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Hotline Miami
Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami APK 1.6 (for Android)

Nov 23, 2023

Hotline Miami APK is a gritty, fast-paced action game where you play a character completing violent missions to the beat of a thrilling soundtrack.

Name Hotline Miami
Updated 2023-11-23
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.6
Size 8 MB
MOD for Android
Category Action
Developer Jargon Media
Price Free
Google Play Link

Hotline Miami is a video game where you play as a bad guy and kill lots of people. It's quick, it can be quite hard, and it's made for phones and computers. It looks simple but has exciting fights and levels.

Five Key Features

Rapid Action: In Hotline Miami, everything moves fast. You need to think and act quickly. As you move through the levels, you have to fight your way through enemies who want to take you down. This high speed makes the game very lively and fun.

Special Looks: This game is not about fancy pictures. Instead, it uses simple 2D designs with lots of colors. Despite its simple style, Hotline Miami stands out and gives you a feeling of playing a classic game from the past.

Music That Fits Perfect: The music in this game is great. It matches the speedy gaming action. With a good mix of electronic and 80s-style tunes, it makes the experience even better. When you're fighting through the levels, the beats keep you pumped up.

Tough But Fair Challenge: The game is tough—a lot of people like it for this. If you get shot, you start over. So you must think about each step. But it's also fair. When you learn the game well, you can beat even the hardest levels.

Many Levels to Play: There are a bunch of different places in the game. Each one is like a puzzle. You have to know where to go and find the best path, so you don't get trapped or lost. The game gets a fresh look at every level.

Best Tips for Hotline Miami

Be Quick: Since the game is fast, don't stand still. You need to move smart and dodge bullets. Try to surprise your enemies by moving quickly.

Plan Ahead: Look around the levels before making moves. Have a plan for each step. This will help you find the best way to go.

Use All Your Options: The game gives you different weapons to play with. You won't just shoot. Sometimes you might throw stuff at enemies or use doors for surprise attacks. Try everything.

Learn From Mistakes: Each time your character dies, you learn something. Use what you learn to try a better plan next time.

Stay Cool: Hotline Miami can be tough but don't get upset. Stay calm and try again. And remember: it's just a game, have fun!

Pros and Cons

Let's talk the ups and downs of Hotline Miami. First off, it's a rollercoaster! Fast and thrilling. Puts your skills to the test big time. But, it's not perfect. Sometimes it's so hard, it might make you wanna throw your phone! Still, once you get the hang of it, it feels awesome to clear a super-tough level.


Super Zippy Action: The speed is next-level. Really drags you in.

Eye-Catching Style: Simple visuals, old-school feels. It's a looker alright.

Epic Beat: Tunes here? Top-notch. Makes baddie-bashing an epic dance party.

Brains + Brawn: It ain't just bang-bang; it's think fast or bust.

So Many Levels: Plenty of playgrounds to tear up. Gets the thumbs up!


Mega Tough: Sometimes it's like, whoa, ease up! Not everyone's a pro.

Same Old Killin': After a while, it could get a bit same-same. Needs fresh twists.

Gore Overdrive: Lots of red splashin' around. Not for every pair of eyes.

Alternatives for Hotline Miami

If Hotline Miami ain't your cup of tea or you just want a different flavor, no sweat! There's a sackful of other cool titles like "Dead Cells" for that same kind of hurry-up and smack-them-down rush. Or slow it down with "FTL: Faster Than Light" where you have time to think and strategize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Play the Game on the Phone?

Yeah, man, you can totally play Hotline Miami on your mobile!

Q2: Costs Money, Right?

Yup, it's not one of those freebies. Gotta spend a few bucks to buy it, but hey, well spent!

Q3: Why's It So Tough?

Well, it's made that way. You gotta be quick with both hands and the noggin. If you trip up, just dust off and try another round.

Q4: Can Kids Play This?

No way, José. This game's a no-go for kids. Adults only!

Q5: Hotline Miami, Update Coming?

That's a bit of a mystery. Not a peep about updates or new stuff right now.


To wrap this up, Hotline Miami is a smash hit with a few hitches. The bulk of the fun is the zip-n-zap gameplay and top music. If you dig old-timey vibes with a killer edge, gear up. It’s the game you're after.

Free Download Hotline Miami APK Latest Version for Android

Ready for the zest? Shoot over to for Hotline Miami. All cool, no toil—trusted spot to get your game on. Make that phone light up with some Miami mayhem! Go on, snag it!

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