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MX Player Pro
MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro APK Mod 1.74.1

Nov 18, 2023

MX Player Pro APK Mod is a video player app for mobile devices with features like supporting various video formats, subtitle options, kid-friendly settings, audio enhancement.

Name MX Player Pro
Updated 2023-08-07
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.74.1
Size 23 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer MX Media & Entertainment Pte Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link

MX Player Pro is a video player app. It lets you watch videos on your phone. This app has cool features. It plays different kinds of video files and has easy controls.

Five Key Features of MX Player Pro

Play All Video Formats

Imagine you have many videos in different formats. Some are old, some new. MX Player Pro can play them all! It's like a magic box that fits all your video toys, no matter their shape. You don't need to change anything; it just works.

Subtitles Made Easy

Do you watch movies in different languages? Or maybe you like reading what's being said? This app makes using subtitles very easy. You can add them to your videos. It's like having a book that tells you what's being said in the movie. You can change how the subtitles look too – make them bigger, smaller, or a different color!

Kid-Friendly Features

If you have younger brothers, sisters, or friends, this feature is great. It keeps kids safe when they watch videos. They can't make calls or touch other apps by mistake. It's like giving them a safe playground to watch their favorite cartoons.

Audio Boost

Sometimes, videos are too quiet. Maybe the person speaking is not loud enough. MX Player Pro can make these sounds louder. It's like having a small speaker that makes everything easy to hear.

Network Stream

Have you ever wanted to watch a video that's not on your phone? With MX Player Pro, you can! You can watch videos on the internet directly. It's like having a magic door to videos from all over the world.

Best Tips for Using MX Player Pro

  1. Customize Your Control Settings: Did you know you can change how you control the video? You can set it so that swiping up on the screen makes the video louder or quieter. Or swiping left and right can make the video go forward or backward. It's like having a magic wand to control your video.

  2. Use the Sleep Timer: Do you like watching videos before sleeping? Use the sleep timer! This makes the app stop playing the video after a certain time. So, if you fall asleep, the video won't keep playing all night.

  3. Play Videos in the Background: Sometimes, you just want to listen to a video, not watch it. MX Player Pro lets you play just the sound, like a music player. You can listen while doing other things on your phone.

  4. Zoom and Pan: Is there a small detail in the video you want to see closer? You can zoom in and move the video around. It's like using a magnifying glass on your screen.

  5. Use the Kids Lock: When kids use the app, turn on the Kids Lock. This keeps them in the app. They can't open other things on your phone by mistake. It's a great way to keep them safe and focused.

Pros and Cons of MX Player Pro


  1. Plays All Formats: You don't have to worry about video formats. MX Player Pro plays them all.

  2. Easy Subtitles: Adding and changing subtitles is simple.

  3. Audio Boost: Make quiet videos louder easily.

  4. Kids Lock: Keeps kids safe while watching videos.


  1. Cost: MX Player Pro is not free. You have to pay for it.

  2. Can Be Complex: With so many features, it might be a bit hard to use at first.

Alternatives to MX Player Pro

  1. VLC Player: A free app that also plays many video formats.

  2. BSPlayer: Another app that's good for videos, with subtitle support.

  3. KMPlayer: Offers similar features and is easy to use.


MX Player Pro is a great app for watching videos. It has lots of features that make it fun and easy to use. Whether you are watching alone, with friends, or with family, it has something for everyone.

Call to Download

Want to try MX Player Pro? Visit to download it. It's a trusted source and easy to use. Enjoy your videos with MX Player Pro!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Can this app play different types of video files?

A1: Yes! Whether your video files are old or new, in common or uncommon formats, the app can play them without needing any changes.

Q2: Is there a way to make quiet videos louder?

A2: Absolutely. The app includes a feature that boosts the audio, making it easier to hear videos that are recorded at lower volumes.

Q3: How can I keep kids safe while they use this app?

A3: The app has a special feature that locks the controls. This means kids can watch their videos without accidentally making calls or opening other apps.

Q4: I watch a lot of foreign films. Does the app support subtitles?

A4: Yes, it does. You can easily add subtitles to your videos, and even customize their appearance, like changing the size or color.

Q5: What if I fall asleep while watching a video?

A5: There's a handy sleep timer function. Set it, and the app will automatically stop playing the video after a certain amount of time, perfect for when you're watching in bed.

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