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Kema Paralysis 3
Kema Paralysis 3

Kema Paralysis 3 APK 462 MB (para celular en españo)

Jul 24, 2023

Kema Paralysis 3 APK is an adventure game to explore the mysterious world with many characters.

Name Kema Paralysis 3
Updated 2023-07-24
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 462 MB
Size v2.0
MOD para celular en españo
Category Adventure
Developer Kame Paradise
Price Free
Google Play Link

Kema Paralysis 3 APK - The most adventurous adventures with strongest characters

Adventure is one of the genres of games that are of great interest and desire to be experienced by many young gamers. With bold ideas and comic-inspired storylines available to create the perfect combination for a great game product. Kema Paralysis 3 APK is one of those successes, this game has been developed to create adventures with many unique characters. Find out about this game in the article below.

Kema Paralysis 3 APK

About the game Kema Paralysis 3 APK

Kema Paralysis 3 APK Android is an adventure and discovery game with a good storyline taken from the famous comic series Dragon Ball. The game is tailored for players to easily experience on Android mobile devices. The game revolves around the main characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan and Trunks among many other supporting characters. Players can choose their favorite character to play and participate in eager combat adventures with their teammates. However, you can freely explore separate things in small areas.

The characters in this game all have extraordinary powers, from muscle strength, speed, the ability to throw energy, to the ability to transform and use magic. These moves are combined to create the most powerful character to be able to defeat other opponents. Fierce battles will be fought when players get bored, use the skills and experience to win the most fierce victories for yourself. And collect lots of rewards to upgrade the highest peak equipment for your character.

The attractions you need to know about the game Kema Paralysis APK

Kema Paralysis APK 2 is known to be highly entertaining and players will enjoy it online. For players who can play with many players should be very much appreciated by many players so you can download it for free on Android. If you love adventures then start coming to this game you will enjoy a thrilling and engaging adventure world with many different perspectives.

Coming to this game players will be immersed in extremely fierce battles with different opponents throughout your journey. The game will give you an attractive storyline along with dozens of unique characters. You will be surprised at the experiences you have experienced. Allows you to explore a fascinating journey on the fascinating multiverse that the game brings. So the game will bring you moments of entertainment experience along with many wars that broke out, you will have to get caught up in that gameplay. Complete the mission to protect the world from the dark forces by downloading!

Kema Paralysis 3 APK Android

The outstanding features of the game Kema Paralysis 3 APK

Character system

Descargar Kema 3 Paralysis APK para Android gives players an epic character system so you can choose and customize them in your own way. Players will experience each character with a different source of power including dwarves, lovers, people and orcs in each race will have weaknesses and strengths for others to judge and create a squad with terrible power. Players need to consider when, bending in conjunction with whatever character the player wants to build the team becomes strong to win. 

The game allows you to choose from different characters including mages, warriors and scams. Along with the many special skills that the game offers to players who play in each match. Supporting players to enhance their combat abilities is especially advantageous. Coming to the game the player will be equipped with combat weapons such as armor, weapons and accessories will be in the style of the player.

Perform challenges in each mission

Bulma Adventure APK para celular en español offers players a series of missions and extremely attractive challenges for players to enjoy. Players will have to collect many resources and use their skills to defeat enemies with great power. So players can participate in daily tasks and update them every day to bring extremely valuable rewards. So enjoy the adventure right away so that you can collect many rewards when completing the mission.

Kema Paralysis APK

Allow you to join the guild

Give players a broad social system so that players can participate in guilds to be able to collaborate to complete missions and take down the scammers. When you become a member of your association you will start to get the battle screen in the fierce battle pvp, winning to increase the level in the ranking. This will be a game that will allow you to enjoy an engaging role playing game and socialize with new friends.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game Kema Paralysis 3 APK para Android

Realistic experience of this game

I love this game very much. Partly because the game is built on the comic series I like and smoothly combines graphics and very beautiful character images. The game has created a fascinating world of fighting and adventure so that I can play real games already. It was really successful in my eyes. I think it could be even more groundbreaking in later versions, I'll be waiting for something more special now.


  • Diverse characters make up rich in choice
  • There is no limit to anything in the game
  • Beautiful graphics, simple gameplay many levels

Descargar Kema 3 Paralysis APK para Android


  • Connect to the internet to play Team mode with friends
  • Responsive configuration compatible with Game

FAQs about the game Kema Paralysis 3

Download this game at is it safe?

It is very safe to download right at this site. Because this website provides very reliable and reliable information and games, the content posted has been very closely censored from highly specialized teams. The game has also been downloaded by many users to play.

How to download the game?

Downloading this game is also not difficult. Players just need to access the path at this article and click to download. Then follow these instructions to successfully install it for your machine.

Configuration required to run the game

You need to prepare Android device configuration 5.1 and above to play this game.

Is this game free to play?

Yes. When you download the APK file right at this site it is free to play all.


Kema Paralysis 3 APK is one of the games that wounds memory and recalls memories for players through images of familiar characters of the national comic book series. Engage in multiple fights to uncover the many mysteries that surround the mysterious area. Download the game Kema Paralysis 3 APK right at the site to play an extremely funny super product world.

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