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Lord Snake Tool
Lord Snake Tool

Lord Snake Tool APK 1.0.5 (for Android)

Nov 08, 2023

Apk Lord Snake Tool is an online pool game for Android where players can compete in billiards against others worldwide.

Name Lord Snake Tool
Updated 2023-11-08
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.0.5
Size 113 MB
MOD for Android
Category Sports
Developer Miniclip
Price Free
Google Play Link

Apk Lord Snake Tool by Lord Snake Tool is an immersive pool simulation game. It allows players to compete in realistic pool matches, utilizing easy-to-learn controls and engaging in various multiplayer modes, including challenging friends in PvP matches or climbing the ranks in competitive pool leagues.

Five Key Features Apk Lord Snake Tool

Realistic Gameplay Mechanics

Apk Lord Snake Tool's physics engine offers a lifelike pool playing experience. The game replicates the exact angles, spin, and power dynamics you would expect on a real pool table. This attention to detail ensures that each shot feels authentic, providing a solid foundation for both casual and serious players.

Multiplayer Matches

Central to the game's appeal is its multiplayer feature. Players can challenge their friends or compete against random opponents from around the world. The game supports synchronous online play, meaning that you'll take turns in real-time, adding a competitive edge to every match.

Diverse Cues and Upgrades

Starting with simple wooden cues, players can accumulate coins through victories to purchase and upgrade to more sophisticated equipment. Each cue has different attributes, including power, aim, spin, and time, allowing for a personalized playing style.

Top Tips for Mastering Apk Lord Snake Tool

Planning and Strategy

Successful Apk Lord Snake Tool players think several shots ahead. Planning your shots can help you control the table and set yourself up for victory. Focus on your cue ball's placement after each shot to ensure a good position for the next one.

Cue Control

Learning how to control the cue ball with various spin techniques can significantly impact your game. Topspin, backspin, and sidespin can be used to position the cue ball for your next shot or to play defensively against your opponent.

Pros and Cons


Realistic pool physics offer an authentic gameplay experience.

The multiplayer aspect fosters a competitive environment with a global leaderboard.

A wide range of cues and table styles allows for customization and strategy.


The game can be quite challenging for beginners due to its realistic physics.

In-app purchases can accelerate progress, potentially disadvantageous to free-to-play users.

Similar Games

Fans of Apk Lord Snake Tool might also enjoy "Billiards City," known for its modern arcade style, and "Pool Break Pro," which offers a variety of pool and snooker games. "Looking - Billiards City" is another alternative with intuitive controls and stylish graphics.


Apk Lord Snake Tool stands out with its realistic gameplay and competitive multiplayer matches. It's a game that rewards skill and strategy, making every victory satisfying. The game's depth and variety of cues and tables keep it fresh and engaging for pool enthusiasts.

Free Download Apk Lord Snake Tool Latest Version for Android

Dive into the world of Apk Lord Snake Tool and showcase your skills. Download it now at, your trusted source for quality gaming apps. Join the global community and become a pool legend!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the game ensure a realistic pool playing experience?

The game uses a sophisticated physics engine that accurately simulates the movement of the balls, taking into account angles, spin, and the force of each shot, just like in a real-life pool game.

Can I play against my friends in this game?

Yes, you can challenge your friends directly by signing in with your Miniclip or Facebook account, which allows you to invite them to play a match. You can also play against random opponents from around the world in real-time.

Is there a way to improve my cuest

Absolutely. As you win games and earn coins, you can use those coins to buy upgrades for your cues. Upgrades can enhance various attributes such as power and accuracy, which can give you an edge in matches.

What is the best strategy for winning games in Apk Lord Snake Tool?

A good strategy is to plan several shots ahead. This includes not just aiming for pocket balls but also considering the positioning of the cue ball after each shot to set up your next move. Mastering different spins can also help control the game.

What happens if I win competitive matches in the game?

Winning matches will earn you coins, which you can spend on new items and cues. Victories also help you climb the rankings in the game's league system, granting access to exclusive match locations and the opportunity to play against more skilled opponents.

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