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Matr1x FIRE
Matr1x FIRE

Matr1x FIRE APK 0.2.0 (Mobile Version for Android)

Aug 20, 2023

Matr1x FIRE APK is a game that many shooting enthusiasts enjoy experiencing.

Name Matr1x FIRE APK
Updated 2023-08-20
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 0.2.0
Size 824 MB
MOD Mobile Version for Android
Category Role Playing
Developer Matr1x
Price Free
Google Play Link

Matr1x FIRE APK - Exciting shooting with many legendary characters

The game market is constantly diverse with a wide selection of exciting shooters. Shooters are currently the most sought-after game genre. Fascinating storyline, thrilling action moments, beautiful realistic graphics are what these titles bring players. Don't let people wait long, today brings you the Matr1x FIRE APK, the perfect shooting space for you. The following article will explain everything about the game to you.


About the game Matr1x FIRE APK

Matr1x FIRE Mobile APK is a legendary shooter game that appeared to bring Mighty Fighting between characters. The game focuses on multiplayer mode, the story in the game develops in real time for all participants. And the efforts of all players will contribute to the plot. Each gamer will choose a favorite hero character with characteristics and skills, special effects take on different roles in the game. With the variety of characters and roles will help the game push the drama in each game. During the game, you need to be careful not to be attacked by enemies. At the same time, it is necessary to plan to hide and lower the enemy in order to reduce the proportion of competition.

The most attractive point of the game Matr1x FIRE APK

Matr1x FIRE Game APK will allow players to immerse themselves in the classic World of survival shooting genre. Give you extremely attractive experiences. With many features that have been unlocked for you get charismatic combat space. Players will begin to discover ancient battles with many players. In this survival game users need to build strategies and plans to cope with any unexpected situation with the surrounding dangers.

In addition, you can own more than 40 weapons with multiple weapon skins. More amazingly, you can explore more than 10 vast maps for players to explore a huge world. You will be free to do what you want in the simulation world with a collection of charismatic characters and stories in the melee world. Players will start exploring creativity with the same esports and free - trade events in the game. Help players can experience many different perspectives for you to observe the tactical angle. The game requires the use of 5v5 competitive gameplay into the cyberpunk environment.

Matr1x FIRE Mobile APK

A simple gameplay style will help you to experience the game in the best way. The main purpose of the game is to complete the EMP attack located in the bomb positions. The function of the defense team is to destroy the opponents of the opposition or remove the bomb after the opponent has finished placing. Exploring the game players will begin to have fierce battles with thieves who are wanting to take control. Start experiencing this exciting game right away.

The most outstanding features of Matrixfire APK game

There are many styles of play

Coming to Matr1x FIRE APK download players will discover different playing styles. Help you get attractive expeditions with friends and groups to start creating creative gameplay. Exciting game modes such as attractive casual PvP, multiplayer casual PVP battles along with classic 5v5. You also have a fight of 60-100 other players. It will bring you the most interesting things right at the game.

There are many items to collect

During the battle the player will start to get attractive battles. Then you can collect impressive weapon skins, gloves, guns, gorgeous characters, land and other assets like ptp frames and PFPS. These items you can trade and sell freely.

Matr1x FIRE Game APK

Many competitive event tournaments

Matr1x FIRE is an engaging survival shooter game for you to start expeditions and have the courage to confront matches. With many exciting and professional events and other tournaments in the game Matr1x FIRE. Promise to bring you charismatic Wars.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of Matr1x FIRE download for Mobile

Real experience of the game

I enjoyed the shooting genre and played a lot about it. This game gives me a very good impression of its gameplay and graphics. The gunfights were very intense and brought a lot of fun for me to experience. Character images are very well designed and often have new characters updated. I have collected Legendary sets of characters and upgraded them to fight a rapid level-up. I enjoyed this game and wish it would update many new versions.


  • The character is designed very honestly for players to experience
  • Weapons and items are unlocked all when you reach the right level
  • Graphics designed in a legendary fashion
  • Live sound in each different match

Download Matr1x FIRE APK for Android


  • Stable internet connection to participate in online matches with many other players
  • There is currently no iOS version of support

FAQs about game Matr1x FIRE APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Yes, very safe. This Game is downloaded by many players to play and leaves very positive reviews for you to refer to. Besides, the game is also a highly specialized team regularly checked so the security and antivirus ability is very good.

How to download the game?

Download this game very quickly at the Information section of this article. Click the path and wait for a few minutes depending on your network connection.

Configuration required to run the game

You need to prepare the phone with a configuration of 5.1 and above.

Is this game free to unlock pro characters?

Yes, the game allows you to unlock all characters.


Matr1x FIRE APK is the pinnacle shooting game that allows you to get the Pinnacle Entertainment moments. Let you immerse yourself in the classic combat space. Along with a series of attractive unlocked features await you. Game can Download Matr1x FIRE APK for Android directly to the website or the path just below for a quick free download. Discover this fascinating game today with many other players!

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