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Minecraft Mod APK (Unlimited Items, God Mode)

Administrator Nov 14, 2022

If you want to experience an open world game with a survival game title, Minecraft Mod APK is one of the great choices. Read more to know more about this mod!

Name Minecraft
Updated 2023-03-17
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version
Size 634 MB
MOD Unlimited Items, God Mode
Category Arcade
Developer Mojang
Price Free
Google Play Link

Open world game enthusiasts are no stranger to the legendary game title Minecraft. It is the most loved game of all time and is constantly "hot" even though it was released nearly a decade ago. Minecraft Mod APK allows players to build their own empire. This survival game allows you to build anything you want, explore everywhere and make your own way of survival. If you are interested in Minecraft Mod APK, you can see our next shares!

What is Minecraft Mod APK?

Minecraft Mod APK Mod Menu is a mod version of the famous Minecraft game title in the world. It belongs to the genre of survival games in the open world. Players can join and connect to the game anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. When participating in this game you will be taken into a completely new world with tons of interesting things waiting for you to discover.

minecraft mod apk

Minecraft Mod APK is rated as never-ending with a width of 4 times the actual surface of the earth. It will probably take you a few years if you want to fully explore the map. Players can find deserts, forests, dungeons or more novel maps. You will have to move to many different locations to gather resources to create weapons, build and survive.

Coming to Minecraft Mod APK Multiplayer, players will be immersed in the wild world and discover things you have never known. If you are ready to explore a whole new world with amazing things waiting, Minecraft Mod APK Unlimited Items is one of the top choices. In addition to playing on PC, you can choose the mobile version for more convenient play. Join us to discover more secrets of this mod!

minecraft mod apk unlimited items

Minecraft Mod APK featured versions

The publisher of MMinecraft PE APK has released many different versions to make this mod more interesting when players join. Each version will be enhanced in an aspect and feature that makes it special. Refer to the Minecraft versions below for the appropriate choice:

Minecraft Mod APK Mod Menu

Minecraft Mod APK Mod Menu is one of the versions that is quite popular with Minecraft players. This mod helps players explore the open world in a very special way. You can freely choose the battle mode with a variety of novelties.

Minecraft Mod APK Unlimited Items

This is one of the supported versions most loved by Minecraft users. If you are too tired of searching for items and where to store them, Minecraft Mod APK Unlimited Items is the first choice. This mod provides the ability to own unlimited items to help you more easily survive in this large world.

minecraft mod apk god mode

Minecraft Mod APK God Mod

Minecraft's god mode is one of the modes that should be chosen. In this mode, players will receive many special incentives and features that make survival easier. You'll also get some support to defeat enemies and fend off beasts at night.

New special features of Minecraft Mod APK

Minecraft Pocket Edition 2022(Minecraft PE APK) provides users with a lot of new and special features. That is one of the points that makes this mod more special in the eyes of players. Check out our sharing below:

New biomes

Minecraft Mod APK provides players with two new biomes, mangrove swamps and deep dark caves. Both are improved biomes, so they promise to bring many surprises to users about both landscapes and scary creatures.

minecraft mod menu

New mobs

Minecraft Mod APK provides four new mobs especially Allay, Frog, Warden and Tadpole. Among them, the warden is one of the greatest horrors. Players should stay away from it so as not to be damaged by excess energy. In contrast, frogs and tadpoles are honest choices.

New blocks and items

Minecraft Mod APK also brings a lot of new things. You can find new blocks and items in this wild and primeval forest. The wild update features more sculpting blocks, shards, mangroves, and more.


Minecraft Mod APK is a mod not to be missed if you love Minecraft. Hopefully, through the things we share, you will know more!

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