extremely attractive gameplay different from traditional gameplay. Players will start fighting with many lovely characters but with a little spooky. Start the vast adventure journey and have an epic combat environment. Then players will start to play the role of Knight in Hollow Knight you will have extremely attractive battle moments. Players will begin to control the fighting character and with the mission to destroy all creatures in the dark in the Hallownest Kingdom. Players need to strategize themselves to be able to defeat the insects that are causing the disease. The missions in this game players will have to pick up from the character system that you meet. You need to interact to get more clues from them to be able to uncover the mysteries in the storyline that the game brings.

Hollow Knight Download APK

Featured features of game Hollow Knight Mobile APK

Character system

In this game Knight Mobile download APK you will get the main character that is Knight bug. During the battle you can pick up items to be able to increase the power of your knight and then increase the level of the character of the thousand. During the level up, your character can unlock more skills to support the magic of Knights. Also, when fighting you do not forget to pick up the mask tricks. Since you can pair them back into a complete mask, it will give you the extra energy that your doctor owns.

There are many levels

Coming to Hollow Knight APK Mediafire players will get an adventure with many challenges that our Knight needs to overcome. There are many levels that you need to overcome when exploring the dungeon. There are more than 130 enemies with different powers, more surprising than with 30 ruling bosses with terrible powers. This is when you need to strategize to be able to see the weaknesses of the enemy and defeat them as quickly as possible

Explore a fascinating world

When starting to come to the world of Hallownest in the underground players will have to be surprised with very beautiful architecture. In each location players will be met with residents who are inhabiting infected tomatoes. The guides will bring a story they will tell you and you will learn many skills from them with many different fighting styles that you can apply for the upcoming match. These stunning images will give players a unique style of fighting. Give you a top notch and fascinating entertainment space.

Hollow Knight Mobile APK

Practical experience, and Advantages/Disadvantages of Hollow Knight para Android APK

Real experience of game 

The game gives me moments of extremely attractive combat with classic blows. Along with hand drawn 2D graphics. This is the point where I feel most passionate when every scene is painted so beautifully. Make up a great action game that is only available at this game. Help me to satisfy my interest when downloading this game. This is the very right choice when I choose this action adventure game.


  • The graphics are drawn by hand so the graphics are stunning.
  • Live sound.
  • Adventure with vast dungeons


  • It is recommended to download the APK file right at this site for safety
  • Need network connection to play stable

FAQs About game Hollow Knight Download Android APK

Download this game at is it safe?

You can download it right at the website without any problems occurring during the load. For enhanced security avoid viruses or unsafe files from entering your machine. So you can directly download the game Hollow Knight Android APK right below the link to be able to download the game safely. Help you to experience the game smoothly.

Download Hollow Knight APK for Android

How to download the game ?

Download this Hollow Knight Mobile download APK game very simple with just a few steps you just click on the link below. Wait a few seconds for the app to download the file. Before downloading you to the settings item select unknown source item to be able to download the machine. With just a few minutes the app will install to the folder your job is to select the license to install outside the screen. Catch strawberries and enjoy this action adventure game now!

Configure required to run the game

The game requires an Android device with a configuration of 7.0 and above. This requirement is intended to help players not lag, hot machine or slow speed while playing the game.

Download Hollow Knight APK for Android free?

The game allows you to download it completely for free and without any problems during the download.


Hollow Knight APK is an exciting adventure game. Help you get the top entertainment space with the classic battle phase between exotic creatures. In addition, there is also peak graphics. There is no reason you don't download it directly at to enjoy a super fun game today!

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