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Magic Research
Magic Research

Magic Research APK 1.14.7 (Paid Full Version, Android Game)

Jun 17, 2023

Magic Research APK is a game that transforms into a magic academy principal to train students and study magic to compete with many other magic schools.

Name Magic Research
Updated 2023-07-31
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.14.7
Size 30 MB
MOD Paid Full Version, Android Game
Category Simulation
Developer Maticolotto
Price Free
Google Play Link

Magic Research APK - Become the principal of a magical academy and study many new spells

You are waiting for a game that can satisfy your entertainment then come to Magic Research APK. This will be an attractive role playing game that you should not miss. The player takes on the role of a principal of a magic academy. There will be a lot of characters with a separate source of magic and they will have different personalities. This game players need to use their intelligence abilities to become a researcher in the academy.

Magic Research APK

When during the study you will accidentally find the power of magic and grasp it. To contribute to training students at the magic school you are managing. The more attractive it is that you will find magical materials and start researching to develop newer spells. You can download this game to the machine completely free of charge in the Android operating system. The article below will contain many facts that you should not miss when participating in this game!

About Magic Research Game Guide APK

Magic Research APK is a role playing game set in a world renowned magic school. It specializes in training for those who want to learn how to use magic and practice the skills necessary to become the best. In the game Magic Research Mod APK Paid for Free, Players will play the character as a principal, the head of a prestigious magic academy. The game will take you to a world of magic, where only people who are passionate about studying, learning and training have magic related expertise to promote their superpowers.

As a head, you will take on the position of training and instructing students in the new Institute of magic and thrive more than the magic already exists. Each student in the school will have different ways of learning and using magic. And it is delineated from the level of clarity from basic to advanced.

Magic Research Game APK Full Version

You will teach them how to use them with the abilities available in themselves, also using tools to practice strengthening the power of magic. At the academy, practitioners will be fully trained in the main skills of magic and related sub-skills to deserve to become a witch or wizard. Besides the main curriculum also learn about the history and philosophy of magic as well as the things to do and not do here.

You are the leading magic researcher in this world, Magic Research Idle APK will tell you how to study a new type of magic. The study of magic will be carried out according to the procedure and make sure each step is correct because if the possibility flaws leave a huge consequence. The method of studying magic will start from learning about the theories related to that kind of magic, which will be gone from the historical, folk traditions used in conjunction with modern systems.

Players will perform theoretical experiments and make assumptions to analyze the likelihood of success. Then observe the spells that have been experimented with and conduct analysis of the factors that are influenced by the technical tools, people's inference. If the experiment is successful, you will study a new spell and be able to bring it to the biggest magic tournament competition in the whole world. Win and become the best academy.

Featured features of Magic Research Game APK Full Version

At the beginning of this exciting Magic Research APK, players will train the practitioners to become stronger, to participate in the throne struggle to become one of the leading schools in magic training. So you have to help the characters become strong with their creations and research. 

Magic Research Mod APK Paid for Free

Players will experience many different modes full of appeal, making you immerse yourself in the extreme attractions without worrying about boredom. If you have ever dreamed and become a master of magic, then the game will help you to discover this magical world full of mysteries. Overcome quests and challenges to become the most advanced magical researcher. Please join us to find out what features will help get the most complete game.

Become an excellent researcher

Starting to experience this fascinating game, players will have to get involved in the principal character and also be a top spell researcher at the magic academy. You will start training practitioners and discover many new spells. To be able to create new spells, it is necessary to collect various materials, to find the most powerful magical energy. Magic Research APK will be able to convey to students who are studying to become the strongest and develop to the fullest of their abilities.

Multiple levels and missions

When researching you have to pass a lot of different tasks and levels. In this Magic Research Paid APK you have to use your thinking and dexterity to pass puzzles in each level along with a lot of tasks inside. So you need to be assertive and handle all the problems to get through. Make it possible to progress through each level and win every tournament.

Discover magic

Magic Research APK Free Download aims to increase the fun part of the game so the developer has brought you a lot of different spells that you can explore and learn them. You should learn from basic magic so that you can easily study and choose the right ingredients to create a new magic.

Free Download game Magic Research APK for Android

Magic trainers

You should complete the level and win tournaments to collect the necessary materials for your research. It will be very important for you to research and develop it. It will make it possible to become one of the most advanced researchers in academia and other schools.


In order for you to complete challenges in different levels from easy to difficult, you need to use your skills. With bravery to conquer all challenges, we need to plan every action. To help your game go further. Will assist you in handling any difficult situation you will encounter and improve your ability to study magic to new heights. Free Download game Magic Research APK for Android now for the opportunity to make your school one of the top schools in magic research and training right now!


Magic Research APK is a very interesting and charismatic game with character images, accurate graphics that bring the virtual world but very real. Strange things will happen at this magic school and make surprises for players. The feature is always one of the strengths of the game and is constantly updated by the publisher. Download the game now to get great moments of entertainment and meaning.

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