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Lost Life
Lost Life

Lost Life Mod APK v1.73 (Unlimited Heart, Unlocked All)

Dec 09, 2023

Lost Life Mod APK is a game that mixes horror with a schoolgirl's life simulation, offering a dark story.

Name Lost Life
Updated 2023-12-09
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version v1.73
Size 165 MB
MOD Unlimited Heart, Unlocked All
Category Simulation
Developer Shikstoo Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Lost Life Mod APK is a game combining horror with a schoolgirl's life simulation, featuring a dark story and customizable, realistic gameplay

Lost Life Mod APK This is an Android game that mixes scary and exciting stuff to give you a special kind of fun. If you want a game that's more than just playing, you should try the game.

Lost Life Mod APK

Overview of the Game

Lost Life is a simulation game. This means it's like a pretend world where you can control what happens. You play from a view where you see the character and the world around her. In this game, you help a schoolgirl with her daily life. You take her to school, help her get ready, and do many things at home.

The game is based in a creepy world. It begins with easy levels but gradually becomes more frightening as you progress. You must use your intelligence to deal with the scary situations. The game boasts excellent graphics, making it appear very realistic. The rooms, the girl, and everything around her are detailed.

For a more exciting experience, you can try Lost Life Mod APK Download, which offers additional features.

Attractive Point of The Game

What makes the game special is its story. "It's not just about completing tasks; it's about experiencing a story. The game starts as mundane but quickly transforms into a horrifying escapade. Fear arises from solving problems and making wise choices, not just encountering spirits. The game also allows for alterations. You can buy clothes and dress the girl, change her hairstyle, and even make choices about what to do next.  If you want more from the game, Lost Life Mod APK Unlimited Heart gives you extra options to explore deeper into the game.

The Attractive Features of the Game

HD Graphics

Lost Life stands out with its 3D, high-definition graphics. Everything looks very real and detailed. "This statement suggests that adding this particular element to the game has resulted in an increased level of interest and enjoyment for the players." If you're looking for better visuals, you can adjust the resolution in the settings, a feature available in Lost Life Mod APK Unlocked All.

Lost Life Game Mod APK

Dark Storyline

The game has a dark and spooky storyline. It is not only about the life of a schoolgirl but also about the inexplicable and spine-chilling incidents that occur around her. This brings in a sense of thrill and fear to the game, making it more exciting.

Easy Gameplay

The game is easy to play. There are no buttons on the screen, so you get a clear view of the game world. To do things, you just click on the screen and choose from a list of options. This simple gameplay makes the game accessible to everyone.

Realistic Sound

The sound in Lost Life adds to the game's realism. The background sounds and the girl's voice change with the game's events, making you feel like you're really in her world.

Buy Gifts

In the game, you can buy gifts like clothes and food to make the girl happy. Lost Life introduces a new dimension to the game by requiring players to attend to an additional person. This added task makes the sport more appealing. One of the unique characteristics of Lost Life is the ability to record your gameplay. And when you record, the screen is clean of any icons or keys, thanks to Lost Life Mod APK For Android.

Change Game Screen & Size

You can switch between a horizontal and vertical view, and adjust the screen size. This is an extraordinary function in video games that permits you to customize it consistent with your alternatives.

Actual Experience of the Author of the Article and Advantages/Disadvantages of the Game

User Review about the Game on

  • "The storyline of Lost Life is so gripping! It's scary but also interesting." - Emily
  • "I love how detailed everything is, from the graphics to the sound. It feels like I'm in a different world." - Alex
  • "Being able to take care of the girl and make choices for her is a unique experience. It's like I'm part of the story." - Jordan

Lost Life Mod APK Download


  • Immersive Story: The dark and mysterious storyline keeps you engaged.
  • Detailed Graphics: High-resolution graphics make the game world come to life.
  • Simple Controls: Easy gameplay makes it accessible to all players.
  • Interactive Elements: Buying gifts and taking care of the girl adds depth to the game.
  • Customizable Experience: The ability to change game views and record gameplay enhances the experience.


  • Spooky Theme: The horror aspect might not be suitable for all players.
  • High Resource Demand: The game requires a good phone for the best experience.
  • Limited Appeal: The specific theme and story might not interest everyone.

Compare with Other Games

Lost Life stands out from other simulation games because of its unique blend of everyday life simulation and a dark, mysterious storyline. Unlike typical animated games that focus on day-to-day tasks and construction or management, the game incorporates an element of suspense and horror, providing enthusiasts with an intriguing story is very interested. This blend of genres offers a more engaging and emotionally attached gaming experience. Furthermore, Lost Life's simple gameplay and interactive elements like gift buying and taking care of the character's needs add depth that is not often found in other games. This makes the game appealing not only to fans of horror games but also to those who enjoy detailed simulations.

Lost Life Mod APK Unlimited Heart


Lost Life Mod APK is an exciting game that offers a unique gaming experience by mixing social simulation gameplay with adventure. The customizable experience makes it all the more appealing. All in all, the game is an outstanding game worth seeking out. Whether you're a role-playing game fan looking for something a little more edgy, or a horror game enthusiast who likes a more immersive interactive experience, Lost Life is worth checking out Experience the ultimate gaming adventure with the latest version of the Lost Life. Join the exciting world of the game and explore endless possibilities.

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