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Mdickie School Days 3D
Mdickie School Days 3D

Mdickie School Days 3D Mod APK 1.0.4 (Mobile Version)

Oct 23, 2023

Mdickie School Days 3D Mod APK is an educational mobile game that transports players back to the world of school life.

Name Old School
Updated 2023-10-21
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.0.4
Size 27 MB
MOD Mobile Version
Category Simulation
Developer MDickie
Price Free
Google Play Link

Get ready to explore Mdickie School Days 3D Mod APK! This isn't your average mobile game. It's a mix of nostalgia, fun, and learning, where every tap transports you back to those unforgettable school days. Get set for a vivid, interactive, and educational adventure!

Immersive 3D World

Vibrant Visuals

The visual appeal of School Days 3D Mdickie is undeniable. You find yourself in a detailed, colorful, and engaging school environment. Every element, from the lockers lining the halls to the green spaces outside, is rendered to bring a slice of school life to your screen.

The graphics are clean and crisp. It's a visual treat that doesn't only please the eyes but also immerses you deep into a world where school corridors echo with life and classrooms bustle with activity.


Imagine roaming those familiar hallways again. In Mdickie School Days, every location is crafted with attention to detail. From classrooms echoing with the sounds of learning to the playgrounds humming with energy, there’s something for everyone.

Props and items are interactive, and they aren’t there for show. They play a pivotal role, making the game environment feel alive and responsive. Every item holds a story, every corner invites exploration, making the gaming experience rich and immersive.

Character Customization


School Days APK raises the bar with its diverse avatar options. You're not stuck with generic characters; here, individuality shines. Choose from a wide array of preset avatars, each designed to mirror the diverse student body of a real school.

Creative Freedom

With Mdickie School Days 3D APK Mod, your creative juices are free to flow unchecked. The game hands you the tools to tweak and tailor your avatar down to the finest detail. Want a funky hairstyle? You got it. Prefer classic school attire? No problem.

Every feature, every accessory is at your disposal. The customization options are extensive, allowing you to create a character that’s as unique as you are. It’s not about fitting into a mold; it’s about breaking free and expressing yourself in a world where every student is a distinct individual.

Engaging Gameplay

Academic Pursuits

In the world of School Days 3D on Mobile, the clock is always ticking, and every moment counts. You’re not merely a bystander; you’re an active participant, hurdling through academic challenges that come at you fast and thick.

Each classroom session is a unique experience. It’s not about rote learning; it’s dynamic, it’s engaging. You’re soaking up knowledge, but it’s no monologue; it’s a dialogue, a dance between you and the subjects at hand.

Social Interactions

But wait, there's more. The corridors and classrooms are teeming with fellow students, each an opportunity, a potential ally or adversary in your journey. Building relationships isn’t a side quest; it’s core to the gameplay.

The narrative woven into School Days 3D Android is rich with interactions. Every conversation, every alliance, propels you closer to that coveted cap and gown moment - graduation.

Combat System

Defense Mechanisms

Now, mix all that learning and socializing with some action. Mdickie School Days isn’t pulling any punches. Literally. You’ve got a combat system inspired by the finesse of wrestling.

Skill Acquisition

It’s not chaotic; it’s strategic. Every move, every defense, is a calculated decision. It’s an educational experience clothed in the garb of entertainment. You’re not just playing; you’re learning, evolving, mastering the fine nuances of defense.

Multiplayer Dynamics

Collective Experience

And if the halls of School Days 3D seem too vast, there’s the multiplayer feature. Bring in friends, or make new ones. The narrative takes unexpected twists, turning a predictable journey into an expedition of discovery.

Allies and Obstacles

Every new player introduces a fresh dynamic, an unforeseen challenge, and the tale of school life gets richer, denser, more engaging.

Transition to Teaching

Role Reversal

Graduation isn’t the end with Free Download School Days Mod APK; it’s a new beginning. You transition, evolve from a student to a teacher. The dynamics shift; now, you’re at the helm.

Classroom Management

It’s chaos, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding. Every lesson, every interaction, a step closer to mastering the art of teaching.

Download and Installation

Ease and accessibility define School Days 3D download for Android. A few taps, and you’re in, ready to commence your journey in this vibrant educational landscape.


Mdickie School Days wraps education and entertainment into one neat package. The real-time gameplay, detailed 3D environment, and dynamic social interactions promise not only an engaging gaming experience but a nostalgic trip back to the lively corridors of school life.

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