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Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta
Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta

Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK 1.57.241922 (Full Version, Android Game)

Apr 01, 2023

Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta​ APK is a game application that revolves around the story of heroines and great battles and quests. Download the experience now.

Name Blue Archive
Updated 2023-10-24
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.57.241922
Size 11 MB
MOD Full Version, Android Game
Category Simulation
Developer NEXON Company
Price Free
Google Play Link

Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK - Game with adventurous and mysterious adventures

Game applications created are always based on user responsiveness criteria. So games are always creative, unique, thinking, engaging and fun allowing users to experience all of its most groundbreaking features. If you are a fan of legendary and animated games, you can't miss Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta​ APK. The game revolves around anime characters, they are all women and must train to become people with great strength.

Kisaki Blue Archive APK

Dogas Info Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK, the game that breaks the world

Game Kisaki Blue Archive APK for Android is a game written about female characters like anime in the role of high school students. Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK game application is developed by Sunrise Beyond and Bushiroad.

The game has a female protagonist, they have to study, practice and fight the enemy in the dark to win and save humanity. The game with the main enemy is the Metaphysics, a man with immense power and strength. This motivates our main character Kisaki to work hard to fully train his physical strength and strength to fight with supernatural characters and pave the way to peace for himself. Anime characters in the plot are likened to "Metaphysicians". They are trained to defeat enemy forces in harsh, adventurous environments.

The game with the story of implementing magic through the story of fighting and gameplay, overcome the challenges of the match, gain experience and money to build a super team with extraordinary strength, ready Fight evil at any time. And in the game you can use the accumulated money to build houses, buy characters, buy items, recruit students who are good at magic, research magic, organize training among other players. Create miracles, magic skills to solve the challenges in the matches.

Kisaki Blue Archive Game APK

The game configuration is extremely unique, 3D image quality, shimmering colors, attracted with the image of beautiful female anime characters, attractive with magic techniques. The game is like a survival game and the magical world is very interesting. It makes the player very realistic role-playing in the legendary cartoon characters.

Kisaki Blue Archive Game Apk is an interesting role-playing game with a unique, eye-catching cast and fun but equally thrilling battles. The application is supported on Android phone and computer devices, download now Kisaki Blue Archive APK to enjoy the innovative designs, unique style.

Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK features stimulate user intelligence

Captivating plot

The game with engaging storytelling, engaging storyline creates new and creative cartoon characters. The story is about female high school students who will be trained to become geniuses, fighting with super destructive enemy forces to save the world in the future. With the character creation and the ghost story that has attracted interested users and downloaded, enjoy the feeling of transforming into a dramatic character and many unexpected details are waiting for you.

In addition, the battles take place in real time to give users realistic experiences, the characters are equipped with their own costumes and spells that show their strength in the opponent's attacks. Players will feel excited, stressed and emotional when they win.

Dogas Info Kisaki Blue Archive APK

Best sound quality, vivid 3D picture

In addition to the fascinating storyline, the game also has a song composed specifically to improve the quality of the experience, increase the speed of playing to the music, and create a real sense of war for the player. Sometimes music will make you feel stressed, focused, but sometimes it makes you feel happy and joyful. In particular, the game is voiced real by each character with clear, high-quality sound, the voice helps players easily recognize each character and their personality. These have contributed to creating a lively and exciting atmosphere for the game.

And the graphics and images are designed in a fresh and lively 3D cartoon style, the female students drawn are very beautiful and talented. Each character in the game is equipped with a variety of costumes, combat abilities, power-up gems, and different attack moves that show each of their own styles. The game interface with cartoon background is simple but full of mystery, and many mysterious details are yet to be discovered.

Diverse combat equipment system

You can fight to collect resources to build yourself a base, which will contain all the things you have in the big world. The more gold you accumulate, the more gold you will upgrade your house to become bigger and stronger, which can help you avoid the attacks of youkai who want to invade your territory. You will build the house according to your preferences and desires.

Once you have a house to live in, you can start crafting weapons to increase your combat power. You will take part in challenges related to magical knowledge, if you solve the completed quests will unlock the blueprints for magic dance recipes. Then use resources to upgrade the power of weapons used to fight.

In the game, you can create groups between players to fight. Use the ultimate weapons with your superhuman strength and the summoned beasts to ride to fight to create victory for your team.

Download Kisaki Blue Archive APK Latest Version

Download Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK Latest Version

You can download Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK using the Google Play Store or visit the link below the page. Follow the steps below to download.

  • Step 1: On your mobile device, go to "Settings" >> "Security" to enable the "Unknown sources" feature.

  • Step 2: Access the browser on the device to search for Kisaki Blue Archive APK and click download from the 3rd party.

  • Step 3: When the download is done, save the file to your phone folder. Then, open it up so that the system installs the application for you.

  • Step 4: Once completed, you can "Open" and immediately use the application.


Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK is a game on mobile or computer design with a smooth configuration, a wonderful and attractive story building in each image and character, sound and HD quality images. Users can access the experience of performing survival missions, fierce combat, rich images, diverse colors. Don't miss a super cool, realistic and vibrant game app. Install now to turn yourself into a super character in the game!

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