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Learn The Heart
Learn The Heart

Learn The Heart APK Mod 1.2 (Full Game, Mod Menu)

Jan 21, 2023

Learn The Heart APK will allow you to explore the concepts and terms of the heart and love. The healthy and romantic relationships between you and the female players in this role-playing game need to be built and nurtured from the very best.

Name Learn by heart
Updated 2016-09-18
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Last version 1.2
Size 48 MB
MOD Full Game, Mod Menu
Category Simulation
Developer Bogems
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview of Learn The Heart APK

Love simulator games won the hearts of many players around the world thanks to their great things. Love fills the void in everyone's heart. Therefore, many players have noticed and chosen Learn The Heart APK. This game will teach you how to love, and better understand your "heart" and the love you have for your partner. Explore the article below to find out what's unique about this app right now.

Learn The Heart APK

What is Learn The Heart APK?

Learn The Heart APK is a dating and marriage simulator with a typical Japanese Pixel graphic style. The dating process will start from the simplest steps. You will find the right girl for you, approach her and show your best in front of her. Will she be impressed by your great qualities? This game allows you to practice dating and flirting with a certain girl like in your real life.

The condition for you to win the heart of the girl you love is to create sympathy for the other party with the most delicate and skillful actions. If you love at the first sight, find out and move on to a further relationship with your lovely girl. Will you be able to access this game mode?

Learn The Heart Game APK

What are the salient features of Learn The Heart Game APK?

The interesting features of the game Learn The Heart, this Japanese-style dating game has made many players love and seek it in recent times.

Find your true love

Players can go on dates with different girls or boys and find the perfect partner. This game will have daily tasks to increase the bond and intimacy between you and your other partners. Each mission will have extremely detailed instructions for you to complete the task on time.

Besides, the dialogue between you and the girls/boys in this game can somewhat explain their plot and personality. Those are also suggestions for you to overcome the love challenges in this heart game. You will find out "your destiny" after a long journey in this game.

Learn The Heart Mod APK unlocked everything

This game has up to 5 maps and 60 other locations for you to start getting to know and date the person you like. The maps are built based on different contexts such as schools, companies, peaceful towns, crowded cities, and beautiful landscapes. You can go with your date to love parks, beautiful beaches, and malls. Each place will promote the relationship between two people better.

Besides, you will need to use the money and achievements you gain to buy gifts to give them. It will speed up your flirting process and lead to a more intimate state of the relationship. All of these will be unlocked for you to experience quickly instead of spending a lot of time accumulating experience and owning it all.

Learn The Heart APK Mod Menu

Lots of fun mini-games

Learn The Heart APK Full Version will have more than 10 mini-games for you to play in a short time. Mini-games are jigsaw puzzles, pairing, and puzzle solving to increase the strength of your relationship with the characters around you.

Learn The Heart APK Mod Menu

Features such as increasing the number of coins, increasing the number of rare gifts, no ads, and unlocking all will be in the menu panel for you to control them. Mod features are always visible for you to enable or disable any one of them at any time.

Learn The Heart Game Android Download Free

This game offers players many romantic dates with different girls. The girl who is most moved and sympathized with you will become your long-term partner, who will hold your hand and the two of you will walk down the aisle together. Learn The Heart Game is available on our website for you to click on and experience. We make sure it's one hundred percent safe for you to install and enjoy sublime moments in love.

Learn The Heart Game Android Download Free


Learn The Heart APK is a game that helps you cultivate love and find the love of your life. Your "destiny" will be one of the dozens of beautiful girls in this game. All are waiting for you to discover. This game is also very suitable for those who are single and want to experience a romantic relationship with the other characters. Try this game as soon as possible!

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