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Lab 2 Underground
Lab 2 Underground

Lab 2 Underground APK 1.3.1 (Full Game)

Apr 09, 2023

Lab 2 Underground APK Mod is a game revolving around an accident that happened in an underground laboratory, players have to solve this case. Download play now!

Name Lab 2 Underground
Updated 2023-04-09
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.3.1
Size 54 MB
MOD Full Game
Category Adventure
Developer Lab 2 Underground
Price Free
Google Play Link

Lab 2 Underground APK - Find the culprit to punish

You are passionate about reading detective stories, love to explore and investigate crime related cases. Lab 2 Underground APK will be a worthy choice for you. The game will take you from surprise to surprise to solve the problem of the underground virus making laboratory. You have to investigate and find out who caused the lab accident. As you reach the higher level, you will have more items, weapons and can strengthen. Download the latest Lab 2 Underground Android APK version to be able to transform into a cartoon character and discover the mysteries in the game.

Lab 2 Underground APK Mod

About Lab 2 Underground APK

Lab 2 Underground APK is an action game that collects weapons, rewards items and upgrades yourself. You will have both long range and close range weapons for easy use during exploration and combat. There was a serious incident inside the underground laboratory. With thousands of viruses launched and destroyed many resources. Your task is to participate in working in the laboratory to investigate and collect evidence who is the cause of that incident.

In order to find an explanation for the accident that is happening, you must join the fight to destroy and hide from the viruses that are attacking you. You have to collect a lot of long-range and close-range weapons, collect items, and destroy viruses to receive rewards. The more gold you have, the easier it will be to upgrade yourself with superhuman fighting abilities. You have to try to destroy all the viruses to avoid it infecting the ground. And come up with strategies, quietly investigate so that the hidden person gradually reveals his identity. When you find the culprit, you will have to make a decision whether to punish or forgive them. Think carefully and make the most satisfactory choice that you desire.

Addictive games with beautiful configuration and skillful combat techniques, combined with the fast-slow tone of the situations in the story create a suspenseful, tense and attractive space for users. Lab 2 Underground APK attracts users to play by unique story situations that require players to have problem solving skills, puzzle solving skills, logical thinking skills and agile reaction skills. Use a variety of weapons to destroy monsters capable of harming humans. The game has many different levels as well as different story endings depending on how the player handles the situation and uncovers the cause of the accident. This is quite interesting that few game applications bring.

Lab 2 Underground Android APK Mod

Outstanding Features Lab 2 Underground APK Full Game

To be able to play this detective game, you will have to equip yourself with a strategy, to be able to solve cases and identify criminals. The outstanding features will make you excited with the charisma of the case details.

For those who are passionate about detectives, this is a game that makes you crazy with a compelling storyline, leading players to different missions.

1. Sharp artistic image

You must be attracted first with the sharp images that the game brings with the meticulous attention to detail the images displayed will take you back to the classic time inside the underground, more special than the colors left. Getting the bullets from the gun is enough to convince you to join the battle to find the culprit.

2. Attracting users

This will be the breakthrough that the game wants to give you a new experience of an investigation to find the truth, full of attraction, and full of mystery who will be the one to destroy the spread of the truth. the virus to the outside and they will pay the price you will be the one to find the truth to identify the culprit. Full of charm on the way to find out who did it. The game design is very simple with 2 levels of scrolling and sliding, when you have many options, you can use functions such as double jump and jet, and it will be very attractive when you control the opponent.

3. The character design is very beautiful

Have you noticed that our girls are constantly appearing and wearing beautiful costumes, because they occupy a very important position. This is the main reason to bring attraction from users and make the player controllable character simple.

4. Strategize to defeat the enemy

To win from the hand you need to have a clear strategy to make the enemy unable to carry and take advantage of that opportunity to win the matches. Always makes you feel interesting when playing this game because it has a very strong attraction.

5. Funny story

With a diverse game style that makes users not be disappointed or distracted, will make you feel excited during the battle and enjoy the most fun entertainment space. This is a game between modern and ancient that has created the most perfect combination that makes users fall in love when using it for the first time.

Lab 2 Underground Mod APK Full Game

Main Features of Lab 2 Underground APK

The game reminds us of the pandemic scene that our whole world has to bear to overcome and it is about the virus that harms humanity when it is released. So the influence of this game is huge.

  • Released exclusively with the company APL Team

  • The laboratory built inside the ground also makes the attraction a great experience from the subway game that makes players utterly excited by the attraction.

  • The game content revolves around the laboratory when a scientist spreads the virus in a mysterious and surprising way.

  • Using the best quality graphics ever to make the user experience and fall in love with the beautiful character that the game brings.

Unlocked to use weapons to destroy the one who caused the disaster.

With exciting developments that hope to bring you the best game space ever, what else can you do without clicking download Berandal Sekolah APK Free Download.

Download game Berandal Sekolah APK for Android

Step 1: Find Lab 2 Underground APK and download it takes 20 seconds.

Step 2: Before downloading Lab 2 Underground APK you choose the web browser on your device.

Step 3: Open “unknown sources”.

Step 4: Select the top item with the download button, click download and save to file.

Step 5: After downloading the file, what you need to choose is to install it externally.

Step 6: Open Lab 2 Underground APK and enjoy this fascinating game.

Download game Lab 2 Underground APK for Android


Lab 2 Underground APK is a game application that you should try once, the game not only entertains you but also helps you develop skills like a real detective. This is an interesting game with vivid animations and high-quality sound that brings great experiences to players. If you want to be a famous detective, you can download and play this game right away!

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