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Mobdroplus Survive
Mobdroplus Survive

Mobdroplus Survive APK 1.02 (Android Game)

Apr 15, 2023

Mobdroplus Survive APK is a fighting game against the deadly virus disaster and ferocious hunters to protect resources and people. Download now to experience.

Name Mobdroplus Survive
Updated 2023-04-15
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.02
Size 67 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer Mobdroplus Survive
Price Free
Google Play Link

Mobdroplus Survive APK - Learn to manage resources

Mobdroplus Survive APK will bring players a completely new experience, taking you on a thrilling adventure after a pandemic has just occurred in humanity. There will be many dangers lurking including hunters because they will destroy and cause pillows when players start rebuilding their normal lives. You will have a very important responsibility to become a hero to stop the hunting of poetry for 45 days and you must conserve your energy resources, tactical skills, combat techniques and have to be clever in the face of enemies. So you need to properly manage the resources you have to prevent the hunters needing management skills is very important. To increase your energy and strength you have to join the group that wants to own the land while you are taking on the challenges in the game. By all means you have to overcome the objects that stop you and reach a city where an exciting game awaits you.

Mobdroplus Survive APK

About Mobdroplus Game APK

Mobdroplus Survive APK is a resource management game application. You will transform into a girl to hone management skills of life, an interesting game with many highlights with a plot based on the deadly virus disaster 3 years ago. Now, you have to go through an adventure lasting more than 1 month with 12 missions to complete. You must know how to master resource management skills. To increase your fighting power, you can choose a suitable group of people to practice and compete with. The greater the source of energy and strength, the easier it will be for you to overcome the challenges ahead and be able to fully protect your resources.

Your mission is to confront hordes of demon hunters who are plotting to take over your resources. You and your teammates must fight the hunter together to stop them from doing bad things. You must protect resources to help and cure the virus for the survivors. You must join the adventure of finding and curing those who are suffering from the virus. All of you have to complete the assigned tasks to rescue the villagers from the hunters, stop the virus from spreading, quickly save the lives of the victims of the virus, protect and manage the resources well. It is important that you and your teammates stay healthy and don't let anyone get the virus.

Survive APK with a simple interface, interesting tasks with many activities for you to explore. You and your teammates have to overcome many challenges to complete the mission. When you experience the game, you will practice many management skills, contract coordination skills and enjoy many new things. Now that the app is available on the Google Play Store, download and play this impressive game now. Join the adventure to save people who are infected with the virus and save yourself in that disaster.

Survive APK

Survive 18 APK featured features that you should know

You will role-play the character and take on the task. The missions will aim to collect talents and many fascinating adventures. But you must always ensure your health to be able to fight to stop the hunters who plot to sabotage. The features that have been updated by this version will make you have an exciting adventure.

1. Simple interface

Along with the simple interface you will be able to manage the functions easily when you first start playing this game. And the weapons and controls are also very easy to use to help players immerse themselves in this exciting adventure.

2. Natural environment

The game will describe the surrounding scenery very realistically similar to the outside life about natural disasters such as floods, deserts, earthquakes, tsunamis that players have to fight on a desert island. The elements of nature will greatly affect life and especially the health of the character.

3. Get the quest and take action

This will be an interesting game that users should try because there are more than 12 missions distributed to the player and the player has to act within 45. There will be many challenges happening. You will have to bandage the wound to rescue the people in the most urgent case, it is your mission and your teammates.

4. Stay healthy fighting

The goal of the main task that you have to perform is to take care of the inhabitants and your group of friends. The adventure will have the task you have to perform to keep your team healthy and safe during this sightseeing trip. You will be provided with a first aid kit from the game Survive Mod APK to be able to give temporary first aid to everyone who is not infected by the virus from the wound and must ensure that it does not affect their health. You will accumulate a lot of bonus points if you protect your group of friends.

Download game Survive APK for Android

5. Arrange the schedule

The quests have a clear schedule and rescue missions for the people around you. When you talk to young people in the group's already appeared schedule. The day will come when it will be possible to train your team in infection-free skills and mission tactics.

6. Resource Management

You have good resource management skills that will be able to increase your level more than your friends in the group. To own more adventure points, all participating players must ensure the maximum level of resource management to be able to increase their power. To be able to rescue everyone in time, the player must give himself a great strength to be able to help people not get infected and return to normal life as quickly as possible.

Download game Survive APK for Android

Step 1: Go to the browser and select the game search.

Step 2: Go to the “unknown” setting.

Step 3: Continue downloading and wait to save the file in the folder.

Step 4: After the installation is complete, open the game file and select install outside the main screen.

Step 5: You can start the game with this fascinating adventure.

Survive 18 APK


Mobdroplus Survive APK will give you a completely different aspect of life when people have transformed their nature, they will do it at all costs. This will be a unique adventure game where you will be drawn into the content of the story by the elements extremely attractive. This will be the adventure you are hooked on and you will have a lot of power to be able to rescue people. Such a great game, what are you waiting for you to download and enjoy a game that is groundbreaking in every way but also completely free to download. Download now!

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