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Max The Elf
Max The Elf

Max The Elf APK 3.11 (Android Game)

Apr 25, 2023

Max The Elf Android APK is an adventure game that brings players to experience the exciting space, conquer and rescue the whole town. Download to play now.

Name Max The Elf Android
Updated 2023-04-25
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 3.11
Size 240 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Simulation
Developer Max The Elf Android
Price Free
Google Play Link

Max The Elf Android APK - Very attractive fighting game

Max The Elf Android APK will be very suitable for players who love fighting genre. When participating in the game, you will play the role of the character Max and must conquer the missions and achieve the best results. The interactive gameplay of different characters keeps players engaged. In order to give players a new feeling, they always update the game versions continuously. The game content is to avoid enemies and survive to the end to conquer the highest levels in the game.

Max The Elf Android APK

About Max The Elf Android APK

Max The Elf Mobile APK gives fans a sense of adventure with unique challenges when combined with beautifully designed anime. Max The Elf Android APK is the most suitable choice for you. With the fighting genre, the game style is very attractive and simple. When playing, the player will play the role of the character Max, this character is a male carrying the responsibility of fighting the enemy and must perform the task. The content of the story is mainly that you have to skillfully dodge enemies and conquer levels to be able to reach new levels. Very attractive game graphics will make players unable to take their eyes off of its charm.

Heymods Max The Elf APK shows characters with different personalities and different missions. Among the characters some stand out characters are Tentacle Vine, Lynx, Fairy Lymph and Simley. All of them attached to a separate story to be able to express to the outside. Excellent character design and very beautiful make the game more attractive. During the course of the game players need to protect themselves from enemies, but if they do, they will face unforeseen consequences. The villain in this game is FAE, whom we must always avoid.

When starting the game Max The Elf Android APK you need to plan your own to be able to win the FAE and save the planet. Max The Elf Android APK has a beautifully designed interface with increasing difficulty each level. Difficult levels and many challenges are designed many different obstacles and enemies that you have to overcome. That said, the levels present a different challenge, in order to increase the likelihood of peak fun and entertainment. In order to provide a great experience, Max The Elf Android APK makes a simple controller to make it more accessible to players.

Max The Elf Mobile APK

Max The Elf Android APK is designed with an intuitive interface that helps players quickly master the fastest way to fight and win. Allows the player to use quick and easy to use counter-attacks, allowing the player to dodge attacks from enemies.

Floating feature Max The Elf Descargar APK Android

An attractive game will not be complete without special features integrated by publishers to bring players the most interesting and authentic experiences.

Captivating plot

Max the Elf APK Latest Version is a game inspired by the life story of a boy named Max. He is chased by an evil mage, Max must go through the trials to find a way to rescue his loved ones and stop the bad behavior of the mage so that he does not take over Max's town. Max will start the adventure and find 2 kind characters, a knowledgeable witch, and a beautiful fairy. Characters have to go through difficult challenges, each passing level can unlock the way to save loved ones and the world from doom.

Heymods Max The Elf APK

2D Graphics

Max the Elf v3.11 by T-Hoodie with smooth 2D graphics, animations create a sense of excitement for players. Beautiful graphics are shown through images such as the green forest, the majestic mountains, the mysteries deep in the green forest, creating a chilling but extremely vivid feeling. The characters in the game are also drawn by the publisher step by step in detail. Each character has its own style and qualities that make the game new and outstanding.

Simple gameplay

When you first get into the game, you will be given detailed instructions on how to pass each level, avoid obstacles, collect items and destroy enemies. You have to collect a lot of gold and items to be able to strengthen, support you in the process of completing the mission.

Various levels

Max The Elf Android APK is built with various levels and difficulty to give players realistic challenges. You will participate in the long process in real time to be able to conquer the final goal. You have to fight and be the survivor in each level.

Download game Max The Elf APK for Android

Easy controls

The game with controller structure is easy to use, convenient and convenient for the user. You just touch, swipe or move the smartphone device to control the game smoothly.

Download game Max The Elf APK for Android

  • Step 1: Search and click the button to download the latest Max The Elf Android APK version on the browser.
  • Step 2: Hit the install button and allow all necessary permissions.
  • Step 3: Save the downloaded file to your device folder. Then, open the file so that the system installs the application for the device.
  • Step 4: You wait for a few minutes until the braille is complete. Now can open the app and play right away


Max The Elf Android APK gives players an attractive fighting genre with many different fighting styles. To win you have to avoid the name FAE because if he finds out, there will be unexpected results, so by all means win FAE to be able to save the world. An interesting and extremely attractive game to give players the ultimate entertainment experience only at Max The Elf Android APK. Download now!

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