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Mariaaverinams APK 2.1.1 (For Android)

Jan 04, 2023

Mariaaverinams APK is an interesting game with a Japanese manga style. This game attracts players with its simple gameplay, interesting storyline, and attractive graphics. Find out about it now.

Name Mariaaverinams
Updated 2023-01-04
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 2.1.1
Size 83 MB
MOD For Android
Category Trivia
Developer Oxo Potion
Price Free
Google Play Link

Things you need to know about Mariaaverinas APK

The Google Play Store app store has many games, but not all games are available on this platform. Mariaaverinams APK, a lovely Japanese game, is also only available on third-party websites. What interesting features does this game have that make so many people search? Dive into the article below to better understand this game now.

Mariaaverinams APK

What is Mariaaverinas APK?

Mariaaverinams APK, also known as Poke Abby APK, is a 3D, simulator and action game from the publisher Oxo Potion. This game already has a PC version, but this app is exclusively for Android devices. You will play this game as a ghost who is always haunted and stuck in this school's potions class.

Poke Abby APK allows you to admire the medieval magical world with a unique culture. Although this game is simple and accessible, this application still receives a lot of attention from players. There are also customization options available.

Maria Averinams APK

What are the outstanding features of Maria Averinams APK?

This game is so attractive that it will make you immersed in the magical world all day with its attractive and interesting features. More than that, schoolgirl Abby, a beautiful and innocent girl, is waiting for you to make friends and get to know her. Continue to discover now!

New gameplay

Pocket Abi APK provides detailed instructions on how to play and how to complete missions, which makes the game experience easier. You won't become a flesh-and-blood character directly, you're just a ghost of the potions class. However, you can do all the things you like knocking over the magic jars on the shelves, knocking out the books on the table, you can even poke the schoolgirls!

Your task is to bring the other students to the school common room, and so does Abby. However, she doesn't seem to listen to you. She has a beautiful appearance. Tease her, pet her and make her happy. Abby will be more intimate with you if you delicately touch her. Don't make her angry like a furry cat. You never know what Abby will do to you!

Pocket Abi APK

Make Abi more beautiful

You can change Abby's good looks in many different ways by choosing colorful letters. If the player is no longer satisfied with the look of the character playing in Pocket Abby APK, you can follow a selection of different customizations on the right side of the screen.

The familiar interface Customize appears with the settings for the character like when we start playing the fashion game.
You can optionally choose the character's hairstyle and skin color by clicking on each corresponding image icon. After choosing, after changing the details for your character, click OK to confirm.

Changing the appearance of the character playing Abby is not completely free. Some options won't be charged, but some options require players to pay a few in-game coins to be able to use them. When you complete an intimacy level with Abby, you'll be rewarded with a little coin. Take advantage of it!

Colorful magical world

Pocket Abi Game APK brings players to a colorful magical world, where characters use magic, potions, and spells like in the famous Harry Potter movie. You can hover along the corridors and Great Hall of this magic school and see everything amazing from a first-person perspective. It will make you excited with amazing 3D graphics and Japanese chibi-style art. Cute and cute little characters are waiting for you!

Pocket Abi Game APK

Pocket Abi APK Free Download

The latest version of Mariaaverinams will help players uncover the mysteries of the magic college and the cute heroine Abby. Currently, the Google Play Store platform does not have the appearance of this game. Therefore, you should choose the best websites for this application. You can click on the link in this article to quickly experience this interesting game. It's completely free and guaranteed by our website.


If you want to explore a magical school with interesting Potions classes like Hogwarts, Mariaaverinas APK will fulfill your wish. You will have a wonderful and sweet experience with the lovely Abby. Please search and download this game as soon as possible to enjoy moments of entertainment and relaxation.

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Jun 13, 2024
2.1.1 / For Android
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