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Konosuba Parody
Konosuba Parody

Konosuba Parody APK 3.8.7 (Unlimited Money, Latest Version)

Jun 06, 2023

Konosuba Parody APK is a role playing game that is quite a familiar play model that takes you to a fantasy world fighting monsters that bring peace to the city.

Name KonoSuba: Fantastic Days
Updated 2023-10-05
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 3.8.7
Size 170 MB
MOD Unlimited Money, Latest Version
Category Role Playing
Developer Sesisoft
Price Free
Google Play Link

Konosuba Parody APK - Role playing character control fighting with monsters

Konosuba Parody APK will be the best RPG game ever when you choose to experience it here. You will experience the unique way to play, making it easy to control the rhythm of the game by fighting in turns. The game aims to create a familiar space for players, and has brought comic and character scenes along with rich combat poison.

Konosuba Parody APK

When fighting the gamers will confront many different enemies and there will be many very interesting continuous attacks. Allows you to download Android devices completely free and without any obstacles. Follow the article below you will learn more about this game do not rush to ignore!

About the game KonoSuba Parody Simon404 APK

Konosuba Parody APK is an animated character role playing game inspired by the Japanese animated film of the same name. The game will take you to a world with mystical space and you will be allowed to create a team to play together. The player will play the role of the main character and coordinate his teammates to perform the tasks that each level has given. You and many others will face the fierce fight with the monsters that are invading your area.

Konosuba 18 Bits APK requires you to build a team that plays with five animated characters that have different combat specifications and the ability to take on different positions to combine to create the perfect strength for the whole team. You will tactic your own team and follow the plan to start the journey of tracing monsters and destroying them to protect the peace for your city.

Simon 404 KonoSuba Parody APK will be divided into several turns to fight, you will arrange ready characters into positions to respond in turn. Each character will take on the task of defeating a monster and when destroying them all they will proceed to destroy the last boss. The team will combine each other's powers into one that can defeat it. Players need to pay attention and understand the ability of their teammates to arrange them in the right place in order to promote their full strength. You will prepare some more reserve plans and observe the situation to push other characters to support in time to protect your teammates from being destroyed by monsters.

The moves and skills of the characters will be upgraded to different levels. And this depends on the time of discovery and completion of the player's tasks. Each time successfully destroying monsters, players will receive items to strengthen the team, upgrade the character, equip more weapons to help the team accelerate the ability to fight and defeat them. Those things combined with your smart tactics will surely win in your hands.

Konosuba 18 Bits APK

The online game is extremely attractive with a real anime storyline and countless special features that the publisher updates in this latest version. Besides, the game graphics are diverse in colors, bold character style, epic sound effects with flexible, smooth motion. These elements are the bright plus that the game offers to attract the interest of many gamers.

Highlights of Konosuba Parody APK Latest Version

Upgrade strategy for the team

When you come to this KonoSuba Parody APK you will be the main player in the team. You will immerse yourself in the character Kazuma, who was assassinated and was summoned to the virtual world. Since this game you can't fight alone, you need to be very cautious about every decision. It is now that you need to protect your comrades from all the forces and dangers that are around. We need to plan the fight clearly. So that you can fight and win, Aqua, Kenzi and Konoha will be the core force to support you.

The characters in this game will each possess a different power and personality. When they start fighting they will use their inner power to fight with you to defeat monsters and win. In addition, so that you can win and take advantage when fighting, the game has provided magical features for you to attack when fighting. If you are in a situation of uncertainty, you can use a personal combat mode to be able to recover your own energy. You need to build a plan and fight carefully so that you can be flexible in each game when it happens.

Flexibility in every game

In order for the game to add fun parts you can choose the characters to accompany you. However, it will depend on each different situation or unexpected task, so you are allowed to choose another squad. The advantage of this game is that you can use the power source of the characters, because in each character there will be a different power source. So you just wait for the opportunity and use that power at the right time. Then you will get many victories when you capture the advantage when the battle takes place and you will get many valuable rewards when winning like quartz.

Konosuba Parody Simon404 APK

This is one of the ingredients for you to recruit more heroes that will support you. Your job is to join many teammates and will be an opportunity for you to complete the challenge quickly. There are many other rewards that can support you when fighting such as weapons, rich clothes and various flavor weapons. These rewards will help you and will be very helpful when you participate in battles.

Sound vivid

Konosuba Parody APK makes it possible for players to fall in love with the plot and have interesting experiences because the sound is used very nicely. For you to experience the best entertainment space when listening to voice sounds and being voiced directly into the character gives players the feeling of being immersed in battle when taking place. Make the user feel like he is watching a cartoon. Sound vivid has brought players a real fantasy world.

Colorful graphics bring an extremely interesting fantasy world that impresses players. Characters designed in this stunning game along with the wallpaper interface are always up to date. Create a sense of mental excitement of the player when fighting. At the same time, you can freely choose your character outfits, hairstyles, shapes so that you get gorgeous fighting heroes.

In addition, the game allows you to combine power with other characters to bring peace in that world. You and your teammates are heroes who are doing justice. In this world you need to plan to fight to destroy the monsters that are raging everywhere and return to a peaceful life here. You are ready for the fight ahead. Download Konosuba Parody APK for Android now to regain peace in the fantasy world with teammates right now!

Download Konosuba Parody APK for Android


KonoSuba Parody APK with cute anime graphics brings a feeling of fun and relaxing experience to players. The game is designed about a fantasy world for players to play and feel clearly, honestly when it is erected from the script of the famous cartoon. Download the game to fight with friends and be able to share the game with more people. Hopefully the information in the article will be useful to you and act now. Have fun playing the game.

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