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Novelah Mod APK 1.40 (Unlimited Points/Money, Premium Unlocked)

Aug 11, 2023

Novelah Mod APK is a free online reading application for users around the world.

Name Novelah
Updated 2023-08-11
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 1.40
Size 30 MB
MOD Unlimited Points/Money, Premium Unlocked
Category Photography
Developer Fameink
Price Free
Google Play Link

Novelah Mod APK - Satisfying hobby reading online extremely attractive

Novelah Mod APK is a reading application for those who have a hobby with fiction, language, society, horror or any genre. Especially with this app is that you body read books to accumulate points and redeem rewards with the equivalent value of that score. This application offers a wide variety of Android devices to bring convenience and application of e-reading technology to more users. The article below will show you how to use and earn points from this reading app.

Novelah Mod APK

Information you need to know about Novelah Mod APK app

Novelah App Mod APK is a free reading app on mobile devices. The application allows users to enjoy millions of different books based on the preferences of many users. This reading app provides a rich theme and you can also score points from reading to redeem rewards with real value. Coming to Novelah, you will not fear no books suitable for you, the application provides content with genres such as affection, action, adventure, horror and more for you to choose the most comfortable.

With the integration of modern technology, the application very constantly updates new content to meet the needs of readers, different preferences as well as other desires of users. The application has a fairly simple interface, but it is a strong point that attracts users to choose it for reading for entertainment. Coming to this application, you will discover and enjoy the creative and extremely interesting works. In addition, you can connect with the Reading Community, discuss, share thoughts about the books you are reading through the social sharing feature. This helps to create an inspirational, interactive environment between users.

Attractions of app Novelah Mod APK

Novelah Earning Mod APK is a great platform that makes it possible to read the books right away with ease. Support for users who can access millions of different books around the world. This is the platform for enthusiasts to read books, read news and read newspapers. In addition to the ability to read books users can also earn money from this platform. With the online reading app, users can save time by having to save the page they have already read.

For this app you can comfortably explore and read No unrestricted. Help people enjoy all the features that create opportunities for users to quickly surf the pages of books and return to their old position in just a short time. Based on the daily routine of the user that the application saves. You just need to open the app and choose your favorite book with the best-selling and popular books on the market.

Novelah Mod APK Unlimited Points

The books will be updated every hour for users who are not bored with different content. If you are reading an unfinished book, The Book has saved the page you have read and they will add to the category you have read so that when you search for a quick re-read. So, you can touch any book to view the content of one in that book without having to read it, but only by pressing and dragging out a variety of other options. During the reading period, you will be given points and converted into cash. To increase the attraction has just added new information from the right attractive books.

Featured features of app Novelah Mod APK Latest Version

Experience reading right at your fingertips

If you love reading and discovering new content, Novelah Mod APK Unlimited Points will be your choice. You can explore in any environment without being limited or taking too long as before. If you have a phone, you can read it anywhere. So a book will shrink right on your phone.

Personalized design interface

Novelah Mod APK Premium Unlocked is a very simple application for you to enjoy and read many books in the world. In addition, you are free to adjust the text size, align margins, font type and move pages from left to right or scroll constantly easily. Even better, adjust the shape and background color for you to easily change anywhere even at night.

Look up and highlight while reading

Novelah Mod APK Unlimited Money also provides users with the ability to look up and highlight. Right on the book during the experience. Make it easy for users to read and understand the content and expand their vocabulary in a diverse way. So this is a great platform that you should not miss.

Novelah App Mod APK

Experience Reality and Advantages/Disadvantages of app Novelah Mod

Practical experience of this application

I love this reading app because it gives me a lot of valuable new inspiration about life. And this app can not only read books merely, but you can also accumulate bonus points. This gives me more motivation to read more often to explore new topics I haven't approached yet. And I can also store the book names or to my own folder to read slowly.


  • Reading is completely free with a lot of genres
  • Share and connect the vast reading community
  • Provides the original version and allows to create your own library


  • Need a network connection to read books online and Exchange on the user community
  • Users need to meet compatible device configuration

Novelah Earning Mod APK

FAQs about app Novelah Mod APK

Download this app at is it safe?

This app downloads from very safely. This app already has the number of users downloading and very good reviews about it.

How to download an app?

Download this app right at the article that provides a link at the Information section.

Configuration required to run

Users need to meet Android device configuration

Does this app need the internet to use?

Yes. This application provides an online reader, so users need a network connection.


In short, Novelah Mod APK is a useful reading app for many people around the world. You just need a smartphone to download this app to enjoy a lot of good books. Novelah Mod APK Free Download at the website address completely free and fastest. Wish you a relaxing and meaningful reading time.

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