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Insekten Warn App
Insekten Warn App

Insekten Warn App APK 1.6.0 (Android App)

Apr 27, 2023

Insekten Warn App APK allows you to "scan" the insects inside the very interesting product and see if the food has been processed or not? Download now!

Name Insekten Warn App
Updated 2023-05-12
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.6.0
Size 17 MB
MOD Android App
Category LifeStyle
Developer Marcel Polk
Price Free
Google Play Link

Insekten Warn App APK (For Iphone, Android) Version 1.0

Insekten Warn App APK is an application that allows you to scan foods to find out whether insects or parts of insects are present in the products. Insekten Warn App APK will be very easy to use, not too picky. When you open the camera and see “Scan”, then you press the button you can read the object code in the food. When the product has been scanned, the product information will be immediately updated as to whether it is faulty or not, and will be displayed by the software. If “Scan” does not see the product, scan list, number and total number of insects, the scanner will enter manual mode to perform the inspection. Hurry up and explore this exciting day by downloading or reading below.

Insekten Warn App APK

About Insekten Warn App APK

Insekten Warn App Iphone IOS is a pest control app and will also become your friend on every purchase. When you own this application you can easily scan the EAN codes on any product that you want to check for insects or substances contained inside the treated product or not. For Insekten Warn App APK will not require you to connect to the internet or places where there is no phone signal because you want users to go out to be able to check the products for peace of mind that they can purchase.

When starting the Insekten Warn App Kostenlos experience, in the settings you are given the right to choose which insects or materials will be tested. Insekten Warn App APK is currently supported for all types of insects and is EU approved and being worked on, such as house crickets, red skirt insects, migratory grasshoppers,..and many more species other!

Insekten Warn App APK gives users a whole new experience and allows you to test any product if you suspect it has insects because of unscrupulous handling, the application immediately scans and gives results. results within seconds. We firmly believe that this is the first application to do that to ensure the food we eat is always clean. A great app for every time we go out we can scan any product we want. Start exploring this great application right away and it comes with features that support you in the process of scanning insects in the simplest way.

Insekten Warn App Iphone IOS

Outstanding features of the Insekten in Lebensmitteln App

Support to check barcodes

Insekten App Lebensmitteln is provided for users to use food barcode check. You just need to make a purchase and use your phone with this application to check product barcodes. You just need to bring the camera close to the product, it will display all the results including origin, price, manufacturer, product is dirty or not. If the information is valid, a green check mark will be displayed. If the information is not valid, a red check mark will be displayed, which means that this product contains insects. This is one of the methods to help users easily identify clean food items to trust and make purchasing decisions more easily.

Transparent check information

All food products, when produced, are transparent in terms of producer information and consumer reviews. Therefore, consumers should choose Lebensmitteln Erkennen App to have a general and fair view.

Easy to use interface, quick control

InsectWarning app with simple, user friendly interface gives users a sense of trust. It only takes a few steps to get results quickly, conveniently you will immediately receive the results you want to scan so you can carry your phone everywhere if you doubt the product has not been. After processing, you can bring the product up and check.

Insekten Warn App Kostenlos

No need for the internet so you can take it to many places without connecting to the internet. You can also use it freely or there is no signal so it's very convenient for you to take it anywhere and use it. You can check any product you want. Jute is a great application that helps you identify insects through a single scan giving you very reliable information. This application is also a pioneering application that scans insects on products, so what are you waiting for, download it now.

Insekten Warn App Download for Android

This is an application that is trusted and used by many consumers to check for healthy foods for them. You can find and install apps easily from the Google Play Store platform. Or you can follow the steps below to download it:

  • Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources in your device Settings.
  • Step 2: Access your device's web browser to find an application called Insekten Warn App APK and click on the main link to download it.
  • Step 3: When the download is complete, you can save the file to your phone folder and open it up for quick installation.
  • Step 4: Done. You can open it up and experience it right away.

Insekten Warn App Download for Android


Insekten Warn App APK will give you a whole new experience when you can go and check if the products you buy at the supermarket are safe or not. The product that needs to be scanned into the camera immediately gives results to see if the product has been processed or not. Intuitive graphical interface for easy user access to experience those compelling features. Download now to start scanning the products that are hidden inside the products!

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