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Lost In Dreamland
Lost In Dreamland

Lost In Dreamland APK 3.07 (Android Mobile Game)

Jul 26, 2023

Lost In Dreamland APK is a puzzle adventure game with characters to explore the dream world.

Name Lost In Dreamland
Updated 2023-07-26
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 3.07
Size 616 MB
MOD Android Mobile Game
Category Action
Developer Lohas Games Pte. Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Lost In Dreamland APK - Dream adventure journey and successful decoding of puzzles

Lost In Dreamland APK is a game for players to use both intelligence and fitness to complete challenges and missions. This game will involve the topic of decoding questions that are closely linked to each other and it will assist the player in completing the goals to be achieved. This is the name that will bring the most interesting and challenging situations to the player. If you are interested in this game, let's explore the following article together.

Lost In Dreamland APK

What is the Lost In Dreamland Game?

Lost In Dreamland APK is an adventure and puzzle game with many questions that apply fast reflexes and high intelligence. This game is set in a strange dream and players will play the role of the little girl to discover and decipher the mysteries in that dream. The player who controls the character moving through objects that are obstructing the aisle and to a certain milestone will appear one or more questions that require you to solve the puzzle. You have to succeed in that puzzle to advance to the higher levels.

The game is also very diverse in context for players to go through without getting bored. The questions and challenges will be increasing the difficulty gradually according to the levels and players also need to upgrade skills for themselves to succeed in many of the biggest challenges. This game supports players on devices running Android OS. The game creates impressions and emotions when experiencing a lot of new things.

Unique gameplay and missions in this game

Lost In Dreamland APK Latest Version gives players an engaging experience with Android multiplayer games. With unique gameplay, the squad is divided into 2 teams of hunters and victims. Since the gameplay is isometric, the player can be in the position of the character. Each character will have its own skills and knack. To be able to win the player needs to change to seven lunar hours. Characters and hunters will have limited observation abilities to fix QTE details such as DbD. What is fascinating in this game is that the victims in the game will have the ability to scare away predators.

There is plenty of loot lying all over the map that will make it possible to restore energy. Players will begin to immerse themselves in the exciting immersive world along with the dreams you need to conquer. This is considered one of the exciting adventure games for you to discover the secrets and challenges inside the game. If you are looking for an exit to be able to satisfy yourself then this is the game for you to explore and experience extremely attractive. Download and start your journey with The Secrets Of Lost in Dreamland that will make you immerse yourself in the adventure of finding treasure.

Lost In Dreamland Game

Featured highlights that the game Lost In Dreamland APK brings

Become a treasure hunter

Lost In Dreamland Hidden Objects Fantasy Game gives gamers a highly competitive game when the battle does not need 2v5, players will have the important role of Dreamlanders begin to fall into the fantasy world. So you will decide whether to become a hunter in search of fugitives or dare to escape from fugitives. The game will need players to be able to link teammates and strategies to be able to cooperate with tactics that can be won in a certain time.

Since you are in the role of an escapist, it is necessary to make the most of the ability to fix the clock from the Loo and proceed to open the door of the heart to open the exit in front of the Hunter because they are chasing the fugitives and to the door of the heart. Players need to collect clues and discover the secrets behind. The characters in the Dreamland game will have separate abilities so that you can form and link different teams so that you can plan to escape and fight and find a quick way out.

Stunning graphics

Entering Lost In Dreamland APK For Android players will begin to build their dreams with themes to excite your spirit in the game. So the game will give the player extremely sharp graphics with flexible motion effects. Give players a great entertainment space that is nowhere else but this game. In addition, there is support for fifteen languages in the world so that you can enjoy the game without language problems.

Lost In Dreamland APK Latest Version

Tap clues to find objects on the map

This is the game for you to develop thinking and discover every secret so that you can test your brain. Therefore, this is an attractive intellectual foundation so that you can focus on training your skills and have fun at the full place. Tap and find clues where the item is stored in front of the Hunter because those items will help you increase your strength and successfully escape.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of Lost In Dreamland APK game

Realistic experience of this game

I feel this game is great when players can both entertain and train their intellect. A great and meaningful video game platform. In terms of graphics and sound, this game is perfect. Know how to coordinate very well on this feature. This game made it possible for me to expand my deeper thoughts about everything around me. This will be a great game to entertain in your spare time.


  • Diverse levels and puzzles for players to decode comfortably
  • The character is beautifully designed and impressive
  • The game has a clear and attractive plot
  • Friendly interface and easy to use
  • There is no lag

Lost In Dreamland APK Free Download


  • If you want a hint to pass the puzzle then you have to complete another task
  • Internet connection to challenge online players

FAQs about Lost In Dreamland APK App Android

Download this game at is it safe?

Yes. Downloading this game is very safe for your machine. The website you are downloading is a reputable address that offers a lot of games and applications. All are censored through highly qualified teams.

How to download the game?

To download this game it is extremely simple by clicking on the path in this article share and download in minutes.

Configuration required to run the game

The game requires Android device users 5.0 and above to play this game.

Does this game need an internet connection?

Yes. You should have a stable internet connection to experience online with many other players.


Lost In Dreamland APK is a game that brings many brain experiences to players. You have to go through a lot of difficult questions to discover the secrets inside the character's magical dream. Lost In Dreamland APK Free Download at the website this game to develop your skills and prove your intelligence before the tips questions.

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