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Innertune APK 5.12.17 (for Android)

Nov 23, 2023

Innertune is an app that uses daily positive affirmations to help improve your mindset and well-being.

Name Innertune: Listen Affirmations
Updated 2023-11-21
Compatible with 10 and up
Last version 5.12.17
Size 54 MB
MOD for Android
Category Music & Audio
Developer Innertune Media Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Innertune is an app for your phone. It helps you think in a good way. Every day it gives you good words to say to yourself. These words make you strong and happy. It's like a helper for your mind.

Five Key Features

One, Innertune gives you special words every day. These words are to make you think positively. When you say, "I am strong", you start to feel that way. This app has many of these words for you.

Two, the app has a voice that says the words. This is not just any voice. It is very clear and makes the words strong in your mind. People like how it sounds.

Three, you can pick the words you like. If you have something special you want to say to yourself, you can make it in the app.

Fourth, there is a special sound in the app. This sound is called "binaural beats". It helps you relax. When you listen to this and the good words together, it works very well.

Five, you can use the app while you sleep. The words will play, and you hear them in your sleep. This helps your mind learn the words better and makes you stronger.

Best Tips for Innertune

Remember to use Innertune every day. Use it in the morning to start your day in a happy way. You can also use it at night to make your sleep time help your mind.

Have fun and play with the words. The app lets you change the words to make them yours. The words can talk about you and your life.

Listen well to the voice in the app. It is made to make you feel good and strong. Find a quiet place where you can hear the voice without noise.

If you find a word you really like, you can save it. Innertune has a place to hold your favorite words. These words will be easy for you to find and use.

When you need help, talk to the people in Innertune. They like to help when there are problems with the app. You can send them a message if something is not working right.

Pros and Cons

Innertune is good because it has many words to choose from. More than 27,000 different good words for different parts of life. That means you can find just the right words for you. Also, the clear voice helps make the words stick in your mind.

Another good thing is that you can write your own words. This makes the app special to you. Plus, you can use it while you sleep, making the words work even when you're resting.

Innertune needs to be better for some reasons too. The app has problems sometimes, especially on Android phones. This can make users unhappy. The company is trying to fix these troubles, but they are there now.

Alternatives for Innertune

If Innertune doesn't feel right for now, there are other apps too. Some have good words, and some help you relax. These apps are different but they want to help like Innertune does.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Innertune free?

A: Check the app store to find out. Sometimes apps cost money, sometimes they don't.

Q: Can I change the words to what I want?

A: Yes, the app lets you make your own words.

Q: Does Innertune work without the internet?

A: Some parts need the internet. For best use, have the internet.


Innertune is a helper for your mind. It uses good words to make you think in a happy way. It is not perfect, but it tries to do a good job for you.

Free Download Innertune APK Latest Version for Android

You can try Innertune now. Go to to get it. This place checks to be sure the app is safe. Enjoy trying the good words the app gives.

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