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Modilimitado School
Modilimitado School

Modilimitado School APK 2.0 (Android Game)

May 19, 2023

Modilimitado School APK is a role playing game that explores the secrets hidden in an abandoned university place. Download play now in your free time.

Name Modilimitado School
Updated 2023-05-19
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 2.0
Size 53 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Role Playing
Developer NatStudio
Price Free
Google Play Link

Modilimitado School APK - Immersive experience discovering the secrets behind college

Modilimitado School APK this will be an extremely fun game that you should download to your phone right now. The game is designed to be very simple and impressive, so it will be suitable for many devices with an Android platform. Bring you a game that can be played anywhere, can be entertained and work in parallel when playing. In addition, owning a simple controller should be appreciated by a lot of people and downloaded the most. This game is safe so you can download and discover this fun game!

Modilimitado APK Tag After School

Interesting things about the game app Tag After School Modilimitado APK that you should know

Modilimitado School APK is a role playing game that revolves around the story of an abandoned place located inside the university. You will play the character named Shota Kun, a passionate student who explores mysteries and horror elements. After every school hour, he often goes behind that secret place to find a way to break into it. Tag After School Mod APK will take you to many emotional levels that stretch throughout the character's inner fight.

When he enters the remote place to the cold person, Modilimitado APK Tag After School will take the boy to a completely different world with real life. Here, Shota Kun has only a flashlight in hand to illuminate the way ahead. With a strong and not afraid of the darkness, the player regains his spirit and begins to proceed to the rooms with strange things waiting for you to learn.

And he encountered a very aggressive group of people. They chased you and didn't want him to survive. In his hands now there is no object for fighting. Fortunately, the player has received help from a girl who is also caught up in this strange world. She instructed him to search for the weapons and items needed to destroy them and escape from this dangerous place.

Modilimitado School APK has given you exciting experiences of overcoming yourself by the fears surrounding and psychological struggle in a dark space. With the latest version fully updated features from basic to advanced to bring players a variety of emotions in each stage of story completion.

Download game Tag After School APK for Android

Features attract players Tag After School Android APK Latest Version

Tag After School Game APK will provide players with many different challenges and tasks if the player wants to win, it is necessary to interact, to be able to win. With unique gameplay extremely attractive, when playing players will feel many mysterious details that players must be caught up with without knowing. Due to the very closely built style, plot, scenery and tasks. So this will be the game that will make you addicted and can make you attracted to it.

1.  Role playing style

This is an exciting simulation game that offers you an engaging hypnotic style. Players will have to be enthralled into the virtual world in this game. Due to being an immersive genre, there will be a lot of interesting tasks and challenges to become realistic thanks to the attractive functions that are supported during the course of the immersive adventure. This will be a fascinating game that you can't miss.

2.  Realistic 3D graphics

Graphics are important in a game and it will determine whether or not the game appeals. If the graphics are low and unknown, do not worry it is another game in this game you will enjoy the game with realistic 3D graphics. The details in each scene and character are displayed in extremely quality 3D, giving the feeling of real experience.

Tag After School Android APK Latest Version

3.  Very simple controls

Due to the user-friendly interface, the controller is designed to be very impressive, easy to understand and simple to use. This is also the reason many people are popular and widely used around the world. Help players can easily navigate, move to perform tasks to interact with many other characters in the game without difficulty when playing.

4.  Free map mode

Modilimitado School APK makes it possible for users to discover many different areas, the map feature is set into the game so that you can locate and move anywhere on the map without worrying about limitations. Giving you an extremely realistic feeling like experiencing a realistic adventure allows players to enjoy the highest peak entertainment that no game has brought such a realistic feeling.

5.  Unique storytelling

With a lively narrative full of attractions gives you an extremely interesting game. With many unexpected circumstances, this is also the time when they introduce the cultural traditions of their country to the world wisely. So there will be many details that will impress you and get caught up in the game without taking your eyes off.

This will be an extremely attractive role playing game that gives players a unique gameplay. When you are immersed in this extremely exciting game by hypnotic play style into the mysterious world and perform challenges to escape. A fascinating game that you should download to your device right now!

6.  Interesting plot

The story of the game is fascinating and well written. You will meet interesting new people who, without realizing it, introduce you to their culture and traditions. This will lead to some of the most memorable moments in your life.

Tag After School Android APK Latest Version

This will be an extremely attractive role playing game that gives players a unique gameplay. When the player is immersed in this extremely exciting game by hypnotic play style into the mysterious world and performs challenges to escape. A fascinating game that you should Download game Tag After School APK for Android on your device right now to discover a fascinating and fun filled game!


Modilimitado School APK is a character role playing simulation game that experiences many elements of horror, suspense, and attraction. All mixed together create a unique storyline, depicting the image of authentic characters in small detail. Are you a passionate gamer entering the genre? Are you looking for a game app that challenges your fear of yourself? Don't miss the Modilimitado School game, it will take you to the exciting game world.

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