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Honor Of Kings Global
Honor Of Kings Global

Honor Of Kings Global APK (Android Game)

Adam Seo Mar 10, 2023

Honor Of Kings Global APK can conquer many gamers, especially old fans of the Honor Of Kings game. This will also likely be the game that will pave the way for the original MOBA in the international market.

Name Honor of Kings
Updated 2023-08-30
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version
Size 354 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Action
Developer Level Infinite
Price Free
Google Play Link

Honor Of Kings Global APK: What's special about the international version of this game?

One of Tencent's most legendary game studios is Honor Of Kings. This developer chose to expand the MOBA genre to MMORPG with a new game named Honor Of Kings World APK after years of success in the MOBA genre. This game has been announced for a while. It didn't debut its first official gameplay trailer until November 2023. It contains a lot of elements that are common to the plot and gameplay of MMORPG games.

Honor Of Kings Global APK

What is Honor Of Kings Global APK?

Mobile 5v5 MOBA game The Honor of Kings Global APK allows players to play according to their preferences. They can lead the squad to victory by utilizing their abilities. Enjoy the intense adrenaline of furious fighting as you immerse yourself in the battlefield as a team with friends, select from a variety of unique heroes with great skills. A team of five will march along three lanes in each battle in an effort to eliminate nine enemy towers, break the opponent's crystal, and win.

Honor of Kings World should be played if you enjoy games like League of Legends in 2023. While winning in this MOBA isn't simple, it offers all it needs to give you hours of fun. Before you can take out the enemy line, you must first take out nine towers. The opposing side, meanwhile, shares the same objectives. You must therefore always be prepared to assault and protect your base.

Honor Of Kings APK Global

If open world games have a special appeal to you, then you definitely can't miss GTA 5 Mobile APK Mod!

What's new in Honor Of Kings APK Global?

Honor Of King's international version contains many interesting and new features that you can hardly miss. Read the information below to better understand it.

Big open world

Science and magic coexist in the universe where Honor Of Kings Mod APK is set. Because of this, there are many diverse fighting techniques. Guns, swords, and magic are all available to players. The game's background graphics are vibrantly created and incorporate realistic AI animation. As a result, a lovely universe and appealing MOBA characters are produced. 

Tencent Studios is the company behind Honor of Kings: World, in case you didn't know. A very well-known Chinese fiction writer created the script and the setting. Compared to other Chinese AAA games that have been released in recent years, this game has reached gamers far earlier.

Honor of Kings' world setting is incredibly vibrant, resembling places like Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy. Mountains, flying mechanics, and underworld bosses are all introduced in the official trailer for the 2-minute World version.

Familiar flight mechanics

When the player dives from the cliff, the flying mechanics initially resemble Fortnite. He was maintained in the air by a mechanism that opened up like a vacuum. As the game unveils visuals of swimming underwater, players will be able to explore the ocean floor. Like the Tower of Fantasy, The Honor of Kings contains a section dedicated completely to exploring the underwater kingdom.

Honor Of Kings Mod APK

Similar to Halo: Infinite, Honor Of Kings World APK will also feature a grappling hook system. You already know how crucial it is to have this for a better exploration experience if you enjoy adventure games. Honor of Kings: World's fighting system is as as impressive as the universe it is situated in. The ability to dress up as Iron Man or Power Rangers will be available to players.

Collection of 60 heroes

In Honor of Kings, hero fights last only 15 minutes on average. To succeed, you'll need to employ both strategy and all of your ingenuity. Around 60 different characters are available for you to choose.  They are grouped into different 6 classes including Tank, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Gunner, and Support. Each class has their own combat skill. As a result, you must be careful to use one of the sixty heroes at the appropriate time.

Top-notch and excellent graphics

Get involved in the fight and get ready for a new MOBA experience because of its distinctive and varied battlefield design, heroes, and music composed by renowned masters, The Honor of Kings is appealing. Entice gamers into its own, vibrant universe. 

High-quality pictures are available through Kings Mobile. It features a high degree of strategy and complete command of the game mechanics and participant characters. The game offers the best mobile MOBA experience, rapid gameplay without sacrificing the tactical aspect, and fierce team battles.

Honor Of Kings APK Download

Honor Of Kings APK Download

Everyone can download and play the game Honor of Kings without paying anything. You don't have to pay to level up, unlock heroes, or triumph in combat. Everything is decided based on skill. Join the fight, put your strategy to the test, develop your heroes, and vanquish the adversaries. Honor of Kings Word is anticipated to be a Chinese-caliber game that could eventually go international.


Overall, Honor Of Kings Global APK has some points, which can compete with games of the same genre on the market today. With the backing from the big man in the Chinese gaming industry, Tencent, this game can develop further. It promises to bring a breath of fresh air to MOBA and MMORPG lovers.

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Albert Barnes
Honor Of Kings Global APK introduces a captivating universe and diverse fighting techniques. Download it for free and conquer the MOBA battlefield!
26/09/2023 04:31 | Reply
Harriet Munoz
Discover the world of Honor Of Kings APK Global with stunning graphics and familiar flight mechanics. Join epic battles and explore the open world!
26/09/2023 04:31 | Reply
Tomas Hamilton
Honor Of Kings Global APK offers an exciting MOBA experience with 60 unique heroes and a vibrant open world. Dive into intense battles now!
26/09/2023 04:31 | Reply
Elsa Mitchell
Great read! Honor Of Kings sounds like a game-changer.
26/09/2023 03:21 | Reply
Danny Montgomery
Love the open world and heroes in Honor Of Kings. Exciting!
26/09/2023 03:21 | Reply
Kay Edwards
Awesome game! Can't wait to try Honor Of Kings Global APK!
26/09/2023 03:20 | Reply