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Mundo Otaku De Corazon
Mundo Otaku De Corazon

Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK 1.3.2 (Juego H)

Jun 21, 2023

Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK is a role playing adventure game that explores the streets full of characters who transform into monsters on Halloween. Download now.

Name Mundo Otaku De Corazon
Updated 2023-06-21
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.3.2
Size 41 MB
MOD Juego H
Category Adventure
Developer FHBQuickieHalloween
Price Free
Google Play Link

Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK - Adventure street exploration in Halloween festival

Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK will bring you to an adventure world with many situations that will make you immerse yourself in the content of the game. In this game the player will be the same character in the adventure game and explore mysterious locations. The player's task is to collect candies and dishes on Halloween during your journey of discovery. The challenges will gradually begin and you will confront many different ghostly characters. In order to be able to defeat those creatures, players must use their strategic abilities to deceive them and grab those pieces of candy. Download this game to be able to experience a fun filled Halloween based game for free on Android. Don't rush through it! The article below will give you some important information about this game!

Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK

Game introduction Mundo Otaku De Corazon H APK

Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK is an immersive adventure game with a completely new version that brings more novelties and realities. Everything in this improvement is to make the game more interesting and worthy of the support of many gamers around the world. This is an incredibly fun and festive Halloween season game for those who want to immerse themselves in the mysterious and indispensable magic world that awaits you ahead. The game will not be exactly like horror but it is just real characters and incarnates into people with mystical magic to have fun together on this holiday.

Mundo Otaku De Corazon Juego H APK is a free game for phone devices using the Android operating system developed by FHBQuickieHalloween. The player will play the character of a girl and follow Mavis's footsteps to join the journey of conquering spooky paths. On this holiday, everyone wears horror costumes and costumes. Players can equip the girl to become a witch, vampire, zombie, death, joker, ghost and many other character images. You can constantly change the status of the girl to add more attractiveness to the journey of discovery.

Your task in the game Happy Halloween Of Mavis APK is to visit a lot of different places in the city that are going on the festival and fight with many other characters to collect a lot of candy, food and many unexpected Halloween gifts. You need to quickly, quickly observe everything around to quickly collect enough candy and gifts to complete the round. The player must overcome a lot of obstacles and destroy the creepy creatures that are in the way of collecting his candy and gifts.

Mundo Otaku De Corazon H APK

And of course there will be a limited time for you for how long in each round of play, if you do not complete the game you will experience the challenges and punishments according to the Halloween themed rules. The game features colorful graphics that resonate with great music creating an atmosphere for players to integrate into the magical festive world. All assigned tasks will help you develop good logical thinking, tactics to succeed in challenges. You are ready to step into the spooky paths and perform each level to achieve the highest bonus points.

Features of Mundo Otaku De Corazón APK

Are you ready to start the horror adventure journey in this game? Will be an engaging game completely free. Many unexpected situations will make you fall in love with this adventure. Players must follow her and perform professional hits to have the opportunity to explore many mysterious locations. In the process of earning candy you have to be careful before the spooky creatures appear at any time. So you have to handle it wisely because every decision you make is important. Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK will have a lot of interesting things in this feature section that you need to discover!

Fascinating game for Halloween

Coming to this game Happy Halloween Of Mavis Game APK download players will experience fun entertainment with many successive events happening. When you have to take on the role of the little girl is a very famous person. You will discover with that girl many places with many unsolved mysteries. So every decision you make must be carefully considered and so should each of your actions. Because it greatly affects the outcome of the game.

Mundo Otaku De Corazon Juego H APK

Impress the character

Players must make a big impression on the main character in the game to be able to easily cooperate with that girl that promotes the ability to help you throughout the journey. Help you a lot in performing tasks and completing challenges in the level of play. In addition, it also gives you the right to use many features on the inside, giving you a feeling of excitement when participating in the game. If you are an adventure lover that mixes magical elements then this game is very suitable for you.

Simple controller

Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK will be the game that will make you fascinated by other great improvements in other games. Helps to increase the player's experience smoothly without causing discomfort. When the controller is designed very simply with buttons equipped with ease for you to navigate and complete the challenge in the best way. It will be very suitable for many players, making it easy to get acquainted and get an engaging experience that is only available in this game.

Unlock new outfits

Download Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK for Android and you will be able to equip your character with various costumes without any cost. Help your experience to a new level. Thanks to the ability to unlock costumes, you can easily immerse yourself in characters such as vampires, zombies, and witches or many other characters without limits. Allow you to create your style in a fun way. This will be a fun filled game that allows you to immerse yourself in the colorful world in this game.

Download Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK for Android


Mundo Otaku De Corazon APK will bring surprise in each level of detail of the game with the character role playing aspect of the spooky festival. The game theme is very clear and realistic so that you can naturally feel a Halloween atmosphere full of magic. The costume collection is scary for players to have the most realistic experience like participating in real life festivals. Download and enjoy now. The game will take you to explore mysterious and exciting locations. With Happy Halloween Of Mavis start the journey now and always.

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