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Nov 24, 2023 APK is an Android app for safe, free, and flexible social interaction - sharing text, videos, and photos with people around the world.

Updated 2023-11-24
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.0.2
Size 934 KB
MOD Unlocked Premium, Android App
Category Social
Developer Wired Web, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

iMeetzu is an app for Android phones. It lets you talk to new people. You can see, text, or send pictures to each other. This app is a place to make friends from anywhere.

Five Key Features

Keeping you Safe

When you use iMeetzu, they take care of your safety. A team checks chats and videos. They make sure nothing bad happens. This means you can talk to people without worry.

Video Talks

You can talk with your face. With this app, you can see and speak to others live. Imagine calling someone far away and you can both see each other. It's like that.

Chatting with Words

Some people like talking with typing. You can do that here. Type your words and someone else will reply. This is cool if you are not ready to show your face.

Sharing Photos

You can show people your pictures in this app. This can help people understand more about you. Like what you like or where you are.

Use Anywhere

iMeetzu works on Android phones and on big computers too. No matter what you use, you can make friends in the same way.

Best Tips for iMeetzu

Be nice

Say hello and be friendly. Good manners help make friends.

Be honest

Tell the truth about yourself but do not share private things like where you live.


When you use video chat, smile. It helps start the chat in a happy way.

Ask questions

Show you are interested. Ask about hobbies or favorite things.

Take turns

In chat, let the other person talk too. Share your stories but also listen.

Pro and Cons


  • Talk to Anyone: With iMeetzu, you can chat with people from all over. It's fun to learn about different places.

  • Stay Safe: They work hard to keep you safe. People watch the chats to help stop problems.

  • Easy to Use: The app is simple to use. Just open it and start talking. No stress.

  • Free: You do not pay money for iMeetzu. It's free to talk to others.

  • Good for Shy People: You can chat with text if you're not ready for video. This helps if you're a little shy.


  • Risks Still Exist: Even with safety efforts, you still might see something bad. Be careful.

  • Internet Needed: You must have the internet for this app. No connection means no chatter.

  • Battery Use: Video chat uses more battery. Keep your phone charged.

  • Lots of People: So many people use iMeetzu. You may find some who are not nice. Be ready to skip them.

Alternatives for iMeetzu

Omegle: Talk to strangers with text or video.

Chatroulette: Random video chats with people.

Badoo: Another place for chatting and making friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use iMeetzu for free?

Yes, iMeetzu is free. You don't pay.

Is iMeetzu only for video chat?

No, you can use video or just text. Your choice.

How does iMeetzu keep people safe?

They have people who watch the chats. They check to stop bad stuff.

Can I use iMeetzu on my computer?

Yes, it works on computers too, not just phones.

What happens if I meet someone rude?

You can stop the chat. Say goodbye and find someone else.


iMeetzu is a cool way to meet new pals. You can see them, talk by typing, or share photos. Stay safe, be nice, and you might find a great friend.

Free Download APK (New Version, Random Video Call, Pro) Latest Version for Android

Get iMeetzu now from It's a safe place. Click the download and enjoy chats with new friends today!

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