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Launcher iOS 17
Launcher iOS 17

Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK 1.2 (Paid, Premium Unlocked)

Sep 09, 2023

Gives Android an iOS look with ad-free, customizable UI, themes, and privacy features with Launcher iOS 17 Pro.

Name Launcher iOS 17 Pro
Updated 2023-10-26
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.2
Size 15 MB
MOD Paid, Premium Unlocked
Category Apps
Developer Apps Genz
Price Free
Google Play Link


Android or iOS? It's a debate that's been around for years. Each has its devoted fanbase and unique perks. But what if you're a die-hard Android user who's been secretly envying the crisp interface of iOS? The solution? Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK. Imagine taking your Android phone and giving it the look and feel of an iOS device without buying a new phone. Sounds tempting? That's because it is!

Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK

Key Features of Launcher iOS 17 Pro

Ad-free Experience:

Let's start with one of the most appreciated features of the Launcher iOS 17 Premium APK. Nobody likes ads disrupting their experience, right? Well, with Launcher iOS 17 Pro, those pesky ads are a thing of the past. Dive into a world where the user interface is pure, clean, and solely focused on providing you with the best iOS emulation.

iOS 17 Styled UI:

Remember those neat rows and columns of icons on iOS devices? With Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK download, your Android can now flaunt the same style. It's almost like holding an iOS 17 device in your hand, but with the comfort of Android's flexibility.

Wallpapers & Themes:

There's something iconic about iOS wallpapers. Those vibrant colors, the intricate designs – they're unmistakably iOS. And guess what? The Launcher iOS 17 Pro Premium APK brings over 50 of these unique wallpapers straight to your Android device. Whether you're in a light mood or a dark mood, there's a theme waiting for you.

Customization Tools:

We all like to put our personal touch on our devices. That's why, when you Download Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK for Android, you're not just getting a fixed iOS look. Instead, you can customize it. Want to change the lock screen? Go for it. Fancy tweaking the iOS 17 widget? It's all yours.

Dynamic Island Feature:

Ah, the Dynamic Island. It's one of the features Apple aficionados have loved on Phone 15. And now, thanks to Launcher 17 APK, Android users can also experience this enchanting feature. It's like a slice of the Apple world right on your Android.

Gestures & Accessibility:

Quick access? We've got you covered. With intuitive gestures, you can swiftly reach your apps, search your device, open settings, or connect with contacts. Swipe up, and you're there. It's all about making the user experience as smooth as silk.

Launcher iOS 17 APK

Ease of Use & Transformation

Every Android user knows the value of customization. We cherish it. The ability to transform, tweak, and tailor to our liking is unparalleled. But what if you could do all this and still experience the polished interface of iOS? With the Launcher iOS 17 APK, you can.

Setting it up is a breeze. With just one click, your Android undergoes a remarkable transformation. Your home screen, those apps, even the way you navigate – everything resonates with the iOS vibe. And the best part? No lags, no hiccups. It's a seamless metamorphosis.

And while it may feel like you're on an iOS device, remember, it's still your trusty Android underneath. This is not just a makeover; it's a fusion of the best of both worlds. Love Android but want to experience the iOS Launcher? This app is your golden ticket. It's not about moving away from Android. It's about enhancing it. It's about experiencing the charm of iOS without letting go of the Android spirit.

In the end, it's more than just an app. It's a bridge between two worlds. It's an invitation to explore without boundaries. And it's a testament to the fact that when it comes to technology, you really can have the best of both worlds.

Personalization & Organization

We've all been there. Staring at our phone screens, wishing we could rearrange an app or two, or maybe group a few together. With Launcher iOS 17 Pro, your wish is its command.

Flexibility On Your Fingertips:

Customizing your phone has never been easier. Want to switch up your home screen grid? Or maybe endless scrolling is more your style. The Launcher iOS 17 Pro Premium APK allows for all of it. Plus, the choice to hide or flaunt the search bar? Yours to make.

Apps - Organize, Group, Rearrange:

Bunched up apps? Not a fan? Let's spread them out. With Launcher iOS 17 APK, you can not only move them around but also tuck them neatly into folders. And these aren't just any folders; they embody the true iOS spirit with a rounded content area and a subtle blur effect.

Quick Bar and Search:

Those apps you can't get enough of? Keep them at your fingertips. The Quick Bar ensures your favorites are always a tap away. Need to find something quickly? The search function is swift, smart, and oh-so-efficient.

Launcher 17 APK

Wallpaper & Theme

Transforming the device's aesthetics doesn’t stop with app arrangement. It’s the backdrop that truly completes the picture.

A Gallery Of Choices:

More than 100 unique iOS wallpapers are just waiting to adorn your screen. From abstract art to realistic landscapes, each one promises a touch of the authentic iOS experience.

Set and Forget:

Fancy a particular wallpaper? Setting it is a walk in the park. And with Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK download, every wallpaper fits just right, making your home screen a visual treat.

Privacy & Permissions

Trust is paramount, especially when it comes to our devices. After all, our phones hold snippets of our lives. So, let's talk about the respect for privacy the Launcher iOS 17 Pro brings to the table.

Commitment to Privacy:

The app ensures that no personal or sensitive user data gets disclosed. Whether it’s photos, contacts, or any financial details, your information stays private.

Understanding Permissions:

Wondering about the permissions the Launcher iOS 17 Premium APK asks for? They’re straightforward. The 'BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE' is there to allow apps to display on the HOME SCREEN. It doesn't have any other use. Similarly, the app requires 'Query All Packages' to list all apps. These permissions ensure you get a smooth experience without compromising on your device’s security.

Download Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK for Android


The Android and iOS debate might be ongoing, but why pick sides when you can enjoy the best of both? With the Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK, your Android becomes more powerful, more personal, and more intelligent than ever before. It's a blend of comfort and innovation, all wrapped up in one neat package.

The quest for the perfect phone experience is a personal one. With the Launcher iOS 17 Pro, that quest becomes a delightful adventure. So, why wait? Embark on this journey today. Let your Android shine with the elegance of iOS, and discover the myriad possibilities that await.

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