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Izigames APK 1.5 (Android App, Unlocked)

Mar 05, 2023

Izigames APK will be suitable for those of you who love adventure, giving you a fascinating discovery feeling. Download now for exciting experiences!

Name Gun Rage
Updated 2021-01-25
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.5
Size 47 MB
MOD Android App, Unlocked
Category Arcade
Developer IZI GAMES
Price Free
Google Play Link

Izigames APK - Ancient Castle Adventure

Game genres are increasingly diverse from online to offline games for mobile devices and PCs. Do you like role playing games, entering the game world you will follow the characters to adventure in the virtual land that makes gamers fall in love. Izigames APK is an extremely engaging role-playing game for you to plow for hours without getting bored. Attractive game with simple gameplay combined with smooth configuration to meet the criteria of playing games with smart mobile devices. Izigames APK has been attracting a large number of trusted users around the world. Let's learn about this exciting role-playing game!

Izigames APK

About the game application Izigames MelanCholianna Mod APK

Izigames MelanCholianna APK is a girl role playing game genre and developed from RUSNANDA LTD. The girl has to go on an adventurous adventure by solving puzzles and fighting evil. Melan must pass the assigned tasks to be able to find the location of the exit.

Players must be sharp in each game, have the ability to think logically to find the correct answer for each puzzle. When you can finish the puzzles as soon as possible, you will get a locator map and easy planning to escape this dark place. The choice of the escape route will depend on the order of your puzzle solving, you will have the right to choose the fastest route or the safest way to get out. And both roads are secure and will take you back to daylight.

Izigames APK game with a very special feature to support users in the process of escaping with any problems, they can immediately contact friends or relatives in the game's contacts to share information puzzles, applications that integrate beautiful graphics between day and night. In addition, the game is also supported with two factor authentication to ensure the safety and security of players. This is the latest version with more complete features, if you love the puzzle role-playing genre, you should not ignore this application.

Izigames MelanCholianna APK

General features of Izi Games APK

Izigames APK brings a genre of adventure games, overcome difficulties and complete missions from the other mysterious castle, this game is very suitable for adventure lovers because it will bring players Exciting and groundbreaking explorations while bringing high entertainment elements and combining playstyle find answers from puzzles to create a fascinating adventure that brings a game to life high entertainment. The game that appeared a long time ago only available on PC now makes it possible for users to play on Android devices that publisher Zigzagz pro has developed on mobile so that users can join an adventure with The version is completely new and will come with the following utility features:

1.The ability to observe the level

Mistake gives players a large map space to help players easily locate their position and locate the fastest exit from any location. To optimize the ability to move and act at night, to be able to identify lights, signs and secret paths that will go unnoticed in the dark, players can customize the level brightness and contrast in games.

2. Diverse play style

Diverse play style creates attraction for players with uniqueness. Players will role play the character and go through many different scenes, each scene you go through will have to face many challenges and there will be objects that will hinder extremely dangerous situations. Because it is divided into many rounds and many different doors, you need to pass those rounds.

Along the way the player needs to locate the environment within the game, where you will meet and interact with various characters and objects. Find details to explain the problem you're having trouble with. Interaction is very important in learning the story and discovering about the cute and beautiful Princess Lianna.

3. Effect control system

When you change your route with personalization, the system will adapt to the effect by changing the theme and location in the game. When you do, it will change the speed of the simulation mode as well as customize the language and change the color of the player interface. This will be a great feature to experiment with trying out multiple exits so you can try something out in real life.

Izigames MelanCholianna Mod APK

4. GPS Support

This is a breakthrough feature when it comes to taking advantage of the image data from their huge satellite, which wants to support seamless navigation of areas that has not been done before, when using GPS navigation can The signal cannot be captured due to many signal factors, or can use data using data sources available from the image bases of giant extraterrestrial satellites.

5. Sharp 3D graphics

Users who have not tried playing this game may think they will play a simple game, but no, we have invested a lot in images and fully equipped with 3D graphics to give users a very sharp entertainment experience but harmonious into many antique colors.

6. Sound effects

You will be surprised with realistic sound effects such as explosions, monsters, a favorite sound is sweet voice and lovely actions. An interesting game, don't hesitate to download Izigames Unlocked APK to your phone now!

Download game Izigames APK for Android

  • Step 1: Search for Izigames APK on your browser.
  • Step 2: "Unknown Sources" open in phone Settings.
  • Step 3: Continue downloading and wait for the file to save to the folder.
  • Step 4: After downloading the folder, choose to install it outside the screen.
  • Step 5: When the installation is complete, you can immediately start the adventure with many attractive challenges waiting for you.

Download game Izigames APK for Android


Izigames APK is a top-notch escape puzzle role-playing game app full of fun and challenges players to improve their cognitive skills and quick response to puzzles. With simple but attractive gameplay, easy to control and user-friendly, gives players great inspiration to both entertain and think through puzzles. This is an entertaining game that is popular in the gaming market today. If you feel like the game, download the latest version here.

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