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McDonalds POS Training Game
McDonalds POS Training Game

McDonalds POS Training Game APK 1.1.8 (for Android and iOS)

Jul 11, 2023

McDonalds POS Training Game APK is a fun training game to become a cashier.

Name McDonalds POS Training Game
Updated 2023-07-11
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 1.1.8
Size 50 MB
MOD for Android and iOS
Category Simulation
Developer McDonald's Apps
Price Free
Google Play Link

McDonalds POS training game APK - Take training courses to become a professional cashier

McDonalds POS Training Game APK is a pretty interesting game genre. The game will take you to a fast food store and you will take the position of a cashier. You will perform every activity as a real cashier to ensure that you will complete all the tasks in this game well. This is a very interesting game and you will learn many things you may not know from here. Follow the article below to answer more information about this game offline.

McDonalds POS Training Game APK

About game McDonalds POS Training Game APK

McDonalds POS Simulator Game APK is a role playing game on a cashier. Before being able to perform the assigned tasks, players will be trained through a professional environment to become a professional cashier. All your activities will be done at a fast food restaurant, the main task of which is to pay customers ' bills and answer their complaints. You will be trained in the necessary operations of a cashier as well as to train carefully, honestly and responsibly.

The game will simulate but the equipment for the cashier's work is played out in the most authentic way. You'll work at a counter in front of the lobby and have things like computers, pos machines, cash, invoice printers and something else. These simulations are intended to give players the most realistic feeling of being a real cashier.

The special attraction of this game

McDonalds POS Training Simulator APK will train you to become a fun filled cashier. When you will be training the basic skills to be able to become a professional cashier with a POS system. A peculiarity in this game will make it possible to learn and improve your communication. It is important in this game that employees can use POS competently, with the use of minimizing the problems when receiving orders and enhancing the ability of customers to experience.

Support for employees can be more confident in their work by focusing and coaching in a simple way. The player takes on the role of a cashier in the simulation world and begins training to be able to further improve the skills that a cashier needs to have. Follow each process and meet standards in the store.

Significant main features coming of the game McDonalds Training Simulator APK

McDonalds POS Training Game APK will give players an extremely attractive simulation game. When you become a cashier of a fast food store and have training sessions to become a full-fledged cashier. Training games you can handle any situation when there are customers ordering, statistical books and fulfill customer requests in the best way. With attractive games there should be a lot of users interested and downloaded. Below are the features that you need to follow:

POS systems and processes

When you start with McDonalds POS Training APK users will be trained and trained to use the POS system at McDonald's. After mastering the processes and operation of the system, it will be instructed to create orders, choose additional items, ingredients, pay and print invoices.

McDonalds POS Simulator Game APK

Create a virtual reality environment

The game will let you immerse yourself in the extremely attractive simulation game. To be able to complete tasks, you need to interact with employees and POS systems to be able to operate. Because when paying or responding to customer requests you need to use competently to be able to pay quickly.

Training mode

McDonalds Training Game POS APK will offer players a variety of modes so you can learn features and get bored with the POS system. So that employees can acquire and can fulfill orders in the best way. This is the game for players who have the best experience.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of McDonalds Simulator Game APK

Practical experience

This is a very good game to bring both training and practice elements for players to explore. I tried this game and became addicted to it. I learned how to make a cashier's transaction as well as how to manage money. The game gives me very real and very interesting experiences. Hopefully there will be more to come and maybe I will continue to support it.


  • Exciting and engaging training environment
  • Have a chance to become a cashier through very realistic simulation
  • Interact exchange rewards with other players

McDonalds POS Training Simulator APK


  • There are some restrictions on training
  • Stable internet connection to experience

FAQs about McDonalds Training Game App APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Very safe. Downloading games from the app can quickly update the latest version. Users downloaded and played a lot, always leaving very reliable positive comments.

How to download the game?

Downloading the game is very simple: just immediately access the path in the Information section of this article and follow the requirements of the site and be able to perform a quick download and installation in minutes.

Configuration required to run the game

The game requires the user to have a smartphone device running the Android operating system and has a configuration of 4.3 and above.

Is the game completely free?

Yes. This game release allows users to experience it all for free.


McDonalds POS Training Game APK is a unique title that creates a space for training and performing the tasks of a cashier. The game is set in a fast food restaurant with a variety of foods for exposed players to expand their horizons. Download McDonalds POS Traning Game Android now so that you become a professional cashier and know where you can practice real life. I wish you the best experience for this game.

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