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House Flipper
House Flipper

House Flipper Mod APK 1.342 (Unlimited Money, for Android)

Nov 17, 2023

House Flipper Mod APK is a game to play as a home improvement expert, fix up your house and unleash your creativity in this satisfying game.

Name House Flipper: Home Design
Updated 2023-11-10
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.342
Size 350 MB
MOD Unlimited Money, for Android
Category Simulation
Developer PlayWay SA
Price Free
Google Play Link

House Flipper is a fun game where you get to be a house repair expert. You fix up different houses, making them look great. It's like you're a real-life home designer and cleaner but in a game!

Five Key Features of the Game

Be a Home Repair Hero

In this game, you step into the shoes of a house repair expert. Your job? Fix everything! From tiny fixes to big makeovers, you're in charge. Imagine walking into a messy room and making it shine. That's what you do here. It's super satisfying to see a house go from messy to amazing!

Easy Controls for Everyone

The game is really easy to play. There's a joystick to move around and a special button for doing tasks. You see everything from the character's eyes, making it feel like you're really there. Tapping on stuff lets you clean or fix it. It's simple, so anyone can play and have fun.

Different Houses, Different Adventures

Every house you visit is unique. Some are super messy, while others just need a little love. The recreation tells you what to do, so you're never misplaced. If there's a lot to clean, the important stuff stands out. This way, you know exactly what to tackle first.

Earn and Spend Game Money

As you complete tasks, you earn money. You can use this money to buy things in the game. Maybe you need new paint or a fancy chair. Choose wisely, so you spend less than you make. It's like being smart with money in real life, but more fun!

Creative Freedom

This is where your creativity shines. You decide how to fix things. If you see trash, you tap it to clean up. Dirty windows? Swipe to make them sparkle. Some tasks need special items, like cement for wall holes. Choose items that make the house look great without spending too much.

Best Tips for House Flipper

Plan Your Tasks

Start by looking at what needs to be done in each room. Make a mental plan. Tackle the big messes first, then move to smaller details. This way, you won't miss anything and the room will look great faster.

Spend Wisely

When you earn money in the game, think before you buy. Choose items that look good but aren't too expensive. This way, you make the house look awesome without running out of game money.

Focus on the Details

Small touches can make a big difference. Pay attention to little things like the color of the walls or the type of furniture. These details can turn a nice room into a great one!

Learn from Each House

Every house you fix teaches you something new. Try different styles and techniques. This way, you'll get better and faster at making houses look amazing.

Have Fun

Remember, it's a game, so have fun with it! Experiment with different designs, and don't worry if something doesn't look perfect. Enjoy the process of turning a messy residence into a stunning home.

Pros and Cons


  • Creative Freedom: You get to decide how each house looks. It's like being an artist for homes.

  • Easy to Learn: The game is straightforward to apprehend, making it a laugh for each person.

  • Rewarding Gameplay: Seeing a house transform is really satisfying.


  • Can Be Repetitive: Doing similar tasks in different houses might feel the same after a while.

  • Limited Choices: Sometimes you might wish for more options or tools in the game.

Similar Games

The Sims: Create and decorate homes while managing the lives of your Sims.

Design Home: Focuses on interior design with real-life furniture brands.

Home Street: A game about building and designing not only homes but also the whole neighborhood.


House Flipper is a great game for anyone who loves fixing and decorating houses. It's clean to play, however also offers you a danger to be surely innovative. Whether you're a pro at home design or just starting, you'll have a lot of fun making each house look its best.

Free Download House Flipper Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) Latest Version for Android

Ready to try House Flipper? Head over to to download the game. It's a trusted source, so you can download it safely and start playing right away!

Useful Questions and Answers

Q: Do I need real-life design skills to play House Flipper?

A: No, you don't! The game is easy and a laugh for anyone, even in case you've never designed a room earlier than.

Q: Can I play House Flipper on my phone?

​A: Yes, you can play it on your phone. It's perfect for playing anywhere, anytime.

Q: How do I earn cash in the sport?

​A: You earn money by completing tasks and fixing up houses. Use this money to buy items in the game.

Q: Is House Flipper suitable for kids?

​A: Absolutely! It's a family-friendly game that's great for all ages.

Q: Are there any hints for purchasing higher at the game?

A: Yes, plan your tasks, spend wisely, focus on details, learn from each house, and most importantly, have fun!

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